commission with Essex, as general- Thomas Howard sails, with Grenville in-chief, 202 ; advises an attack on as his Vice-Admiral, 144; results of the town of Cadiz before attacking the expedition, 146; serves as Vicethe Spanish fleet, 210 ; but on the Admiral in the expedition, or Islands” urgent protest and entreaty of Ralegh Voyage, of 1597, 233; interposes to consents to a change of plan, 211; heal the breach between Essex and his summary of the results of the

Ralegh about the capture of Fayal, expedition, 219 ; quarrels with Essex, 242; sits as a commissioner for the 249 ; Ralegh interposes to heal the trial of Ralegh, 386; notice of, ii. 217. breach, 250 ; allegation by Henry Howard, Thomas, Lord Howard of Howard that Lord Nottingham had Bindon, intervention of, in the law. expressed a wish, in 1602, that he suits between Ralegh and John had a commission to carry artillery Meere, his bailiff of Sherborne, i against Ralegh's house, 311; has a 471; ii. 250. grant of the Wine Licensing Patent, Humboldt, Alexander von, researches 458; claims the outstanding ar- of, in Guiana, i. 168, 183, 190. rears, 459; Ralegh thanks him for Hurault de Maisse, conversation of, his interposition with the Queen, ü. with Queen Elizabeth, i. 330, note. 53 ; letter to him respecting the Hutten, Philip von, Expedition of, in capture of a ship of Bayonne, 55; search of 'El Dorado,' i. 166. letter on the victory at Cadiz, 134, 139, 146-156; letter to the Earl of

I. Essex, 1597, 180; letter to the Lords of the Council, 1597, 186; to the Ireland, colonial and industrial entersame, 188.

prises of Ralegh in, i. 94 ; planting Howard, Frances, see Brooke.

of the potato in, 106 ; government Howard, Henry, Earl of Northampton, of, by the Earl of Essex, 253 ; his

secret correspondence of, with James views of English policy in relation to I., i. 265; his account of the confer. that country, 254, 320 ; and about ences between Lennox, Ralegh, and the killing of Irish rebels, 321 ; inCobham, 326; character of the man and vasion of, by the Spaniards, in Sept. his writings, 328; the minutes of his 1601, 319; Ralegh's complaint that secret letters to Cecil preserved in his it was not a Commonwealth, but a Common-place Book, 329 ; conflict Common-woe, ü: 18; progress of of opinions between him and Cecil the war in, 78; invasion of, by the on the toleration of Roman Catholic Spaniards, 243, 245. worship, 341; aphorism of, on the Irish insurrections, Ralegh on the supart of juggling, 382 ; sits as a com- pression of, ii. 2. missioner for the trial of Ralegh, Islands' Voyage of 1597, i. 230, 233 ; 386; account by, of the examination ii. 171, 174, 177. of Cobham about the book "against Iwana, or Tortola, Island of, i. 185. the King's title,' alleged to have been given him by Ralegh, 422 ; succeeds

J. Cobham in wardenship of Cinque Ports, 458 ; letter to Sir R. Cecil, on James I., King of England, Secret the means of injuring Ralegh and Correspondence of, with Cecil and Cobham, ii. 436.

Henry Howard, i. 265; notice Howard, Lady, of Effingham, wife of of Blackstone's assertion of the ex.

the Lord High Admiral, on the haustiveness of James' title to the

partition of the spoils of Cadiz, i. 222. English crown, 279 ; Romanist maHoward, Thomas, Earl of Arundel, &c. nifesto thereon, 283 ; tract on that

conversation with Ralegh on the subject, of which a copy was made for scaffold, i. 703 ; ii. 356.

