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RENCES, continued.

EVCE. continued.
The Meath election—The Franco. Home-Missions and the Conference of
Prussian war-The Pope and the 1871...951
premier, 166-171

Hyte: Deaton, 466
The opening of Parliament: the Jersey, 466
Queen's speech-The Judicial Com. Jurenile Home and Foreign Vissi kary
mittee of Privy Couucil and Mr. Voy. Associations, progress of, 83
sey, 26 -263

Kingston, 952
The Judicial Committee of Privy Liverpool: Pitt-strett, 533
Conncil and Mr. Purchas: judgment on London: City-road: (hequer-alley,
ritua istic vestments The Frauco Prus- 273, 1138— Hoston, 274, 655
sian war : The cessation of hostilities, Highbury: Seven Sisters'-road, i 43

- Hackney, 179—Bethual. Green 370
The state of Paris-The pasliament- -Bow Common, 83, 405-Can-
ary report on the state of Westmeath-

ning-Town, 465, 1139--Greit Qeea
The excommunication of Dr. Döllioger, street: Prince-of-Wales'-rosd, 113)

Nantwoich: Crewe, 181, 1139
The Parisian commune—The May North Woolaich, 565, 1139
meetings of 1871-The Treaty of Norrich, 275, 660
Washington, 548–552

Petersfield, 179, 854, 1054
Fracce: Communism and the “In- Poole : Bournemouth, 1014
ternational,” 648

R41, 4 66
The conflict between capital and Saddleworth, 181
labour : the Newcastle strike, 930

St. Alban's : Watf rd, 371
The Alt-Catholics and the Papacy- Sandhurst, 83, 179
The “home rule” agitation in Ireland, Sheffield: Heeley, 276, 631

Southend, 853
Ireland : the educational demands of The Annual Fesleyan Home Vinica
the Roman Catholic bishops, 1129

ary Meeting, 1871. 565
Turnpikt-tolls, exemption from, a

Sundays, 85
Greenland, explorations in, 1000

Whitchurch: Ellesmere, 276, 659
Greenwich time, the telegraphic distri. Wilderness" work not done, 5th
bution of, 3:25

Williton, 276

Windsor : Chertsey, 53
Hawtrey, Captain John, notice of, 605

Zetland Islands: Lerwick, 467-
Herschel, Sir John, death of, noticed, 807

Dunrossness, 856– Walls, 84, 660_
North Roe, 468

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Hore Biblica. No. CV, Esekiel's ris-

sion, 50-CVI. “ The more sure word
of prophecy,” (2 Peter i 19,1 125–
CVII. The earthquake probably alladed
to in the forty-sixth psalm, 1076


Aberystwyth, 659
Ayr: Stewarton, 181, 1044–Giivan,

182, 953
Banff: Portessie, 372, 681, 855
Barnsley : 660
Brecon : Builth, 181
Building operatives, 370
Cambridge: Saffron-Walden, 658
Carlisle, 467, 953, 1140
Croydon, 372, 658, 1043
District-Meetings, annual: extracts from

Reports presented to the, 660
Durham, 855
Eastbourne, 275
Filey: Hurmanby, 466
Frome: Warminster, 180, 659, 952
Glasgow: Paisley-road, 634, 953
Guilford, 274 854—Godalming, etc.,

Haguerston and York - A contrast,


India, a corner of: Travancore and its

people, 144. See under MISSIONARY
Society, WESEYAN, and Religious

Ireland. See Protestant Episcons/

Church of Ireland, and under Glance

Italy. See under GLANCE AT PUBLIC


Lackington, Mr. James, police of, 603

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A Life's Labours in South Africa : the Gregory's Thorough Business Man :

Story of the Life-Work of Robert Memoirs of Walter Powell, Mer.
Moffat, 927

chant," 1124
Aids to Daily Meditation, 1123

Hall's Pilgrim Songs in Cloud and
Barker's “ Conversion of Sinners—the Sunshine," 67

grand Object of the Christian Minis. Hefele's" Ristory of Christian Councils,

to the Close of the Council of Nicæa,
Barnes's “ Evidences of Christianity in 851

the Nineteenth Century," 163-A Ilislop's “Two Babylons," 850
“ Memorial” of the late Albert Hudson's Transitory Life : Seven
Barnes, 1125

Lectures to Young Persons,” 65
Bishop's “Human Power in the Divine Huxley's “Lay Sermons, Addresses,

Lite; or, The Active Powers of the a d Reviews,” 65

Mind in Relation to Religion,'' 540 Ingham's Christian Baptism : its sub.
Blackley's “ The Promise of the Father jucts,” 356
waited for and Realized,” 547

Jobson's “Official Charge to Young
Brown's Tabernacle : its Priests and Ministers, on their Ordination to the
Services,” 1126

Christian Ministry," 165
Brure's “ Training of the Twelve,” 928 Johnstone's (James) “ Signs of the
Bush's “What to Preach, and How," Times, and Where are We?68

Johnstone's (Rev. Robert) “Lectures
Calrert and Tilliams's “ Missionary on the Epistle of James,” |(34
Labours among the Cannibals, with Keeling's (Rev. Isaac) “Sermons ;

