I 20.

Dodge, Edward, becomes a partner in

Ralegh's enterprise for exportation of

pipestaves from Munster, i. 1o1. Dolbery, John, i. 471. Downe, William, ii. 423 Drake, Joan, first wife of Walter Ralegh

of Fardell, i. 12. Drake, Sir Francis, furnishes supplies

to Ralegh's colony in Virginia, i. 88; and brings the colonists back to England, 89; his warning to Burghley about the Armada of 1588, 109; Ralegh's service under him in the Portuguese expedition of 1589, 115 ; visit to the Netherlands, 1587, ii.

35; Panama expedition of 1595, 119, Drexelius' (Dreschel), Jeremiah, ac

count of Ralegh's magnificence in

dress, i. 32. Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester,

letters to him from Ralegh, Aug. 25, 1581, ii. 17; March 29, 1586, 33 ;

Oct. 8, 1587, 35. Dudley, Sir Robert, serves in the expe

dition against Cadiz, i. 208 ; ii. 108,

149. Duke, Richard, of Otterton, grants a

lease of Hayes to Walter Ralegh of Fardell, i. il; letter to him, from Ralegh, for purchase of Hayes manor,

ii. 26. Durham House, surrender of, by Ralegh,

to Bishop Tobias Matthew, ii. 262 ; letter of Ralegh respecting it, 269 ;

fire at, 404. Dyer, a pilot, called at Ralegh's trial to give evidence as to gossip at Lisbon about James' coronation, i. 427.

prior to the departure of Champernoun's contingent, i. 27; her treatment of the Count of Montgomery, 30; her person, 51; ‘Timias and Belphoebe,' 56 ; Ralegh's interview with, on behalf of the Earl of Oxford, 59; her conversation about Ralegh with the Earl of Essex in 1587, 72; her treatment of Ralegh's prediction of a new Irish rebellion, 99; Spenser's account of the quarrel between her and Ralegh, 121 ; her caprice in the choice of commanders for great enterprises, 202 ; her irresolution about the expedition against Cadiz, 204; her conduct in regard to the partition of the spoils, 222 ; her proposition for the marriage of James VI. with Arabella, 297 ; conversa tion with the French Ambassador about Arabella, 298; her seizure of Arabella's property, 299 ; state of parties in England at the time of her death, 340 ; sends a token by Ralegh to Sir H. Gilbert, ii. 19; Ralegh writes to her, expressing his regrets at being excluded from the Queen's

presence, 259. Elwes, William, account of a portrait

of Lady Ralegh, formerly belonging

to, i. 137. England, Crown of, Succession of the,

i. 266, 279. English soldiers, treatment of the, en

gaged in the capture of Cadiz, i.

224. Epernon, Duke of, Ralegh's notice of his flight from the French Court,

ii. 247 Erinetta, i. 622. Erskine, John, Earl of Mar, i. 307. Erskine, Sir Thomas, mission to Calais

of, i. 325 ; appointment of, by James I., to supersede Ralegh in the office

of Captain of the Guard, 363. Essex, Robert, Earl of, see Devereux. Exeter, imprisonment of W. Ralegh of

Fardell in, during the rising of the west, i. 17.



Egerton, Sir Thomas, afterwards Vis.

count Brackley, letters to him from Ralegh, April 10, 1583, ii. 20; March 8, 1587, 1588, 40; conveys to the Earl of Essex the decision of the Commissioners respecting him in

1600, 215. El Dorado, the fabled wealth of, i. 159 ;

origin and meaning of the term, 164 ; the early expeditions in search of,

165, ii. 422 ; see also Guiana. Eliot, Sir John, is present at the execu

tion of Ralegh, i. 699. Elizabeth, Queen of England, negotia.

tion of, with the French Huguenots

Fachardo, Francisco, ii. 355.
Faery Queen, i. 123, 139.
Faige, Charles, Ralegh's intercourse

with, on the eve of the last expedi

tion to Guiana, ii. 344, 346, 364. Falmouth, fortification of, i. 244.

