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Printed for T. Evans, near York-Buildings, in the Strand.


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MEclogue 1


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Page EMOIRS of the Author,

1 Eclogue

19 Eclogue II.

·23 Eclogue III.

28 Eclogue IV.

33 Odes descriptive and allegorical. Ode to Pity,

41 Ode to Fear,

44 Ode to Simplicity, Ode on the poetical Character,

51 Ode, written in the Year 1746,

Ode to Mercy, * Ode to Liberty,

58 Ode to a Lady, on the Death of Colonel

Charles Ross in the A&ion at Fontenoy,
Written in May, 1745,

67 *Ode to Evening,

71 Ode to Peace,

74 The Manners. An Ode,

76 The Passions. An Ode for Music, 81 An Epistle to Sir Thomas Hanmer, on his

Edition of Shakespear's Works, 88 Dirge in Cymbeline,

97 Ode on the Death of Mr. Thomson,

99 General Observations on the Oriental Eclogues,

105 Obser

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