Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New York

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Side 457 - Maudsley so aptly expresses it, "there is a destiny made for a man by his ancestors, and no one can elude, were he able to attempt it, the tyranny of his organization.
Side 243 - The remote results have been scarcely less gratifying, 32 of the 54 having been permanently cured. Incision and drainage has proved to be a most • conservative operation, not only in the saving of life, but in the conservation of the sexual organs. Of the fourteen patients in whom subsequently a radical abdominal operation was performed, in only three was it necessary to remove more than one uterine appendage. The substitution of incision for the radical operation has saved many young women from...
Side 224 - Corgier reported that after continuous administration of fairly large doses of creosote carbonate (containing 91 per cent, of creosote, and made from it by the action of nascent carbon dioxide) in most cases a typical fall of temperature occurred during the first twenty-four hours of treatment, and if the remedy was persisted in for a sufficiently long period of time, the apyrexis became permanent.
Side 457 - Heredity is that biological law by which all beings endowed with life tend to repeat themselves in their descendants : it is for the species what personal identity is for the individual. The physiological side ofthis subject has been diligently studied, but not so its psychological side. We propose to supply this deficiency in the present work.
Side 228 - Parents and guardians have no more right to withhold or neglect to provide vaccination for the children under their protection, than they have to jeopard the lives of these helpless infants by not furnishing them with food or clothing. It is criminal to neglect either, as death may be the consequence ; but the failure to provide protection against small-pox seems to be more maliciously wicked than to neglect either food or clothing, as the former may not only cause the death of the child, but may...
Side 180 - General paralysis is dependent upon the occurrence of chronic toxaemia of gastro-intestinal origin; the toxins are mainly bacterial and are formed in consequence of a partial breakdown of those forces by which the harmful development of the microorganisms that constitute the ordinary flora of the alimentary tract is normally prevented...
Side 430 - There is no specific treatment for pneumonia. The young practitioner may bear in mind that patients are more often damaged than helped by the promiscuous drugging which is still only too prevalent.
Side 173 - Vienna, 56 per cent were certainly syphilitic, 25 per cent probably so, while in 19 per cent the data were insufficient to warrant a conclusion of probable syphilis. In all the records of paresis studied in preparing this paper I have found but a single instance of alleged recovery from the disease. From this brief survey of the statistics of general paresis it would appear that it forms about 8.75 per cent of all cases of insanity; that it occurs most frequently between the ages of 30 and 50; that...
Side 343 - Sept. 1880) based upon a series of experiments, deduces the following conclusions. 1st. The presence of a steel or iron foreign body in the eye, when of considerable size and situated near the surface, may be determined by testing for it with a suspended magnet. 2d. The...
Side 457 - I say unto you, the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children even unto the third and fourth generation.

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