Fane, Sir Thomas, feigned correspon

dence between Lord Cobham and,

Fowler, Sir Thomas, foreman of the

jury at Winchester, in Nov. 1603,

i. 394.

i. 405,

Fowler, Thomas, trustee for Arabella

Stuart, i. 298. France. Attorney-General Velverton's

assertion that Ralegh had obtained, in 1617, a French Commission to

assail Spaniards,' i. 678. Franchi Conestaggio, Girolamo dei,

ii. 200. Freake, Thomas, ü. 246. Free Trade, Ralegh on, i. 273. Frobisher, Sir Martin, is sent to recall

Ralegh from the expedition against Panama, and to act for him as Admiral of the Fleet, i. 147 ; Ralegh's instructions to him, 149 ; note on,

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ii. 45.

Fardell, in Daonshire, notice of the

Ralegh manor-house of, i. S. Fayal, capture of, by the English

squadron, under Ralegh, i. 239. Featley (or Fairclough), Daniel. D.D.,

extracts from his letters to Ralegh on the education of his eldest son, Walter

Ralegh, i. 624. Federmann's Expedition in search of

"El Dorado,' i. 105. Fellowship for the discovery of

North-west Passage, i. $4. Fenton, James, i. 46. Feogh, Mac Hugh, i. 105. Ferne, Sir John, accusation of intended

piracy against Raleghi, i. 683 ; ii.

373. Field, Richard, D.D., i. 451. Fitz Edmonds, John, of Clovne, recom

mended by Ralegh to Leicester, ii.

IS. FitzEdmonds, John, Seneschal of Imo

Frontino, Hernan, ii. 355.


kelly, lays an ambush for Ralegh on

the road to Bally, i. 44. FitzGerald, Catherine, Countess of Des

mond, widow of Thomas, twelfth

earl, i. 107. FitzGerald, James Fitz-Thomas, i. 319. FitzGerald, John Fitz-Thomas, Earl of

Desmond, i, 319; attempt to assassi

nate him near Arklow, 323. FitzJames, John, dealings of the Dean

and Chapter of Sarum with, ii.

Fitzwilliam, Sir William, orders dis.

traint to be levied on Ralegh's tenants in Munster, i. 98; seizes a C.2-tle belonging to Ralegh in Mun

ster, ib., ii. 49, 50. Fleet, proceedings of the English, in

1597, ii. 172, 177, 18o. Flemish ships, treatment of, by Ra

legh, ii. 47 Fletcher, George, statement of, that he

had been deceived by calumnies of
the Earl of Essex being in personal
dinger at the hands of Ralegh, i.

Floire, John, see Flover.
Flores, Pedro Gutierrez, see Gutierrez.
Flover, John, captures

a ship of
Bavonne, ii. 55, 50.
Fortescue, Sir John, remonstrates with

Burghley on the proceedings in relation to the partition of the spoils of the Carrach Madre di Dios, i. 156.

Gaye, John, writes to the Archbishop

Blackwell about the Romanist plot

ters of 1603, i. 351. Gascoigne, George, verses alleged to

have been addressed by Ralegh to,
i. 36 ; publishes Sir Humphrey Gil.
bert's Discourse on a North-west

Passage, 772
Gawdy, Sir Francis, a Justice of the

King's Bench, sits as a commis.
sioner for the trial of Ralegh,
i. 386 ; his alleged saying about
that trial when on his death-bed,

Gawen, Walter, i. 480.
Genoa, alleged negotiation between

Ralegh and the Ambassador of
Savoy respecting an attack upon,

i. 577, 579-584
Geographical discovery, Ralegh's li-

beral promotion of the literature of,

i. 163.
Geraldines, rising of the, ii. 6.
Gerard, Miles, i. 353.
Gerard, Thomas, Lord Gerard of Ge.

rards Bromley, serves as a volunteer
in the expedition against Cadiz, i.
208; apprehends Thomas, Lord
Grey of Wilton, on a charge of

treason, 405. Geronimo de la Concepcion, account of

the English attack on Cadiz by, i.

