History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons


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Side 507 - ... into the Bank of England, in the name and with the privity of the...
Side 298 - Th« chancellor of the exchequer moved the order of the day for the houfe to refolve itfelf into a committee of the whole houfe, to confider of ways and means for raifing a fupply.
Side 507 - ... who would for the time being have been entitled to the rents and profits of the said manor had no enfranchisement been made as aforesaid.
Side 409 - That an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, praying, that he...
Side 10 - ... a confiderable part of the produce of the fraction of the current year not being paid into the Exchequer till after the termination of that year, and the modes of collection not being brought at their beginning to their greateft degree of efficacy, an accurate eftimate of it cannot be made from the amount of its produce which appears upon the Exchequer account.
Side 328 - In order to taint and undermine the morals of our ingenuous youth, they sent among us a number of female dancers, who by the allurements of the most indecent attitudes, and most wanton theatrical exhibitions, succeeded but too effectually in loosening and corrupting the moral feelings of the people — and indeed if common report might be relied...
Side 357 - France might still be turned to peace, and that the ground of dispute might be removed. Parliament was called upon to declare that this country would not interfere in the internal affairs of France ; and afterwards, when the...
Side 22 - The reduction of the debt which has been incurred during the war, depends upon different confiderations. The amount of the finking fund applicable thereto, including the ll. per cent, on account of the loan and bills funded in the prefent feffions, amount to - L.
Side 22 - Fund, after reaching the sum of four millions, is no longer made applicable by law to the discharge at compound interest of what may then remain of the old debt; but the operation of the new Sinking Fund is to continue at compound interest, till the new debt shall be totally discharged.
Side 154 - ... more, for contributions to the lottery; and that they have the benefit of holding the amount of all the monies iflued for...

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