The Complete Poems of Giles Fletcher, B. D.

Chatto & Windus, 1876 - 264 sider

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Side 6 - and PreclousStones: their History,Value, and Properties ; with Simple Tests for ascertaining their Reality. By HARRY EMANUEL, FRGS With numerous Illustrations, tinted and plain. Crown Svo, cloth extra, gilt, 6s. Englishman's House, The: A Practical Guide to all interested in Selecting or Building a House, with full Estimates of Cost, Quantities, &c. By C J.RICHARDSON. Third Edition.
Side 10 - 6dHood (Thomas): Hood's Choice Works, in Prose and Verse. Including the Cream of the Comic Annuals. With Life of the Author, Portrait, and 200 Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Hood's Whims and Oddities. Complete. With all the original Illustrations. Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s. Hood (Tom), Works by: From Nowhere to
Side 19 - Rochefoucauld's Maxims and Moral Reflections. With Notes, and an Introductory Essay by SAINTEBEUVE. Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s. Roll of Battle Abbey, The; or, A List of the Principal Warriors who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and Settled in this Country, AD 1066-7. With
Side 20 - 1Ss. Signboards: Their History. With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns and Remarkable Characters. By JACOB LARWOOD and JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN. Crown Svo, cloth extra, with loo Illustrations. 7s. 6d. Sims (GR)—How the Poor Live. With 60 Illustrations by FRED. BARNARD. Large 410, Is. Sketchley.—A Match In the Dark. By ARTHUR
Side 8 - ready, the Volume for JANUARY Cases for binding, 2s. each. German Popular Stories. Collected by the Brothers GRIMM, and Translated by EDGAR TAYLOR. Edited, with an Introduction, by JOHN RUSEIN. With 22 Illustrations on Steel by GEORGE CRUIESHANE. Square Svo, cloth extra, 6s. 6d.; gilt edges, 7s. 6d.
Side 22 - English Eccentrics and Eccentricities: Stories of Wealth and Fashion, Delusions, Impostures, and Fanatic Missions, Strange Sights and Sporting Scenes Eccentric Artists, Theatrical Folks, Men of Letters, &c. With nearly 50 Illusts. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6d. Tbrrens. — The Marquess Wellesley, Architect of Empire. An Historic Portrait. By WM TORRENS, MP Demy Svo, cloth extra, 14s. Trollope (Anthony),
Side 9 - [Shortly. Graham. — The Professor's Wife : A Story. By LEONARD GRAHAM. Fcap. Svo, picture cover, Is.; cloth extra, 2a. 6d. Greeks and Romans, The Life of the, Described from Antique Monuments. By ERNST GUHL and W. KONER. Translated from the Third German Edition, and Edited by Dr. F. HUEFPER. With 545 Illustrations.
Side 24 - History of Caricature and of the Grotesque In Art, Literature, Sculpture, and Palnting. Profusely Illustrated by FW FAIRHOLT, FSA Large post Svo, cl. ex., 7s.6d. Yates (Edmund), Novels by: Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. each. Castaway. | The Forlorn Hope. Land at Last. NOVELS BY THE BEST AUTHORS. Now in the press.
Side 264 - bds., 2s. Beautiful Pictures by British Artists: A Gathering of Favourites from our Picture Galleries. In Two Series. All engraved on Steel in the highest style of Art. Edited, with Notices of the Artists, by SYDNEY ARMYTAGE, MA Imperial 4to, cloth extra, gilt and gilt edges,
Side 20 - No Mystery: Tricks with Cards, Dice, Balls, &c., with fully descriptive Directions; the Art of Secret Writing; Training of Performing Animals, &c. With Coloured Frontispiece and many Illustrations. Senior (Willlam), Works by : Travel and Trout In the Antipodes. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s. By Stream and Sea. Post Svo, cloth limp, 2s.

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