209, 212, 213. Gibb, John, is employed by James I. to

convey the secret warrant for staying


the execution at Winchester, i. 448, ployed in Ralegh's commission, 589 ; 450.

interposes on behalf of the deserter Gilbert, Adrian, is joined with Ralegh from Ralegh's fleet, Captain John

and John Davys in a North-west Bailey, 642; accuses Ralegh of piracy, Passage Company, i. 84; contro- 646 ; has a parting interview with versy with John Meere about the James on leaving London, 651 ; and Constableship of Sherborne Castle, goes to Madrid, ib. 470; Ralegh's mention of him in Gontaut, Charles de, Duke of Biron, a testamentary letter written in 1603, Marshal of France, Ralegh's attendii. 386.

on the Duke of Biron in Gilbert, Captain, voyage to Virginia of, London, and at Basing House, i. 277 ; ii. 251.

ii. 229-235. Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, service in the Good, John, ii. 431.

Netherlands, i. 35, 77 ; discourse on Goodman, Godfrey, Bishop of Gloua North-west Passage to China, cester, anecdote about Ralegh's emib. ; his intended voyage to New- balmed head by, i. 706. foundland, in 1579, interrupted by Goodwin, Hugh, an English boy, left Privy Council, 78 ; alleged attack in Guiana, i. 192 ; Oldys' statement by one of his ships on a Spanish as to his fate, ih, note. (The contrary barque at Warfleet, 79; Royal statement in the text is an error, Charter to, in 1578, for the prosecu- arising out of a misconception of the tion of voyages of discovery, 80 ; cor. passage in Ralegh's MS. journal, respondence with Sir F. Walsingham there referred to.] on his voyage of 1583, 82 ; and with Gorges, Sir Arthur, describes, in a letter Sir G. Peckham, 83 ; death, ib. ; to Robert Cecil, a scene in the Tower, Ralegh's account of the suppression in 1592, between Ralegh and Sir of Irish insurrections by, ii. 2; George Carew, i. 141 ; account by, Ralegh's letter to, accompanying a of the interview between Essex and

token of the Queen's favour, 19. Ralegh, after the taking of Fayal, Gilbert, Sir John, i. 78 ; Deputy Vice- 241, ii. 233. Admiral of Devon, 67 ; prepares Gorges, Sir Ferdinando, interview of, for an expedition to Guiana in with Sir W. Ralegh, on the Thames, 1598, 199; letter to Cecil, on pri- at the time of the Essex Conspiracy, vateering enterprises in 1601, 333; i. 256; allusions to, in Ralegh's trial letter to him from Ralegh, on the at Winchester, 396 ; Ralegh's quarrel victualling of ships at Plymouth, ii.

with, ii. 312. 34 ; Ralegh confers with him re- Goring, George, becomes lessee of part specting defence of the country, of Ralegh's estate in Munster, i. 103. 36.

Grados, Geronimo de, ii. 622, 632. Gillingham, falconry at, ii. 85.

Grant, Patrick, ii, 127. Godolphin, Sir Francis, ii. 186.

Grenvile, Bernard, ii. 197. Godwin, Thomas, Bishop of Bath and Grenville, Sir Richard, made com

Wells, falsehood of an assertion that mander of an expedition to Virginia, Ralegh organized or concocted a in 1585, i. 87; arrives at Roanoke,

scandalous report against, i. 131. 89; death in a combat at the Azores, Gondomar, Diego Sarmiento de Acuña, with one ship against five, 144 ;

Count of, tradition of his personal Ralegh's relation of the event, 145, dislike of Ralegh, i. 568: his pedi. 214; Ralegh's conference with him gree, 569, note; his portraits, 569 ; respecting defence of the country, ii. his early career in Spain, 570; his 36. embassy to England, 571 ; proofs of Grey, Arthur, Lord Grey of Wilton, his power over King James, 573 ; i. 37, 48 ; Jetter to Burghley respectand of his personal estimate of James, ing Ralegh, ii. 4 ; letter to Walsing. 574 ; protests against Ralegh's expe- ham, ib. ; letter in reply to Walsing dition to Guiana, 587 ; obtains de

ham, 5. tailed account of Ralegh's plans, and Grey, Frances, Duchess of Suffolk, i. a chart of his intended route, and 288. sends them to Madrid, 588 ; induces Grey, Henry, Duke of Suffolk, i. James to alter some of the terms em. 288.


