From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxii. fol. 100 (Hatfield). In the

hand of an amanuensis; the subscription, signature, and postscript in autograph

[See Vol. I. pp. 94-103.)



By reason of your Lordship's letters and the rest of the Lords of Her Majesties Privie Councell, written to the Lord Deputie and Councell of Ireland, for a


June 15. restraint of transportacion of Pipestaves out of that

To Lord Realme to the Islands, we have a great quantitie of Burghley. barrell and hogshead bords alreadie cutt and made Durham

House, which, for want of venting and expending, will rott

London. uppon the ground, if we maie not receave some order

Enterprise for their utteraunce. Besides, we must be forced to draw of prepar

ing and home a great number of able men from thence which exporting

Pipeare appointed to serve Her Majestie with their weapons staves uppon anie occasion, which will prove to be a great weakening of the province of Munster.

Wherefore, if it please your Lordship,---for the keeping and enterteyning of theis men in worke, which otherwise cannot live there ; and for venting of this commoditie, which must needs perish if longer staie be made of them there,-to write to the Lord Deputie and Councell, that, according to your Lordship’s meaning signified in your former letters, we maie be licensed to transport from thence into England such barrell and hogshead bords as we have made, and maie be sparde out of our own woods; the rather, because


from Munster.


1593June 15.

those of the west countrie here have great want of
this caske, we will putt in such bords to Her Majesty's
use, before th' officers of the ports where they are to be
laden, as are required in your Lordship's said letters,
for th' assured transporting thereof into England and to
no other place. And so I most humblie take my leave.
From Dirrham House, the xvth of June, 1593.
Your Lordship's for ever to be cummanded,


[POSTSCRIPT.]—For the bringinge of casked into Ireland, I hope wee shall rather deserve thankes, then that wee shall need to make any great sutes for it. Yet, so mich it hath pleased the Deputye to malline? my particuler, as I know, without your Lordshipp's heulpe, yeven so mich will hardly be afforded. I do humblie desire your Lordship to favor mee so mich as to writ your Lordship's own letteres unto hyme that I may receve justice at his hands; and, acknowledging my sealf only bound and susteyned by your Lordship's goodnes, I wishe your Lordship eternall health, and humblie take my leave.

1 So in MS. ; meaning obviously the bringing in of cask-making.'

: 1.6, malign. This doubtful word is so written that it ought, perhaps to be read “mallice.'

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From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxiii. fol. 31 (Hatfield). In the

hand of an amanuensis; the subscription and signature in autograph.


of one

Mercharit of Dart.


I AM earnestlie entreated by my brother, Sir JOHN GILBERT, to write unto you in the behalfe of Mr.

1593 KELLEY, a marchant of Dartmouthe, his very honest

Aug. 15. freind; and because his and my perswasion may the To Sir R. better prevaile in his behalfe, I have sent you, as well Cecil

. his letter to testefie the honest behavior of the gentle- Sherborne, man, as my servant HANCOCKE, to certific the truth On behall according to my brother's mocion.

Kelly, a The matter importeth the deliverie of a letter, sent from KELLIE's factor; sent by NICHOLAS FITZHAR- mouth. BERT ; written to THOMAS FITZHARBERT.

The letter, uppon the deliverie to Mr. FITZHARBERT, was openly read and nothing found therein either offensive to the Estate or to any particuler person, as your Honnor, if you please, maie at large understand. Sir JOHN GILBERT wilbe bound for him in a thowsand pounds, and I will undertake for his honest cariage and demeanoure. And because you shalbe the better perswaded of his integritie and good affection to the Queen's Majestie, and the opinion conceaved of him by his neighbors, I have sent you my brother's letter to testefie the same. I beeseech your Honnor therefore not to suffer anie wrongfull informacions to prevaile against him; and to give order for his dispatch, as


1593. Aug. 15.

soone as your Honnor shall think convenient; that I
may by this bearer understand some newes. And so I
committ your Honnor to the tuicion of th’ Almightie.
From Sherborn Castle, xvth of August, 1593.
Ever to do yow honor and service,


[POSTSCRIPT.]—I have sent HANCOCKE chiefelie to understand some newes, and to see yow; and to certefie mee the rest at his return.



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxii. fol. 41 (Hatfield). In the

hand of an amanuensis ; the subscription, signature, and postscript in autograph.


You know our long suite to the Lords of Her 1593. Aug. 27.

Majesties Privie Councell for the continuance of transTo Sir R. portation of Pipestaves out of Ireland to the Islandes, Cecil.

according to Her Majesties graunt by Her Letters From Gilling- Patents under the Great Seale. Master PINE, as I ham Forest. understand, is now at Court to sollicite your Honnor Enterprise and the rest, in our behalfe, for a dissolucion of the of prepar- restraint procured by the Lord Deputie's letters, upon exporting his supposicion of some enormities and surmised inconPipestaves

veniences which thereby will need ensue. from Munster.

I beeseech your Honnor to fauvor our proceedings therein, and to assist us, as much as you maie, for the obteyning of our suite ; and if you please to acquaint


1593 Aug. 27.

my Lord Admiral with my poore request, I doubt not but his Lordship will farther so honest a mocion.

If their Lordships would be pleased thoroughlie to consider the state of the cause, and have patience to peruse the contents of our demaund (which Master PINE will shew your Honnor, in all points, according to the truth), they wold assuredlie allow of our trade to the Islands, and conceave better of those which undertake the same. And so I humblie take


leave. From Gillingham Forrest, the 27th of August, 1593.

Your Honor's humblie att cummandment,


[POSTSCRIPT.]—Sir, The Indian falcon is sike of the The

Falconry buckworme ; and therfore, if yow wilbe so bountefull

at Gillingto geve another falcon, I will provide yow a roning ham, geldinge. Addressed : To the right honorable Sir ROBERT CECIL, Knight, one of her Majesties

most honorable Privie Councell, Endorsed :

27 Aug. 1593. Sir Walter Rawley to my Master.



From the Original. Cecil Papers, vol. xxiii. fol. 77 (Hatfield). In the

hand of an amanuensis; the subscription, signature, and postscript in autograph.


LETTER This gentleman, Mr. John WOLLRIDGE, hath been

XXXIX. written unto by my Lord Threasurer, about the deliverie

1593. of a ward, his wives sonne. If he shall have nede of Oct. 8.

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