I was


arms, who immediately spied me, and be one had freckles, another too wide a mouth, gan a squall that you might have heard a third too large a nose, nothing of which from London bridge to Chelsea, after the I was able to distinguish. I confess this usual oratory of infants, to get me for a reflection was obvious enough; which, plaything. The mother out of pure indul. however, I could not forbear, lest the gence took me up, and put me towards the reader might think those vast creatures child, who presently seized me by the mid- were actually deformed; for I must do dle, and got my head into his mouth, where them justice to say, they are a comely race i roared so loud that the urchin was fright- of people; and particularly the features of ed, and let me drop; and I should infal- my master's countenance, although be libly have broke my neck, if the mother were but a farmer, when I beheld him from had not held her apron under me. The the height of sixty feet, appeared very purse, to quiet her babe, made use of a rat- well proportioned. tle which was a kind of hollow vessel filled When dinner was done, my master went with great stones, and fastened by a cable out to his labourers, and, as I could discoto the child's waist: but all in vain, so that ver by his voice and gesture, gave his wife she was forced to apply the last remedy, hy a strict charge to take care of me. giving it suck. I must confess no object very much tired, and disposed to sleep ; ever disgusted me so much as the sight of which my mistress perceiving, she put me her monstrous breast, which I cannot tell on her own bed, and covered me with a what to compare with, so as to give the cu. clean white handkerchief

, but larger and rious reader an idea of its bulk, shape, and coarser than the main sail of a man of colour. It stood prominent six feet, and could not be less than sixteen in circum- I slept about two hours and dreamed ference. The nipple was about half the big. I was at home with my wife, and children, ness of my head, and the hue both of that which aggravated my sorrows, when I and the dug so varied with spots, pimples, awaked, and found myself alone in a vast and freckles, that nothing could appear room, between two and three hundred more nauseous ; for I had a near sight of feet wide, and above two hundred high, her, she sitting down the more conveniently lying in a bed twenty yards wide. My to give suck, and I standing on the mistress was gone about her household aftable. This made me reflect upon the fair fairs, and had locked me in. The bed skins of our English ladies, who appear so was eight yards from the Moor. Some nabeautiful to us, only because they are of tural necessities required me to get down, our own size, and their defects not to be I durst not presume to call, and, if I had seen but through a magnifying-glass, it would have been in vain with such a where we find by experiment that the voice as mine, at so great a distance as smoothest and whitest skins look rough from the room where I lay to the kitchen, and coarse, and ill-coloured.

where the family kept. While I was unI remember when I was at Lilliput, the der these circumstances, two rats crept complexion of those diminutive people ap- up the curtains, and ran smelling backpeared to me the fairest in the world; and wards and forwards on the bed. One of talking upon this subject with a person of them came up almost to my face, whereuplearning there, who was an intimate friend on I rose in a fright, and drew out my of mine, he said that my face appeared hanger to defend myself. These horrible much fairer and smoother when he looked animals had the boldness to attack me on on me from the ground, than it did upon both sides and one of them held his fure a nearer view, when I took him up in my feet at my collar; but I had the good forhand and brought him close, which he con- tune to rip up his belly, before he could do fessed was at first a very shocking sight. He me any mischief. He fell down at my feet, said he could discover great holes in my and the other secing the fate of his comrade skin; that the stumps of my beard were ten made his escape, but not without one good times stronger than the bristles of a boar, wound on the back, which I gave him as he and my complexion made up of several co- fed, and made the blood run trickling from lours altogether disagreeable ; although I him. After this exploit I walked gently to must beg leave to say for myself, that I am and fro on the bed to recover my breath, as fair as inost of my sex and country, and and loss of spirits. These creatures were of very little sun-burnt by all my travels. On the size of a large mastiff, but infinitely the other side, discoursing of the ladies in more nimble and fierce, so that if I had that emperor's court, he used to tell me taken off my belt before I went to sleep,

I must

I must infallibly have been torn to pieces

CHAP. II. and devoured. I measured the tail of the dead rat, and found it to be two yards A description of the farmer's daughter. long, wanting an inch ; but it went against

The author carried to a market-tour, my stomach to drag the carcase off the

and then to the metropolis. The partie bed where it lay still bleeding; I observed

culars of his journey. it had yet some lise, but, with a strong My mistress had a daughter of nine slash across the neck, I thoroughly dise years old, a child of towardly parts for patched it.