i. 457

Grey. LEIK-a ees

H. Grey, hos Lori Grey cé Witon,

serves 25 3 Tier is the lands Vege of 159,- 1233: a bereaces Haddington, John, Viscount, see Ram

vend !1000, with Ralego 2 ceas as beare: cf a message Hailes David, Lord, see Dalrymple. CSER Cec. 31;; bis 2007ant Hakluyt, Richard, i. 33, 163. * seir , 313; career and Hakluyt, Richard, the Elder, i. 163. chanzca ot. 457 fisgate between Hales John, notice of an inzette ko and Lor: scotianpton is the quinst the Succession of the Queen of preseece dlazber of cheer. Anne Sats, written by, i. 288. 2 Der 34: exten: o: his onm. Harcourt, Robert, voyage of, to Guiana, pict the con icr sarfriss the

i. 191. oor- 34:: bs coaference wik Sir Harington, Sir John, i 131; he obGri Maribia 348; Watson's tains a promise from King James plot against him, 350: behaviour of, of the forfeitures of the Markhams, a: se pack-execution Wachete. 451; ks speech after the Hariot, Thomas, goes out to Virginia reprise. 454: Vase's 20003*t of under Ralegh's Charter of 1584, i. his consET, 456-453 ; mes- S;; dedicates the Brief and True se to be be a friscrer in Robert of Virginia to Ralegh, 88; the Tower, Ercm Cecil Acy 20 defamation of, by Chief Justice Poprho 1: Sv E. Coke's 'Abstract ham, in passing sentence at the tnal of the Treasons of Lord Grey and of Ralegh, in Sov, 1603, 436 ; help mchers 462-405 : entert of his parti- rendered by him to Ralegh in the apation in the pioc or 1603, his life, revision of the History of the World, character, &c, 480-481 : lezer to 545; letter to Sir R. Cecil, with Ceci, frce Winchester, Dec. 1603, proposals for framing charts of praying for his intercession with the Guiana, &c., ii. 420. King, &c, 482.

Harlay, Christophe de, Count of BeauGuanipe. River and Bay of, i. 179 mont, statement of, as to the relations Guians, the early explorations of, i. 163: between Lord Cobham and Sir Robert

Philip von Hattea's account of, 166 ; Cecil, in May 1603, i. 358 ; account journeys of Ursua and Aguirre in, of the examination of Cobham, in 167: and those of Antonio de Berreo, his correspondence addressed to 169 : piiot rova e of Jacob Whiddon, King Henry IV, 377; account of 172: Ralega's first royage, 173; his the conference between D'Arenbergh pictures of its scenery, i81-183: his and Cobham, 378; his account of a account of the ores of Guiana, and of conversation with lady Raleyh, 379; the experiments in their assaying, his comments on the dying words 189, 196 ; conversation between Ra- of George Brooke, 442 ; account of legh and the chieftain Topiawari, on the hesitation of King James in deits productions, climate, and inhabi. ciding on the fate of Ralegh, and of tants, 187, 190, 192 ; publication of the other condemned persons, 443 : Ralegh's Demeterie of Guiana, 196; and of the allegedl intervention of his ÁS. treatise of the Toray for the Spanish Ambassador, 445; Guiana, 198: new preparations for the his statement as to Ralegh's beha. voyage to. ii. 100, 103, 105; coloni- viour at the mock-execution scene, zation and wealth of, 109-111, 118; 450. proposals for an expedition to, made Harlay, Countess of Beaumont, visit of, to Queen Anne of Denmark, 335; to the Tower of London, and converfurther proposals, 336, 347; account sation with Ralegh, i. 489. of the final voyage and its misfor- llarry, the Indian,' i. 611, 612.

tunes, &c., 347-380 ; charts of, 420. Harvey, Sir George, suppresses a reGutierrez Florez, Pedro, i. 212.

tractation of the charges against RaGuzman, Fernando de, expedition of, legh, made by Lord Cobham, until

in search of · El Dorado,' i. 167; after the trials at Winchester, i. 381, murder of, by Lope de Aguirre, 434; removal of, from the Lieutenancy 168.

of the Tower, 486 ; his letter to Cecil,

inclosing Lord Cobham's confession Hickes, Sir Michael, Secretary to Lord of remorse for his false accusation of Burghley, letter to him from Ralegh Ralegh, ii. 483.