Ralegh, 290; despoils Arabella Stuart Howard, Thomas, Earl of Suffolk, of her paternal lands, 288 ; proofs,

shares with Ralegh in certain priva- in the Secret Correspondence, that teering enterprises, i. 116; joined in his mind was poisoned against Ralegh commission with Ralegh, in 1591, for by Howard rather than by Cecil

. an attack on the Spanish fleet, 143 ; 304; opinion and promises on the Ralegh is superseded, and Lord toleration of Roman Catholic wore


ship, 341; interviews between the under Ralegh in the fortifications of
King and Ralegh, at Burghley, in Falmouth, i. 245; and in those of
Northamptonshire, 362; and the Isle of Jersey, ii. 207, 208 ; letter
Beddington Park, in Surrey, 364 ; of Ralegh respecting him, to Sir
his hesitation as to the fate of R. Cecil, 206.
Ralegh and the other prisoners
convicted at Winchester, 443; his an-

swer to the intercession of the Lords
of the Council, 447 ; signs the death- Keemish, Lawrence, see Keymis.
warrants for Markham, Cobham, Kelly, a merchant of Dartmouth, letter
and Grey, and another and secret of Ralegh respecting him, ii. 83.
warrant for stay of the execution, Keymer, John, licensed by Ralegh to
448; his assertion that George Brooke sell wines in Cambridge, i. 63 ; ii. 25.
was the chief plotter, ib. ; his speech Keymis, Lawrence, second voyage to
to the courtiers at Wilton, 455 ; visits Guiana of, in 1596, i. 195 ; his report
the Tower of London, in March 1604, to Ralegh on his return to England,
for a bull-baiting, having previously 197; serves under Ralegh at the
commanded the removal thence of taking of Fayal, 240 ; examination
Kalegh and others, 484 ; character of of, in relation to the plots of 1603,
the Count of Arenbergh written by 422 ; and the threat to put him to
King James to the Archduke Al-

the rack, 423 ; his letter to Lord
bert, 486; reception by, of a pro- Salisbury about the surrender of
posal made by the Ambassador of copyholds at Sherborne, 480 ; acts
Savoy, for an attack, by a combined as trustee for Lady Ralegh in the
English and Dutch fleet under Ra-

conveyance, ib. ; imprisoned in the
legh, upon Genoa, 577; he exacts Tower and Fleet in 1603-4, 483 ;
minute particulars of Ralegh's plans has the special charge of the
for the expedition to Guiana, and a search for the gold mine, in
chart of his intended route, and de- the expedition up the Orinoco, 615;
livers them to Gondomar, 588; Ra- the Admiral's instructions to him,
legh's letter to him, protesting against 616; is attacked by Spaniards in
the injustice of his conviction of ambush, near Seiba, 633 ; abandons
treason, ii. 280; letter of thanks to the expedition, 634 ; returns to St.
the King for sparing his life, 289; Thomas, 636 ; and to Trinidad, 638;
letter appealing to the King's justice his report to Ralegh, and its results,
and mercy, 296.

639 ; writes to Lord Arundel, ib. ;
Jersey, government of, the compromise commits suicide,

ib. ;

for the, in 1600, i. 262 ; results of opinion of him, in 1603, ii. 336,
Ralegh's administration there, 263; 337-339, 348, 351, 354-357, 360 ;
new letters patent issued to Ralegh his proceedings in the final Guiana
for the governorship of, 364 ; Jurats expedition of 1617, 379, 402, 420.
of, address Ralegh on the King's ac- Kilcolman Castle, Ralegh's visit to,
cession, ib. ; Ralegh desires to have i. 120; its descent in the Spenser
its government, ii. 203 ; his first visit family, and subsequent alienation,
to the island, 404 ; his account of the 129.
expected arrival of Normans in, 247 ; Kildare, Lady, see Brooke (Frances).
defences of, 249.

Killigrew, William, brings a message
Johnson, Saunders, ii. 451.

to Ralegh from Queen Elizabeth, i.
Jones, Rev. Mr., chaplain on board the 148; serves as joint commissioner

Flying Chudleigh, quotation from his with Ralegh and Robert Cecil in the
Ms. narrative of the Guiana expe- proceedings for partition of spoils of
dition of 1617, preserved at Corpus the Madre de Dios, 155.
Christi College, Oxford, i. 604, 605, Killmackow, castle and lands of, i. 103.
643, note.

Kinsale, Ralegh's opinion of the causes
Jonson, Benjamin, literary assistance of the Spanish landing at, in Sept.

alleged to have been rendered by 1601, i. 319.
him in the compilation of Ralegh's Knollys, William, Earl of Banbury,
History of the World, i. 545.

i, 253, 292 ; notice of, ii. 229.
Juy, Paul, a Flemish engineer, employed Knowls, see Knollys.

