Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volum 85


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Side 315 - any married woman may carry on any trade or business, and perform any labor or services, on her sole and separate account, and the earnings of any married woman from her trade, business, labor, or services shall be her sole and separate property, and may be used and invested by her in her own name.
Side 609 - Therefore no misconception as to the character, fortune, health, or temper, however brought about, will support an allegation of fraud on which a dissolution of the marriage contract, when once executed, can be obtained in a court of justice. These are accidental qualities which do not constitute the essential and material elements on which the marriage relation rests.
Side 104 - In witness whereof, the Master of the said vessel hath affirmed to three Bills of Lading, all of this tenor and date, one of which being accomplished, the others to stand void.
Side 36 - The property, real and personal, which any woman in this state may own at the time of her marriage, and the rents, issues, profits or proceeds thereof, and any real, personal or mixed property which shall come to her by descent, devise or bequest, or the gift of any person except her husband, shall remain her sole and separate property, notwithstanding her marriage, and not be subject to the disposal of her husband or liable for his debts.
Side 129 - And any married woman may bring and maintain an action in her own name, for damages against any person or body corporate, for any injury to her person or character, the same as if she were sole...
Side 244 - Provided, that in actions where one of the original parties to the contract or cause of action in issue and on trial is dead...
Side 46 - The statute (How., § 8723,) of limitations provides that the following actions shall be commenced within six years next after the cause of action shall accrue, and not afterwards...
Side 129 - ... partners. To enter into a partnership in business with her husband would subject her property to his control in a manner hardly consistent with the separation which it is the purpose of the statute to secure, and might subject her to an indefinite liability for his engagements. The property invested in such an enterprise would cease to be her " sole and separate
Side 93 - ... of the wills of dead persons. The distinction in this respect is this; if they have jurisdiction, their sentence, as long as it stands unrepealed, shall avail in all other .places...
Side 391 - In case of any action founded upon a bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument, it shall be lawful for the Court or a Judge to order that the loss of such instrument shall not be set up, provided an indemnity is given, to the satisfaction of the Court or Judge, or a Master, against the claims of any other person upon such negotiable instrument.

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