in favour of Captain Spring, ii. 382. Hastings, Edward, a volunteer in Highington, Robert, i. 290.

the Guiana expedition of 1617, i. 567 Hill, James, a Diplomatic Agent in Hawkins, Sir John, Spenser's portrait Finland, report to the Lord Treasurer

of him as “Proteus,' i. 124 ; his in- Buckhurst of the willingness of Duke tervention on behalf of Ralegh, in Charles, of Sudermania, to join in an 1592, 150; projects, in 1587, an attack English expedition, under Ralegh, to on Cadiz, 201; Ralegh asks his Guiana, i. 199. opinion respecting the Great Susan, Hilliard, William, Ralegh recommends ii. 52 ; his Panama expedition, 1595, him for a prebend in Exeter Cathewith Sir Francis Drake, and Ra. dral, ii. 131. legh's proposals in relation to it, History of the World, i. 25, 33, III, 119, 120.

239 ; where was it written? 488 ; Hay, James, Ist Earl of Carlisle, i. its design and plan, 517; the History 449 ; ii. 494.

of the Four Monarchies of Antiquity Hayes, near Otterton, in Devon, the intended as an Introduction to a birthplace of Ralegh, i. 9.

History of England, 518; its new Hayes, Edward, account of Ralegh's portraits in old dresses, 523 ; its chrovoyage in 1579 by, i. 81.

nology, 535 ; its ethics, 536; causes Hayward, Sir John, i. 294.

of its having remained unfinished, Hele, John, Serjeant-at-Law, opens the 541 ; the helpers in its composition,

indictment of Ralegh in the trial at 543. Winchester, i. 387.

Hoby, Sir Edward, ii. 425. Heneage, Sir Thomas, report of, to Hody, Pierre de, complaint of, against

Lords of Council 'respecting captives Ralegh, and Council determination in Barbary, ii. 30.

therein, i. 117. Henry IV., King of England, Sir John Holderness, John, Earl of, see Ramsay. Hayward's History of, i. 294.

Holford, Mr. ii. 431. Henry IV., King of France, conversation Holland, Joseph, a pedigree of Ralegh

of, with Sully about Arabella Stuart, [now in MS. Harl. 1500 '] drawn i. 300; Elizabeth's eagerness for a per

by, i. 8. sonal interview with Henry, 330 ; Hooker, tutor of Walter Ralegh comment of, on the conduct of King the Younger, at Oxford, i. 624. James in relation to the trial at Hooker, John, addresses Ralegh on the Winchester, in 1603, 456 ; his com- Ralegh alliances and pedigree, i. 3 ; mission to René Maree de Mont- and draws a moral therefrom, 4; bariot for the “Conquest and Planting Pole's criticism on Hooker's stateof Guiana,' 596.

ments, 5; Hooker's account of a Henry, Prince of Wales, fruitless suits Ralegh tradition connected with

of, for the pardon of Ralegh, i. 492 ; Smallridge Chapel, 6; notice of his request that Ralegh would advise Ralegh's stay in France, 33; notices him on the Savoyan proposition of a Ralegh's encounter with Spaniards double marriage, 494 ; has a ship in 1579, 81. built after the suggestion of Ralegh, Horsey, Sir Edward, i. 65, 66. 510 ; his death, 511 ; Ralegh's letter Horsey, Sir Ralph, ii. 401 ; letters to to him, with plans for building a war- Sir R. Cecil, written in 1596, 423, 424. ship, ii. 330.

Hoskyns, Sir John, and the History of Herbert, Henry, Earl of Pembroke, the World, i. 544, 545.

asks Ralegh's mediation with the Howard, Anne, Lady Howard of EffingQueen for a grant of the New Forest, ham, ii. 388.

Howard, Charles, Earl of Nottingham, Herbert, William, a volunteer in the and Lord High Admiral of England,

Guiana expedition, i. 567 ; ii. 353, Ralegh's commendation of his tac358, 372, 494.

tics for the defeat of the Spanish Hertford, Edward, Earl of, see Seymour. Armada of 1588, i. 111; revives, in Hey, Lord, see Hay, James, ist Earl 1596, a project for an enterprise of Carlisle.

against Cadiz, 201 ; is joined in VOL. II.


i. 119.

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