L L 2


intrigues with Spain of, i. 319:

letter of Ralegh respecting him, ii.
La Fayla, Martin de, employment of, MacDermod, Cormac, Ralegh's advice

as an agent between Lord Cobham
and the Count of Arenbergh, i. 358.

to the Queen on the treatment of, i.

La Fontaine, —, a French Huguenot MacGrath, Meyler, Bishop of Lismore,
Minister, conversation and correspon-

grants to Ralegh a lease of the castle
dence between him and Lord Cob-

and manor of Lismore, i. 96; ii. 124,
ham, &c. i. 378, 379.

Lake, Sir Thomas i. 363-

MacThomas, John, see Fitzgerald.
Lambarde, William, conversation of,

Macareo River, a branch of the oceanic
with Queen Elizabeth about King delta of the Orinoco ("Capuri' of

Richard the Second, i. 294.
Lambert, Sir Oliver, i. 229.

Ralegh), i. 185; Ralegh returns to

Trinidad by this branch, 194.
Lancerota, Island of one of the Great Mace, Samuel, is sent by Ralegh to
Canaries'), Ralegh's visit to, i. 604;

reinforce the colony of Virginia, i.
ii. 348; its sufferings from the attacks

91 ; ii. 423
of Barbary corsairs, i. 605.
Lane, Ralph, made Lieut. - Governor of Madre de Dios, a Spanish Carrack, is

captured by Ralegh's ship. The
Virginia, i 87.

Roebuck, commanded by Sir John
Languedoc, Ralegh's account of an ad-

Borough, i. 149 ; proceedings and
venture in certain caves of, i. 33.

discussion relating to the partition of
La Renzi, or Laurencie, Matthew, em-

her spoils, 151-158; ii. 59-73.
ployment of, as an agent between
Lord Cobham and the Count of Makerell, Master of 'a merchantman,

gives news of the Spanish fleet,
Arenbergh, i 359, 397, 415, 425; ii.

ii. 93.

Manamo River, or “River of the Red
Lascelles, Sir Philip, i. 344.

Cross' ('Brazo Macareo'), i. 184,
La Touche, Daniel de, Lord of Ravar.

dies, i. 596.

Mannering, a French surgeon, see
Laurencie, Matthew, see La Renzi.

Leigh, Captain, killing of an insurgent
in Ireland by, and Ralegh's commen-

Manners, Roger, Earl of Rutland,

serves as volunteer in the Islands'
tary on grant of head-money, i. 105.

Voyage of 1597, i. 233:
Leomans, Michael, answer of Ralegh

Manoa, legends of the city of,
to his complaints, ii. 417.

named by Martinez the capital of
Lesley, John, Bishop of Ross, i. 289.

* El Dorado,' i. 178; ii. 10).
Leveson, Sir Richard, serves in the

Manourie, Guillaume, a French sur
expedition against Cadiz, and cap-

geon, is employed as a spy on
tures three Hamburg vessels, i. 209.
Lionello, John Baptist, account by, of

Ralegh, in the journey from Ply.

mouth, i. 656; his account of their
King James' festive visit to the Tower,
and of Ralegh's removal thence, i. 484.

conversations, 657-665; his reward,
Lismore Castle, built by Ralegh, i. 96;

673 ; Ralegh's dying assertion of the

falsehood of his allegations against
and finished by the Great Earl of

him, 701; ii. 495.
Cork, 97 ; lawsuits concerning, ii. 42.

Maree, René, Lord of Montbariot, com-
Llantwit (Llan-Illtydd-V'awr), in Gla-

mission to, for the conquest and
morganshire, Ralegh monuments for.

planting of Guiana, i. 596.
merly in the church of, i. 6.

Markham, Charles, plot of, for surprising
Lova, Juan de, ü. 184.

the Court, &c. ii. 453.
Low Countries, see Netherlands.

Markham, Sir Griffin, i. 343; career
Luscombe, ii. 105.

and character of, 344; the conference

at Beskwood Park between him and

two of his brothers, in June 1603

ib.; his conference with Lord Grey
Macartey, Finnin, proceedings of, in of Wilton, 348; behaviour of, is
Ireland, ii. 9, 15.

the mock-execution scene at Wis-
MacCarthy, Florence, Ralegh on the chester, 449 ; subsequent fortunes or

Montgomery, Gabriel de, Count, i. 26,

Montorgueil Castle, in the Isle of

Jersey, Ralegh's visit to, i. 263 ; ii.

