Alphabetical and Analytical Catalogue of the ... Library: With the Rules and Regulations, &c

W.L.S. Harrison, 1852 - 220 sider

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Side 46 - TRAVELS IN SIBERIA : including Excursions northwards, down the Obi, to the Polar Circle, and southwards to the Chinese Frontier. By ADOLPH ERMAN. Translated by WD COOLEY, Esq. Author of " The History of Maritime and Inland Discovery ;
Side 58 - History of the English Revolution of 1640. From the Accession of Charles I. to his Death. Translated by William Hazlitt.
Side 14 - Bourne. -— A Treatise on the Steam Engine, in its Application to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation. and Railways.
Side 94 - The History of the Jews. From the earliest Period to the Present Time.
Side 22 - CARREL. History of the Counter - Revolution in England for the Re-establishment of Popery under Charles II. and James II., by Armand Carrel; together with Fox's History of the Reign of James II.
Side 9 - JOHN) Autobiographical Memoir, including Reflections, Observations, and Reminiscences at Home and Abroad* From Early Life to Advanced Age. Portrait. 8vo. 16».
Side 48 - Jenner. 161 [PASTON LETTERS] : ORIGINAL LETTERS, Written during the Reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. and Richard III.
Side 55 - Government, the Register of Officers and Agents in the Service of the United States...
Side 37 - PICTORIAL ROBINSON CRUSOE. The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel De Foe. With a Memoir of the Author, and an Essay on his Writings, with upwards of 300 spirited Engravings, by the celebrated French artist, Grandville One elegant volume, octavo, of 500 pages.
Side 25 - WILLIAM PITT, EARL OF. Anecdotes of the Life of, and of the Principal Events of his Time, with his Speeches in Parliament, from 1736 to 1778. 2 vols.

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