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During my stay here at the village of Damas, a sea-coast health-retreat, near Surat) I abstained from all professional work of my own accord, and devoted myself to the preparation of this work, which, in three volumes, I now humbly lay before the public, and dedicate to my dear native country, India. It is intended, in some measure, to supply the great desideratum, that has long been felt of some works, which might give religious and moral instruction to the young generation, and aid in the proper development of character. In order that the instruction conveyed may be as complete as possible, information has also been given therein on Human Body, Business, Wealth, Animals and Kindness to them, Drinking (Drunkenness), Temperance, and many other necessary subjects. The subject of Royalty, which refers to the noble Royal Family, that happily reigns over us, is also included; it gives not only some very important information, but is highly instructive.

Selections have been made from all available sources, (there is nothing in this work which is my own) and the materials so collected have been used in aid of the said purpose ; and here I beg to offer my most hearty and sincere thanks to all those whose materials I have so used. I have stated the sources, and mentioned the names of the authors, though, in some cases, I regret, I have not been able so to do. I very much regret that I have not been able to select from others, equally deserving of such recognition and notice.

Marâthi and Gujarati selections had to be translated, and in that an effort has been made to have as literal a

translation as could be done.

It will appear that the selections have been arranged in a systematic manner. In arranging them, though unconnected, an humble attempt has been made to connect them, as it were, so that, when taken together, they give the required information in an orderly and methodical manner. The precepts of the different Faiths and Prophets, the advice and admonitions of important persons, on a particular subject, placed in an orderly manner before young minds (ride Drinking (Drunkenness), Grief for the dead, &c.) will not fail to produce the desired impression upon them. Parents, guardians, teachers, and others are, therefore, requested to see that the subjects are read wholly, for it is then only that the object in view will be attained. Their attention is also drawn to the subject of “ Student, and to the prayers contained in the different subjects, as also to those in the special subject of “ Prayers ” for Hindus and others.

As stated above, this work is intended for the good of the young generation, but I am hopeful that it will also be useful to others. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, persons of either sex, will all find therein something to interest them. The anecdotes,

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