Either his gratitude fhall hold him fast,
And keep him warm and filial to the last;
Or, if he prove unkind (as who can say,
But, being man, and therefore frail, he may?)
One comfort yet fhall cheer thine aged heart-
Howe'er he flight thee, thou haft done thy part.

Oh barb'rous! would't thou with a Gothic hand
Pull down the schools-what!-all schools i' th' land;
Or throw them up to liv'ry-nags and grooms,
Or turn them into shops and auction rooms?
A captious question, Sir, (and yours is one)
Deferves an answer fimilar, or none.
Would't thou, poffeffor of a flock, employ
(Appriz'd that he is fuch) a careless boy,
And feed him well, and give him handsome pay,
Merely to fleep, and let them run aftray?
Survey our schools and colleges, and fee
A fight not much unlike my fimile.
From education, as the leading caufe,
The public character its colour draws;
Thence the prevailing manners take their cast,
Extravagant or fober, loofe or chaste.

And, though I would not advertise them yet,
Nor write on each-This building to be Lety

Unless the world were all prepar'd t' embrace
A plan well worthy to fupply their place;
Yet, backward as they are, and long have been,
To cultivate and keep the MORALS clean,
(Forgive the crime) I wish them, I confefs,
Or better manag'd, or encourag'd less.





YE nymphs! if e'er your eyes were red
With tears o'er hapless fav'rites fhed,
O fhare Maria's grief!

Her fav'rite, even in his cage,

(What will not hunger's cruel rage?) Affaffin'd by a thief.

Where Rhenus ftrays his vines among,
The egg was laid from which he fprung;
And though by nature mute,

Or only with a whistle bleft,

Well-taught, he all the founds exprefs'd
Of flagelet or flute.

The honours of his ebon poll

Were brighter than the fleekest mole;

His bofom of the hue

With which Aurora decks the skies,
When piping winds fhall foon arife

To fweep up all the dew,

Above, below, in all the house,
Dire foe, alike to bird and mouse,
No cat had leave to dwell;
And Bully's cage fupported stood,
On props of fmootheft-fhaven wood,
Large built, and lattic'd well.

Well-lattic'd-but the grate, alas !
Not rough with wire of fteel or brass,
For Bully's plumage fake,

But fmooth with wands from Oufe's fide,
With which, when neatly peel'd and dried,
The fwains their baskets make.

Night veil'd the pole. All feem'd fecure,
When led by inftinct sharp and sure,
Subfiftence to provide,

A beaft forth-fallied on the fcout,
Long-back'd, long-tail'd, with whisker'd snout,
And badger-colour'd hide.

He, ent'ring at the study-door,
Its ample area 'gan explore;

And fomething in the wind

Conjectur'd, fniffing round and round,
Better than all the books he found,

Food, chiefly, for the mind.

Just then, by adverse fate impress'd,
A dream disturb'd poor Bully's reft;

In fleep he seem'd to view
A rat, faft-clinging to the cage,
And screaming at the fad presage,
Awoke and found it true.

For, aided both by ear and scent,
Right to his mark the monster went-
Ah, Muse! forbear to speak

Minute the horrors that enfued;

His teeth were strong, the cage was woodHe left poor Bully's beak.

He left it but he should have ta'en
That beak, whence iffued many a strain
Of fuch mellifluous tone,

Might have repaid him well, I wot,
For filencing fo fweet a throat,

Faft fet within his own.

Maria weeps

-The Mufes mourn→

So, when by Bacchanalians torn,
On Thracian Hebrus' fide

The tree-enchanter Orpheus fell;

His head alone remain'd to tell
The cruel death he died.

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