her age, very dexterous at her needle, and Soon after my mistress came into the skilful in dressing her baby. Her mother room, who seeing me all bloody, ran and and she contrived to fit up the baby's took me up in her hand. I pointed to the cradle for me against night; the cradle dead rat, smiling, and making other signs was put into a small drawer of a cabinet, to shew I was not hurt, whereat she was and ibe drawer placed upon a hanging extremely rejoiced, calling the maid to shelf for fear of the rats. This was my take up ihe dead rat with a pair of tongs, bed all the time I stayed with those peo. and throw it out of the window. Then she ple, though made more convenient by de set me on a table, where I shewed her my grees, as I began to learn their language, hanger all bloody, and, wiping it on the and make my wants known. This young lappet of my coat, returned it to the scab- girl was so bandy, that, after I had once bard. I was pressed to do more than one or twice pulled off' my clothes before her, thing, which another could not do for me, she was able to dress, and undress me, and therefore endeavoured to make my though I never gave her that trouble when mistress understand that I desired to be set she would let me do either myself. Sac down on the foor; which after she had male me seven shirts and some other lineta done, my bashfulness would not sufler me of as fine cloth as could be got, which in to express myself farther, than by pointing deed was coarser than sack-cloth; and to the door and bowing several times. The these she constantly washed for me with good woman, with much difficulty at last her own hands. She was likewise my perceived what I would be at, and taking school-mistress to teach me the language; me up again in her hand, walked into the when I pointed to any thing she told me garden where she set me down. I went the name of it in her ok n tongue, so that on one side about two hundred yards, and in a few days I was able to call for whatbeckoning her not to look or to follow ever I had a mind 10. She was very me, I hid myself between two leaves of good-natured, and not above forty feet sorrel, and there discharged the necessities high, being little for her age. She gave of nature.

me the name of Grildrig, which the faI hope the gentle reader will excuse me mily took up, and afterwards the whole for dwelling on these and the like particu- kingdom. The word imports what the lars, which however insignificant they may Latins call homunculus, the Italians hoappear to grovelling vulgar minds, yet will munceletino, and the English manrakia. certainly help a philosopher to enlarge his To her I chiefly owe my preservation in thoughts and imagination, and apply that country: we never parted while ! them to the benefit of public as well as was there: I called her my Glumdalclitch

, private life, which was my sole design in or little nurse; and should be guilty of presenting this and other accounts of my great ingratitude, if I omitted this honourtravels to the world; wherein I have been able mention of her care and affection to chiefly studious of truth, without affecting wards me, which I heartily wish it lay in any ornaments of learning or of style. my power to requiļe as she deserves

, 11• But the whole scene of this voyage made stead of being the innocent, but unhappy so strong an impression on my mind, and instruinent of her disgrace, as I have too is so deeply fixed in my memory, that in much reason to fear. committing it to paper I did not omit It now began to be known and talked of one material circumstance: however, in the neighbourhood, that my master bed upon a strict review, I blotted out several found a strange animal in the field, about passages of less moment which were in the bigness of a splacknuck, but exactly my first copy, for fear of being censured shaped in every part like a human creature; as tedious and trilling, whereof travellers which it likewise imitated in all its actions ; are often, perhaps not without justice, ac. seemed to speak in a litle language of 113 cused.

