Biennial Report

Vols. for 1895/96, 1901/02- include also the Registration report of vital statistics.

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Side 110 - In the case of food or drink. 1. If any substance or substances has or have been mixed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength.
Side 107 - If the contents of the package as originally put up shall have been removed, in whole or in part, and other contents shall have been placed in such package...
Side 101 - And in case no births or no deaths were registered during any month, the Local Registrar shall be entitled to be paid the sum of twenty-five cents for each report to that effect...
Side 93 - California or has such nets in possession in fish and game district nineteen, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punishable by a fine of not less than...
Side 99 - That every physician, midwife, and undertaker shall, without delay, register his or her name, address and occupation with the local registrar of the district in which he or she resides, or may hereafter establish a residence; and shall thereupon be supplied by the local registrar with a copy of this Act, together with such rules and regulations as may be prepared by the State Eegistrar relative to its enforcement.
Side 95 - That the body of any person whose death occurs in this state, or which shall be found dead therein, shall not be interred, deposited in a vault or tomb, cremated or otherwise disposed of, or removed from or into any registration district, or...
Side 95 - The medical certificate of the cause of death shall be signed by the attending physician, if any, and shall state the cause of death as ''stillborn," with the cause of the stillbirth, if known, whether a premature birth, and if born prematurely the period of uterogestation in months if known, and a burial or removal permit of the prescribed form shall be required.
Side 101 - He shall number consecutively the certificates of birth and death, in two separate series, beginning with number 1 for the first birth and the first death in each calendar year, and sign his name as Registrar in attest of the date of filing in his office. He shall also make a complete and accurate copy of each birth and...
Side 101 - Health to be infectious, contagious, or communicable and dangerous to the public health, no permit for the removal or other disposition of the body shall be granted by the registrar, except under such conditions as may be prescribed by the state and local boards of health.
Side 98 - Place of birth, including state, county, township or town, village or city; if in a city, the ward, street, and house number; if in a hospital or other institution, the name of the same to be given, instead of the street and house number. 2. Full name of child. If the child dies without a name, before the certificate is filed, enter the words "died unnamed.

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