Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Volum 1

Statistical Society of London, 1839

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Side 189 - Proceedings of the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire.
Side 327 - geology, in the magnitude and sublimity of the objects of which it treats, undoubtedly ranks, in the scale of the sciences, next to astronomy...
Side 3 - Treatise on the Wealth, Power, and Resources of the British Empire.
Side 118 - GERMANY; the SPIRIT of her HISTORY, LITERATURE, SOCIAL CONDITION, and NATIONAL ECONOMY ; illustrated by Reference to her Physical, Moral, and Political Statistics, and by Comparison with other Countries. By BISSET HAWKINS, MD, Oxon., FRS, &c. 10*.
Side 23 - ... and arithmetic only, is generally unfitted for earning his livelihood by labour. Under such a system he would never have been "set to work.
Side 17 - Union workhouse from the age of three to the age of fourteen, the age when he ought to go to work, one of two results must ensue — " 1. Either the child must at that period have acquired such habits of industry, such skill in some useful art, and such correct moral habits, as to render his services desirable; in which case he will go to service, and his dependence will cease : " Or, 2ndly, by neglect, or by the adoption of a system of training not calculated to prepare them for the discharge of...
Side 71 - ... tin at what price soever, " they have four shillings a week truly paid : there is no " poor that will work there, but may, and have that wages.
Side 447 - ABSTRACT of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th January, 1849, and 5th January, 1850, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof.
Side 411 - ... with the condition of many young men employed as farm-servants in the southern counties, who, being paid board-wages, club together to have their comfortless meal cooked in a neighbouring cottage, with no house to call their home,' left to sleep in an outhouse or hayloft, subject to the contamination of idle companions, with no parent's eye to watch their actions, and no parent's voice to warn them of their errors ; and say which situation is best calculated to promote domestic comforts, family...

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