Morgan, Miles, i. 81.
Morgan, Thomas, i. 289.
Mountjoy, Charles, Lord, see Blount.
Munster, rebellion in, i. 35-45, 254 ;

ii. 3, 78, 198, 243, 319; colonial and
industrial enterprises of Ralegh in,
i. 96 ; sale of his Munster estates to

Boyle, 106.
Musica, Antonio, ii. 354.



Nassau, Lewis, Count of, i. 26; serves

a volunteer in the expedition
against Cadiz, 208.
Naunton, Sir Robert, account by, of a

dispute between Ralegh and Lord
Grey of Wilton, i. 48 ; intercepts
Lady Ralegh's letters, 683 ; his
correspondence with Sir Thomas
Wilson during Wilson's employment
in the Tower, 688 ; letter in reply to
one of Sir T. Wilson, concerning his

examination of Ralegh, ii. 366.
Netherlands, co-operation of the States-

General of the, with the English, in
the expedition against Cadiz, i. 206,
216 ; letters on the sending of pio-
neers to, ii. 33 ; news of the war in

the, 425.
New Exchange, ii. 267.
Newfoundland, Ralegh's establishment

of a trade between Jersey and, i. 263 ;

fleet, ii. 95.
Normans, expected arrival of, in Jersey,

ii. 247
Norreys, Sir John, Ralegh's alleged

service under, in the Netherlands, i.

33 ; ii. 194.
Northampton, Henry, Earl of, see

Northumberland, Henry, Earl of, see

North-west Passage, Sir Humphrey

Gilbert's discourse a, i. 77 ;
royal charter of 1584, creating a
fellowship for discovery of, 84.



exile, 460; particulars of his plot
for surprising the Court, &c. ii.
452, 455-458, 462.
Markham, Thomas, declaration and

confession of, ii. 452.
Martens, Veronio, becomes a partner

with Ralegh in the enterprise for ex-
portation of pipestaves from Munster,

i. 101.
Martinez, Juan, marvellous deposition

made by, at S. Juan de Puerto Rico,
of his visit to Manoa, the capital of

* El Dorado,' i. 178.
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, i. 69,

Matthew, Tobias, Bishop of Durham,

lays claim to the possession of

Durham House, ii. 263.
Medick, Captain, wounded at Cadiz,

1596, ii. 154.
Medina Sidonia, Duke of, attempts to

substitute mercantile bills for the sum
stipulated as the ransom of Cadiz,
and orders the Spanish feet to be

burned, i. 218; ii. 145.
Meere, John, and his lawsuits with

Ralegh, i. 470 ; ii. 227, 236, 237,
245, 250, 493.
Mexico feet, Ralegh's alleged purpose

to attack the, i. 591, 643, 678, 679.
Meyrick, Sir Gilly, shares in the spoils

of Cadiz, i. 223, 294 ; excites dis-
sension between Essex and Ralegh
during the Islands' Voyage of 1597,

Mezerai, Eudes de, account of the in-

terview between Queen Elizabeth and

the Duke de Biron by, ii. 232.
Middleburgh, merchants of, Ralegh's

answer to their complaint, ii. 46.
Milford Haven, Cobham's story about

Ralegh's plot for the landing of
Spaniards at, i. 439.
Moncontour, Ralegh's account of the

retreat after the battle of, i, 26.
Monmouth, see Cary.
Monopolies, Ralegh on, i. 273.
Monson, Sir William, reflection by, on

Ralegh's capture of Fayal, i. 242 ;
account of the battle in Cadiz Har-

bour, ii. 141.
Montagu, C. J., address of, on granting

execution, in Oct. 1618, of the Win-

chester verdict of Nov. 1603, 691.
Montbariot, René, Seigneur de, see

Montezuma, tradition of the escape

into Guiana of fugitive adherents of,
i. 164.

