Stories & Poems from the Twilight


A collection of short stories and poems published at the website, all have a dark theme. There is also a short introduction by the editor, Michael Henrik Wynn.

Included in the collection are two stories by the Belgian Rosny brothers (writing under the pen name J.-H. Rosny), two gangster stories by the female pulp pioneer Margie Harris, a short story by the notorious occultist Aleister Crowley, a story by Tod Robbins, a ghost story by the Norwegian writer Rigmor Solem and a story written by the editor, Michael Henrik Wynn.

There is also a poetry section with some dark poems by various authors, including Robert E. Howard and the Japanese anarchist Okamoto Jun. There are some poems by unknown writers like Angel Uriel Perales and Joshua Kwesi Knowlife.


Utvalgte sider

Vanlige uttrykk og setninger

Om forfatteren (2020)

Michael Henrik Wynn (born, 1973) is a Norwegian writer and poet based in Norway. He is also the editor and the publisher of this book, and has written the short introduction, in addition to a short story and some poems.

Margie Harris was a female pioneering pulp writer in the gangster genre. The dates of her birth and death are unknown, but scholars estamate that she was 50 years old in 1930.

J.-H. Rosny is the pen name for two Belgian brothers: Joseph Henri Honoré Boex (1856–1940) and Séraphin Justin François Boex (1859–1948). They are perhaps best known today for their stories set in prehistory, but they were important writers in the history of French science fiction.

Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947) a notorious British occultist best known for his novel Moonchild.

Rigmor Solem is a Norwegian novelist, teacher and short story writer.

 Tod Robbins (1888 - 1949) was a best selling fiction writer from the early twentieth century.

Robert E. Howard (1906-1936) was a prolific American pulp writer and poet, best known for creating the character Conan the Barbarian.

Angel Uriel Perales is a poet based in Los Angeles

Joshua Kwesi Knowlife is a writer, poet and publiscist from Ghana.

Okamoto Jun was an influential Japanese poet and anarchist.

Amy Lowell was an imagist poet, and follower of Ezra Pound.

Stephen Vincent Benet was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and short story writer.

Alfred Lichtenstein (1889-1914) was a German WWI poet.

Isaac Rosenberg (1890–1918) was a WWI poet of Jeiwsh descent.

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