own, had already learned several words ci


jeirs, went erect upon two legs, was tame ver my liberty; and as to the ignominy and gentle, would come when it was called, of being carried about for a monster, Í do whatever it was bid, had the finest limbs considered myself to be a perfect stranger in the world, and a complexion fairer than in the country, and that such a misfora nobleman's daughter of three years old. tune could never be charged upon me as Another farmer who lived hard by, and a reproach, if ever I should return to was a particular friend of my master, came England, since the King of Great Britain on a visit on purpose to enquire into the himself, in my condition, must have untruth of this story. I was immediately pro dergone the same distress. duced, and placed upon a table, where I My master, pursuant to the advice of walked as I was commanded, drew my his friend, carried me in a bux the next banger, put it up again, made my reverence day to a neighbouring town, and took to my master's guest, asked him in his own along with him his little daughter, my language how he did, and told him, he nurse, upon a pillion behind him. The box was welcome, just as my little nurse had was close on every side, with a little door instructed me. This man, who was old and for me to go in and out, and a few gimlet dim-sighted, put on his spectacles to be holes to let in air. The girl had been so hold me better, at which I could not for- careful as to put the quilt of her baby's bed bear laughing very heartily, for his eyes into it for me to lie down on. However, I appeared like the full moon shining into a was terribly shaken and discomposed in chamber attwo windows. Our people, who this journey, though it were but of half discovered the cause of my mirth, bore me an hour. For the horse went about forty company in laughing, at which the old fel. feet at every step, and trotted so high, low was fool enough to be angry and out that the agitation was equal to the rising of countenance. He had the character of and falling of a ship in a great storm, a great miser, and to my misfortune, he but much more frequent. Our journey well deserved it, by the cursed advice he was somewhat farther than from London gave my master, to shew me as a sight to St. Alban's. My master alighted at an upon a market day in the next town, inn which he used to frequent; and after which was half an hour's riding, about consulting awhile with the innkeeper, two and twenty miles from our house. I and making some necessary preparations, guessed there was some mischief contriving, he hired the grullrud or crier to give nowhen I observed my master and his friend tice through the town, of a strange creawhispering long together, sometimes point- ture to be seen at the sign of the Green ing at me, and my fears made me fancy Eagle, not so big as a splacknuck (an that I overheard and understood some of animal in that country very finely shaped, their words. But the next morning Glum- about six feet long) and in every part of dalciitch, my little nurse, told me the the body resembling a human creature, whole of the matter, which she had cun- could speak several words, and perforni ningly picked out from her mother. The an hundred diverting tricks. poor girl laid me in her bosom, and fell I was placed upon a table in the largest a weeping with shame and grief. She ap- room of the inn, which might be near threc prehended some mischief would happen hundred feet square. My little nurse stood to me from rude vulgar folks, who might on a low stool close to the table to take squeeze me to death, or break one of my care of me, and direct what I should do. liinbs by taking me in their hands. She My master to avoid a crowd, would su:had also observed how modest I was in my fer only thirty people at a time to see me. nature, how nicely I regarded my honour, I walked about on the table as the girl and what an indignity I should conceive it commanded : she asked me questions, as to be exposed for money as a public spec- far as she knew my understanding of the tacle to ihe meanest of the people. She language reached, and I answered them as said, her papa and mamma had promised loud as I could. I turned about several that Grildrig should be hers, but now she times to the company, paid my humble found they meant to serve her as they did respects, said they were welcome, and used last year, when they pretended to give her some other speeches I had been taught. I a lamb, and yet, as soon as it was fat, sold took up a thimble filled with liquor, it to a butcher. For my own part, I may which Glumdalclitch had given me for a truly aflirm that I was less concerned than cup, and drank their health. I drew out my nurse. I had a strong hope, which my hanger, and flourished with it after the never lest me, that I should one day reco- manner of fencers in England. My nurse gave me part of a straw, which I exercised on her lap in a box lied about her waist. as a pike, having learned the art in my The girl bad lined it on all sides with the youth. I was that day shewn to twelve softest cloth she could get, well quilted sets of company, and as often forced to underneath, furnished it with ber baby's act over again the same fopperies, till I bed, provided me with linen and other was half dead with weariness and vexa- necessaries, and made every thing as 003tion. For those who had seen me made venient as she could. We had no caber such wonderful reports, that the people company but a boy of the house, who were ready to break down the doors to rode after us with the luggage. come in. My master, for his own interest, My master's design was to shex me in would not suffer any one to touch me ex- all the towns by the way, and to step ou cept my nurse; and to prevent danger, of the road for illy or an hundred miles to benches were set round the table at such any village, or person of quality's house, a distance, as to put me out of everywhere he might expect custom. We made body's reach. However, an unlucky easy journies of not above seven or eight school-boy aimed a hazel put directly at score miles a day; for Gluindalclitclı, on my head, which very narrowly missed purpose to spare me, complained she was me; otherwise it came with so much vio- tired with the trotting of the borse. She lence, that it would have infallibly knock- often took me out of my box at my own ed out my brains, for it was almost as desire to give me air, and shew me the large as a small pumpion: but I had the country, but always beld me fase by a satisfaction to see the young rogue well leading string. We passed over five or six beaion, and turned out of the room. rivers many degrees broader and deeper


My master gave public notice, that he than the Nile or the Ganges; and there would shew me again the next market-day, was hardly a rivulet so small as the and in the mean time be prepared a more Thames at London bridge. We were ben convenient vehicle for me, wbich be bad weeks on our journey, and I was sbewa reason enough to do; for I was so tired in eighteen large towns, besides many vad with my first journey, and with entertain- lages and private families. ing company for eight hours together, that On the 20th day of October, we arrived I could hardly stand upon, my legs, or at the metropolis, called in their language speak a word. It was at least ihree days Lorbrulgrud, or Pride of the Universe before I recovered my strength ; and that My master took a lodging in tbe priucipal I might have no rest at home, all the street of the city, not far from the royal neighbouring gentlemen from an hundred palace, and put up bills in the usual form, miles round, hearing of my fame, came to containing an exact description of my see me at my master's own house. There person and parts. He hired a larye room could not be fewer than thirty persons between three and four hundred teet wide, with their wives and children (for the he provided a table sixty feet in dians country is very populous); and my mas- ter, upon which I was io act my party

