No. 8. Present status of the honor system in colleges and universities. Bird T. Baldwin.
No. 9. Monthly record of current educational publications, March, 1915.
No. 10. Monthly record of current educational publications, April, 1915.
No. 11. A statistical study of the public-school systems of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Norman Frost.
No. 12. History of public school education in Alabama. Stephen B. Weeks.
No. 13. The schoolhouse as the polling place. E. J. Ward.
No. 14. Monthly record of current educational publications, May, 1915.
No. 15. Monthly record of current educational publications. Index, February, 1914-January, 1915.
No. 16. Monthly record of current educational publications, June, 1915.
No. 17. Civic education in elementary schools as illustrated in Indianapolis. Arthur W. Dunn.
No. 18. Legal education in Great Britain. H. S. Richards.
No. 19. Statistics of agricultural, manual training, and industrial schools, 1913-14.
No. 20. The rural school system of Minnesota. H. W. Foght.
No. 21. Schoolhouse sanitation. William A. Cook.
No. 22. State versus local control of elementary education. T. L. MacDowell.
No. 23. The teaching of community civics.
No. 24. Adjustment between kindergarten and first grade. Luella A. Palmer.
No. 25. Public, society, and school libraries.
No. 26. Secondary schools in the States of Central America, South America, and the West Indies.

Anna T. Smith,
No. 27. Opportunities for foreign students at colleges and universities in the United States. Samuel P.

No. 28. The extension of public education. Clarence A. Perry.
No. 29. The truant problem and the parental school. James S. Hiatt.
No. 30. Bibliography of education for 1911-12.
No. 31. A comparative study of salaries of teachers and school officers.
No. 32. The school system of Ontario. H. W. Foght.
No. 33. Problems of vocational education in Germany. George E. Myers.
No. 34. Monthly record of current educational publications, September, 1915.
No. 35. Mathematics in the lower and middle commercial and industrial schools. E. H. Taylor.
No. 36. Free textbooks and State uniformity. A. C. Monahan.
No. 37. Some foreign educational surveys. James Mahoney.
No. 38. The university and the municipality.
No. 39. The training of elementary school teachers in mathematics. I. L. Kandel.
No. 40. Monthly record of current educational publications, October, 1915.
No. 41. Significant school extension records. Clarence A, Perry.
No 42. Advancement of the teacher with the class. James Mahoney.
No. 43. Educational directory, 1915-16.

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