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Lordships' finall resolucion shalbe known therein, be-
cause the venting and dispercing thereof will extenuate
the price of the Caracke goods, when they shalbe sold,
I being all of one nature and kinde; or, that they may be
¡ delivered to Her Majesties use, at such rate as they are
prized;' and so all parties, uppon determinacion of the
varyance, to receave their due porcion allotted unto
them. If this course shall be deemed requisite, both
parties will travell for a speedie end, and Her Highness
will be benefited therebye above £3,000; otherwise, they
will seeke by protraction of time to delaie an absolute
triall and composicion for some of their private lucre.
Thus, humblie praying your Lordships' direction therein
by this bearer, my servaunt, I take my leave. From
Dirrham House, the xiijth of December, 1592.
Your Lordshipps' humble att cummandement,

Addressed :
To the right honorable my verie good Lords, the Lord Thresurer,

Lord Admirall, and Lord Buckhurst,




From the Original, in the Burghley Papers, 1592. MS. Lansdowne,

vol. lxx. No. 94 (British Museum). The accompt of the whole charge amounteth to 34,000". Her Majesty hath giuen order that we shall receue 36,000“. So as there is giuen vs of profytt, 2,000!! The City of London is to haue 6,000" profytt by



Dec. To Lord Burghley.

her Majesties order ; then are they to haue her Majes- LETTER

XXXIV, ties allowaunce of 2,000+ vppon all, and 4,000li profitt

1592. more, out of the principall. By that meanes we are to

Dec. lose 4,000li of our mony disbursed.

Statement To help which we haue 3,000li of the Queen's ; and of the

Charges of then we lose but 1,000". But of that 3,000". of the the Expe.

dition of Queen's, 12001 was bestowed on her own ships, to make

1592; and them perfect. Then there remaineth 1800". towards the of the pro

posed losse of 4,000! : so as the losse wilbe 2,200".


of prize In respect hereof, we haue the remaines, and our ships money. againe : but we are not allowed for our ships in this accompt as they were worth in aduenture, but onelie according to the losse which we sustein by them; and therefore that remain is nothing to vs: for wee take our shipps in part of payment.

The Erle of CUMBERLAND is allowed also 36,000!4. ; and his accompt came but to 19,000 : so as he hath 17,000% profytt, who aduentured for himselfe; and we that serued the Queen, and assisted her service, haue not our own again. Besides, I gaue my ship's sayles and cables to furnish the Caraque, and bring her home, or els she had perished : my ship first bourded her, and onely staid with her; and brought her into harborough, or els she had also perished vppon Silley. I was not present, and therefore had no extraordinary profytt: I was the cause that all this came to the Queen, and that the King of Spaine spent 300,000". the last yere : and I lost in the last yere in the voiage of my Lo. Tho. HOWARD 1600"; besides the interest of 11,000", which I haue paid euer since this voiage began. And farther, my ship and Sir Jo. HAWKINS' that were takers with The Foresight of the Queens haue no other allowance then those that were absent : and whereas the City onely disbursed 6,000", and haue 12,000" againe, the same being


1592. Dec.

taken out of the halles of London among a multitude : I that aduentured all my estate, lose of my principall, and they haue double: I tooke all the care and paines ; caried the ships from hence to Falmouth, and from thence to the north cape of Spaine; and they only sate still, and did but disburse 6,000 out of the common store, for which double is giuen to them, and lesse then mine own to me; and to the Earle of CUMBERLOND 17,000 profytt, who aduentured for himselfe, and I for the Queen.

Endorsed :

Sir Walter Raleighi's Carese for the Carick.

1 59 3.



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxii, fol. 93 (Hatfield). Holograph.



I AM very sorry for Mr. WILKENSON and the rest, 1593 May 10.

that I here ar lost in the River of Burdens; but for my To Sir R. part I was resolved of the success beforehand, and so Cecil. miche I told WILLKENSON before his departure. Of From Sherborne. this Irish combinaction Her Majestye shall find it Progress remembred to her sealf not longe since; but the Troien of the War in

Southsayer cast his spear against the wooden horse, Ireland, but not beleved. I did also presume to speake somewhat Aims of the King how to prevent this purpose ; and I thinck it not over of Spain.

hard to be yet donn; and if I had by any chance bynn acquaynted with the Lord BURGH's instructions, I would have putt you in mynde to have woonne the Earle of Argile rather then all the rest of Skotland; for by


1593. May 1o.

hyme this fier must be only maintained in Ulstell. But for me to speake of the one or the other, I knowe my labors are prejudicate, and I cannot hereafter deserve ether thancks or acceptance. Less then that number men apoynted, I tacke it, will serve the turn, if the garrisons be placed aright to impeach the assemblies, and sume smale pineses ordered to lye between CANTIRRS’ and ODONELLS Country; but herein the order and the tyme hath most powere. Ther be also others in Irland that lye in waite, not suspected; which I most feare, and others most able and fitt to make them neglected and discoraged: which smale matters would have hartned to great purpose, as the tyme will better wittness. I had bynn able my sealf to have raysed to or three bands of Inglishe well armed, till I was driven to relinquishe and recale my people; of which the loss shall not be alone to mee, howsoever I am tumbled down the hill by every practice.

We ar so busyed and dandled in thes French warrs, which are endless, as we forgett the defens next the hart. Her Majesty hath good cause to remember that a million hath bynn spent in Irland not many yeares since. A better kingdome might have bynn purchased att a less prize, and that same defended with as many pence, if good order had bynn taken. But the question now may be, whether for so great expence the estate be not less asured then ever? If Her Majestye conseder it aright, she shall fynde it no small dishonor to be vexed with so beggerly a nacion, that have neather armes nor fortificasion ; but that acursed kingdome hath always bynn but as a trafique, for which Her Majestye hath paid both fraight and custome, and others receved the marchandize; and other then such shall it never be. The Kinge

1 Ulster.

2 Cantyre.


1593 May 1o.

of Spayne seeketh not Irlande for Irlande, but havinge raysed up troops of beggers in our backs, shall be able to inforce us to cast our eyes over our shoulders, while thos before us strike us on the braynes. We have also knowne the levell of his subversion; but destiney is stronger than councell; and good advice, ether neglected or weakly executed, hath tought our enemis to arme thos parts which before lay bare to the sworde. Prevention is the doughter of Intelligence, which cannot be borne without a mother; and the good wooman hath so many patrons, as the one referreth her cherishinge to another's trust, and in the meanwhile shee liveth baren and frutles.

Sir, thes poore Countris yeild no newse. I here of a frigott that taketh up fishermen for pilatts in the West. I am my sealf here at Sherburne, in my fortun's folde. Wherever I be, and while I am, yow shall cummande me. I thinck I shall need your furder favor for the litle parke, for Law and Conscience is not sufficient in thes days to upholde me. Every foole knoweth that hatreds are the cinders of affection, and therfore to make me a sacrifize shall be thanksworthye. Sir, I pray remember my duty to my Lord Admirall, and to your father, if it please yow. From Sherburne, this roth of May (1593). Your's most asured to do yow service,

W. RALEGH. [POSTSCRIPT.]-I am the worse for the Bath, and not the better.

Addressed :
To the right honorable Sir Robert Cicili, K'night, of her Majestie's

most honorable Priry Councell. Endorsed :

10 Maii, 1593. Sir Walter Rawley to my Master.

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