VII. Ralegh's Execution.


Sir LEWIS STUKELEY sold all the tobacco at Plimouth of which, for the most part of it, I gave him a fist part of it, as also a role for my Lord Admirall and a role for himself. He had also tenn peeces of mee the Sonday that wce tooke boate, which he pretended to borrow to send his men into the country, which notwithstanding hee sent downe the river to joyne with Mr. HARBERT/I desire that hee may give his account for the tobacco.


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Endorsed by Sir Thomas Wilson :
A copy of the note uritten by Sir Walter Rawley, in his owne hand, which

hee gave me for discharge of his conscience, &c.


From a contemporary Transcript. MS. Corton, Titus C vi. $ 93 (British


I DID never receive advise from my Lord Carew to make any escape, neither did I tell ytt STUKELEY.

I did never name my Lord HEY1 and my Lord CAREW to STUKELEY in other words or sence then as my honourable freinds, among other Lords my honourable freinds.

I did never shew unto STUKELEY any letter wherein there were £10,000 named, nor ance one pound. Onely

James Hay, first Baron Hay of Sauley, created Viscount Doncaster, in 1618; and Earl of Carlisle, in 1622 ; K. G.


I told him I hoped to procure the paiment of his debts APPENDIX in his absence.


Execution. I never had Commission from the French king. I never saw the French king's hand nor seale in my life.

1618. I never had any plot or practise with the French, directly or indirectly, nor with any other King, Prince, or State, unknowing to the King.

My true intent was to goe to a Mine of Gold in Guiana. Itt was not fained, but is true that such a Mine there is, within three miles of St. Tome.

I never had itt in my thought to goe for Trinidado, and leave my companies to come after to the Salvage Ilands, as hath by FERN bine falsly reported.

I did not carrie with me 100 peces (as I remember). I had with me 60 peeces, and I brought backe neare about the said somme.

I did never speake to the French MANNERING 1 anie one disloyall word, or dishonorable word, of the King. Noe; if I had not loved and honored the King truly, and trusted in his goodnesse somewhat too much, I had not suffred death.

These things are true, as there is a God, and as I am now to appeare before his tribunall-seate, where I renounce all mercy and salvacion if this be not a truth.

Att my death,


1 Manourie, a French surgeon-or quack doctor-who at that time was established in London; and who is "the Frenchman” mentioned in the preceding letter of Dr. Tounson (p. 491), The conversation alleged against Ralegh was said to have occurred at Salisbury, during the journey from Plymouth to London. (See Vol. I. Chap. XXVII.)




From the Original (but with a supposititious signature). Domestic Cor.

respondence: James I. vol. xcviii. § 79 (Rolls House). With the attestations and notes (marked * *) of Secretary Sir Robert NAUNTON and of Sir ALLEN APSLEY, Lieutenant of the Tower,


APPENDIX IMPRIMIS, in gowld about £50, in his pursse and owne
Ralegh's custody.

Item, a Guiana idoll of gold and copper. 1618.

Item, a Jaccintt seale, set in gold, with a Neptun cut in yt; with certen Guiana oare tyed to yt.

Item, a Symson stone, set in gold.
Item, a loadstone, in a scarlett purrse.
Item, an aunciant seale of his own armes, in silver.

Item, one ownce of ambergrease; left with him for his own use.

Item, a spleene stone; left with him for his owne use.
Item, one wedge of fine gold at 22 carracts.
Item, one other stobb of courser gold.
Item, 63 gold buttons, with sparks of diamonds.
Item, a chayne of gold, with sparks of diamonds.
Item, one diamond ring of 9 sparks.
Item, one gold whistle, set owt with smale diomonds.

Item, one gold case of a pictuer set with diomonds which, according to Sir Walter's desier, is left apart with Mr. Levetennant.

Item, one ringe with a diamond which he weareth on his finger. * Given him by the late Queen.


Sir George Calvert.

+ Item, one Plott of Guiana and Nova Regnia, APPENDIX and another of the river of Orenoque.


The Description of the River of Orienoque.
A Plott of Panama.

1618. + A Tryall of Guiana oare, with a description thereof.

+ A sprigg jewell, sett with soft stones and a made ruby in the middest. + Fyve assayes of the Silver Mine.


I thought fitt to send you this note of such thinges as were left in his hands, that you might see whether he hath used them in way of subornation, by your own discrete observation, before cramination. Those that be crossed are delivered over by warrant.


All these particulars noted within and the rest crossed, except the picture, were delivered to Sir LEWIS STUKLYE. Sealed uppon a bagg, by the hands of


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(PAGE 372.)

From a transcrip: in the hand of Sir THOMAS Wilson. Domestic Cor.

renine JAMES I., vol. ciii. Vo. 21, A. The Letter to which this is an autentic Postierist has been misbound; so that the recto of the leaf has been made the ierso. Hence the omission.

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WHEN the shipp shalbe praysed, Mr. HARBERT is to hare a fourth part, wanting a thride, for he adventured u hundred, and the fourth part came to seventeene hundred or thereabouts; and so, after that rate, he is to have a 4th part as the shipp is praysed ; deducted a third

Ther is in the bottome of the sedar chist some paper bookes of myne. I pray make them up alltogether, and send them me. The title of one of them is The Art of Iar by Sca. The rest are notes belonging unto it.

Ther is amongst the litle glasses the powder of steele ind pumex, for to stay the flux. If you can, finde it now; for I have had a greevous loosenes, and feare that it will turne to the bloddy Aux. Send some more bitony:

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1 See Chap. XXII. of Life of Raligh (Vol. I. pp. 505-507). This treatise is now known only by fragments. Some of them are preserved in MS. COTTON, Titus B viri. These are in Ralegh's autograph. Others I have nowhere seen, save in MS. JONES 60, now in Dr. Williams' Library, in London. These are copies, transcribed into a mere compilation, by an unknown hand, of Ralegh's Miscellaneous Tracts.

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