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V E R S E S Printed at the Bettom of the Y E A R L Y BILL OF MOR T A LITY

of T H E town of N or THAMP ton,
Dec. 21, 1787.
Pallida Mors acquo pulsat pede pauperum tabernas
Regumque turres.

Pale Death with equal foot strikes wide the door
Of royal halls and hovels of the poor.

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Was man (frail always) made more frail
Than in foregoing years ”

Did famine, or did plague prevail,
That so much death appears 2

No; these were vigorous as their fires,
Nor plague nor famine came;

This annual tribute Death requires,
And never waves his claim.

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Read, ye that run, the awful truth
With which I charge my page;

A worm is in the bud of youth,
** a at the root of age.

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So prays your Clerk, with all his heart;
And, ere he quits the pen,

Begs you for once to take his part,
"And answer all-Amen ;

* John Cox, Parish Clerk of Northampton.

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