, ter demanded the rate of a full room and palisadoed it round three feet from whenever he shewed me at home, although the edge, and as many high, to prever it were only to a single family; so that for my falling over. I was shewn ten times a some time I had but little case every day day, to the wonder and satisfaction of all of the week (except Wednestlay, which people. I could now speak the language is their sabbath), although I were not car- tolerably well, and perfectly understood ried to the town.

every word that was spoken to me. Be My master, finding how profitable I was sides, I had learned their alphabet, and like to be, resolved to carry me to the most could make a shift to explain a sentence considerable cities in the kingdom. Hav- here and there; for Glumdalclitch bet ing therefore provided himself with all been my instructor whilo we were e things necessary for a long journey, and home, and at leisure hours during out settled his affairs it home, he took leave journey. She carried a little book in het of his wife, and upon the 17th of August pocket

, not much larger than a Sanson's 1703, about two months after my arrival, Atlas; it was a common treatise for the we set out for the metropolis, situated near use of young girls, giving a short account the middle of that empire, and about three of their religion; out of this she taught thousand miles distance from our house: me my letters, and interpreted the my master made his daughter Glumdale words. pliich ride behind him. She carried me



ture and vassal, I must beg the favour that The author sent for to court. The queen with so much care and kindness, and un

Glumdalclitch, who had always tended me buys him of his master the farmer, and presents him to the king. He disputes derstood to do it so well, might be a imitwith his majesty's great scholars. An ted into her service, and continue to be iny apartment at court provided for the nurse and instructor. Her majesty agreed author. He is in high farour with the to my petition, and easily got the farmer's queen. He stands


for the honour of consent, who was glad enough to have his his own country. His quarrels with daughter preferred at court, and the poor the queen's dwarf

girl herself was not able to hide her joy:

my late master withdrew, bidding me farcThe frequent labours I underwent every well, and saying he had left me in a good Jay, made in a few weeks a very consi- service; to wbich I replied not a word, derable change in my health: the more my only making him a slight bow. master got by me, the more insatiable he The queen observed my coldness, and, greix. I had quite lost my stomach, and when the farmer was gone out of the apartwas almost reduced to a skeleton. The far- ment, asked me the reason. I made bold mer observed it, and, concluding I must to tell her majesty, that I owed no other soon die, resolved to make as good a hand obligation to iny late master, than his not of me as he could. While he was thus rea- dashing out the brains of a poor barmless soning and resolving with himself, a sar- creature found by chance in his field; dral, or gentleman-usher,came from court, which obligation was amply recompensed commanding my master to carry me imme- by the gain he had made by me in sbewing mediately thither for the diversion of the me through half the kingdom, and the queen and her ladies. Some of the latter price he had now sold me for. ihat the had already been to see me, and reported life I had since led, was laborious enough strange things of my beauty, behaviour, to kill an animal of ten times my strength. and good sense. Her majesty, and those That my health was much impaired by the who attended her, were beyond measure continual drudgery of entertaining the rabdelighted with my demeanour. I fell on ble every hour of the day; and that, if my knees and begged the honour of kis. my master had not thought iny life in sing her imperial foot; but this gracious danger, her majesty would not have got princess held out her little finger towards so cheap a bargain. But as I was out me (after I was set on a table) which I of all fear of being ill-treated under the embraced in both my arms, and put the protection of so great and good anempress, tip of it with the utmost respect to my lip. the ornament of nature, the darling of the She made me some general questions about world, the delight of ber subjects, the my country, and my travels, which I an- phænix of the creation; so I hoped my swered as distinctly, and in as few words late master's apprehensions would appear as I could. She asked, Whether I would to be groundless, for I already found my be content to live at court. I bowed down spirits to revive by the influence of her to the board of the table, and humbly an- most august presence. swered that I was my master's slave: but if This was the sum of my sprech, deliver, I were at my own disposal, I should be ed with great improprietes and hesitation; proud to devote my life to her majesty's the latter part was altogether framed iu the service. She then asked my master, whe- style peculiar to that people, whereof I ther he were willing to sell me at a gond learned some phrases from Glumdalclucha price. lle, who apprehended I could not while she was carrying me to court. live a month, was ready enough to part The queen, giving great allowance for with me, and demanded a thousand pieces my defectiveness in speaking, was however of gold, which were ordered him on the surprised at so much wit and good sense in spot, each piece being about the bigness of so diminutive an animal. She took me in eight hundred moidores; but allowing for her own band, and carried me to the king, the proportion of all things between that who was then retired to his cabinet. ilis country and Europe, and the high price of majesty, a prince of much gravity and augold among them, was hardly so great a stere countenance, not will observing my sum as a thousand guineas would be in shape at first view, asked the queen atier a England. I then said to the queen, since cold manner, how long it was since she I was now her majesty's most humble crea- grew, fond of a splacknuck? for such it


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