O'Dodall has a band of soldiers in

Youghal, ii. 49.
Oldys, William, his account of the

literary help rendered to Ralegh in

the History of the World, i. 543 ; Parliamentary career of Ralegh, i. 268.
notices of the Life of Ralegh by, Parsons, Robert, i, 290.
Introduction, xlix. 545; his account Peckham, Sir George, i. 83.
of Ralegh's fellow-workers in the Peirson, John, i. 291.
History of the World, 544.

Pelham, Herbert, becomes lessee of
Opinion upon the Spanish Alarum, i. part of Ralegh's estate in Munster,

i. 103
Ordaz, Diego de, expedition of, in search Pembroke, Earl of, see Herbert.
of 'El Dorado,' i. 178.

Pennington, Captain John, delay of his
Orellana, or Amazons, a river of South ship, the Star, at the Isle of Wight,

America, first exploration of, i. 166. i. 600; Lady Ralegh supplies him
Orellana, Francisco, voyage of, down the with money for his provisions, ib.;
river of the Amazons, i. 166.

his arrival at Kinsale, 649; and im-
Ores of Guiana, Ralegh's experiments prisonment in London, ib. ; particu-
with the, i. 189, 196.

lars of his proceedings in the Guiana
Orinoco, Ralegh's description of the expedition, ii. 353, 372.

river, i. 183, 185, 186 ; ii. 422. Penycuik, Walter, i. 359; ü. 450.
Ormond, Thomas, Earl of, see Butler. Percy, Henry, Earl of Northumberland,
Orsini, Virginio, ii. 260.

correspondence with King James
Osorio, Jerome, Bishop of Algarve, about the succession of the English

capture of the library of, after the crown, i. 310; Howard's assertion
victory of Cadiz, i. 223.

that he dealt with King James to
Ostend, visit of Ralegh and Cobham to, favour Ralegh and Cobham, ib. ;

in July 1600, i. 317; and their con- notice of, ii. 219; Ralegh's allusion
ferences there with Lord Grey of to him, 222; hopes of a meeting
Wilton, as bearers of a message for with him, 249; Ralegh's desire to be
Sir R. Cecil, ib. ; ii. 425.

certified of the Earl's disposition to-
Owen, John, of London, Ralegh on wards him, 387, 438.

the proceedings of, with respect to Perez, Antonio, ii. 144.
captives in Barbary, ii. 31.

Perez, Captain, ii. 190.
Owseley, Richard, i. 219.

Perez de Quesada, Hernan, expedition
Oxford, Edward, Earl of, see Vere. of, in search of 'El Dorado,' i. 165.

Perison, Robert, ii. 240.

Perrot, Sir Thomas, affray between

Ralegh and, i. 50.
Palmer's assay of the metallic ores of Peryam, Sir William, ii. 250.
Guiana, i. 189.

Peyton, Sir John, takes custody of
Palmer, Sir Henry, ii. 425.

Ralegh, in July 1603, as Lieutenant
Palomeque de Acuña, Diego, Governor of the Tower, 373; is appointed

of Trinidad and Guiana, i. 619, 620 ; Governor of Jersey in Ralegh's
checks the English forces, on their room, 385.
following the retreating Spaniards to Peyton, Sir John, the younger, con-
St. Thomas, 621 ; but is eventually versation with Lord Cobham of, i.
defeated and slain, 622 ; ii. 354, 373.

Philip II., King of Spain, remarks of,
Panama, Ralegh's plan of an expedition on the noble conduct of Essex at

against the Spanish settlement at, Cadiz, i. 225.
i. 146 ; his advice as to the expedition Philips, Serjeant, speech of, in summing
of Sir F. Drake, ii. 119.

up the prosecution of Ralegh, i. 428.
Parana, Pedro Rodrigo de, ii. 355. Pigott, Captain John, death of, i. 610.
Parham, Sir Edward, conversation be- Pine, Henry, becomes a partner with

tween, and William Watson, about Ralegh in the enterprise for exporta-
opposing Lord Grey, and aiding to tion of pipestaves from Munster, i
carry King James to the Tower, i. 101; his defalcations towards his
349 ; extracts from his examination, partners, and the lawsuits thence

arising, 102, ii. 493 ; Ralegh's in-
Parker, Charles, i. 567.

tervention in a suit between him and
Parker, Sir Nicholas, ii. 197.

Lord Boyle (afterwards Earl of Cork),
Parry, Sir Thomas, i. 372.

i, 601.

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