Oct. 4.


My Lady RAWLEY hath noe other wrytyngs but only articles of agreements what parts of the goods or treasur gotten in the viag ... shold have for furnishing or setting out their shipps : viz.

PENNINGTON £24 6s. od. of every hundred; Sir J[OHN] FERNE £12 6s. od. on every hundred; Sir WARHAM] SELLENGER £102 6d. They are ingrossed, and signed and sealed by Sir W. RAWLEY.

She saith that all other things that are mentioned in this letter were delivered to Sir G[EORGE] CALVERT, and the chests3 ar with Alderman COKAINE.

i Here occurs in MS. an omission of an intended word or two. Probably, the omitted words should read the Adventurers.”

? No shillings are mentioned.

3 This word is conjectural. The note has been written in great haste, and in some parts is scarcely legible.



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