An Acconat of the Islands and lo- Memorials of his Lise. Character, aud
habitants of Fiji,' 851

Correspondence," 928
Carpenter's “Symbolism,” 647

Kennedy's “ Four Lectures on the
Church's “Seed Truths; or, Bible Views Claims and Worship of Rome,”

of Mind, Morals, and Religion,” 848 929
Cooke's “ Earnest Minister: a Memoir Keshub Chunder Sen, Lectures and

of the Rev. Thomas Carlisle,” 852 Tracts by, 258
Cooper's “ Bridge of History over tl.e Kinloch's (Lord) “Readings in Holy

Gulf of Time: a Popular View of Writ,” 742
the Historical Evidence for the Langley's “Life on the Waves; or,
Truth of Christianity," 1123

Memorials of Captain George Leo-
Dale's Ten Commandments," 1120 pard,” 548
Darby's “ Notes on Romans,” 66

Lubbock's “ Origin of Civilization,
Delitzsch's Commentary on

the and the Primitive Condition of
Epistle to the Hebrews,” 64

Man,” 356
Does the Church of Rome sanction Lyth's “What shall we Read ? or, The

and inculcate the Worship of Oracle Consulted,” 68
Images ? 1035

Maclaren's " Pattern of Service,744
Doren's “Suggestive Commentary on M Combie's “Sermons and Lectures,"

St. Luke: with Critical and lloni. 356
letical Notes," 359

Macpherson's "" Life and Labours of
Foster's “New Cyclopædia of Illustra- Duncan Matheson, the Scottish

tions, adapted to Christian Teach- Evangelist,” 546
ing,” 68

Macready's (Catherine) * Devotional
Frame's “ Original Sin : an Essay on Lays," 163
the Fall," 456

Man's Lile Problems answered in
Freenan's “Solar lictions: A Free Christ,' 358

Inquiry into the received Astro- Medd's “ Practical Steps towards Home
nomical Doctrines and Popular Opin. Reunion," 929
ions concerning the Sun,” 259

Missionary Anecdotes, 68
Gardiner's “ Harmony of the Four Moister's “ History of Wesleyan Mis.

Gospels in Greek, according to the sions," 166——“Missionary Pioncers,"
T xt of Tischendorf,” etc., 925

Gillespie's “ Argument, à priori, for Oosterzee's " Theology of the New Tes-

the Being and the Attributes of the tament,” 63
Absolute One, and the First Cause Osborn's “The Holy Spirit: His Work
of All Things,” 645

and Mission," 165
Gledstone's “Life and Travels of Parker's Ad Clerum: Advice
George Whitefield, M.A.," 451

Young Preacher," 164

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LITERARY NOTICES, continued. Melancthon, Philip, and the R-formativa.

Pilkington's “Spiritu:] Garland,” 68 904, 905, 107, 10 8-a pem br, 97
Pope's “ Person of Christ,” 1117 Members in our Socirties, the returns fur
Present-Day Papers on Prominent 1870-71 of the number of, 879,951-
Questions in Theology, 253

'foot-notes" relative to the first de-
Pressensé's "Martyrs and A pologists," crease in, 881, 9S)

Memorials of a missionary's are: with
Prest's “ Witness of the Holy Spirit,” notes on our Ceylon mission, 47

Methodism and suburban places, 333
Primeval Man Unveiled; or, The

Anthropology of the Bible, 354 MISSIOVARY SOCIETY, WESLEY.LV.
Pulsford's “ Quiet Hours,'' 548

Africa, Southern: Cape of Good llope,
Randles's “For Ever: An Essay on 367—Bechuana, 462
Eternal Punishment,” 641

Africa, Western : Gambia, 176-Sierra
Reflections on Canticles, 257

Leone, 366
Reid's Things to Come, practically Annirersary of the Society. Anreal
considered," 1126

Meeting: abstract of the Report,
Rigg's “ Relations of John Wesley and 553 - speech of John Chabb. Esq.,

of Wesleyan Methodism to the (Chairman,) 559; Rev. Joba Farror,
Church of England, investigated aud President of the Conference, 6 l;
determined,” 1120

Rev. Thomas Jackson, 653; Rev.
Smeaton's “Doctrine of the Atoue- William Guard Price, 653; Alexander
ment," etc., 160

M'Arthur, Esq., 746; Rtv. James
Stanford's“ Power in Weakness," 68

Alexander Macdonald, 749; Rev. W.
Stroud's “Treatise on the Physical 0. Simpson, 748 ; Rev. Lewraa

Cause of the Death of Christ,” 456 Hall, 750 ; S. D. Waddy, Esq., 131;
The Christian Serrant, 852

Rev. Dr. Rigg, 751.
The Orations of Father Hyacinthe, Australasia, Westerr, 368

Ceylon, 1134
Threescore and Ten: A Memorial of China : Wuchang, 364-Harkos, 365
the late Albert Barnes, 1125

Contributions, 80, 176, 272, 309, 461,
Tranter's Nehemiah doing a great

560, 1136
Work," 67

India : Mysore, 174-Caletta, 751
Turner's “ The Promise of the Father : Indian Missions, Lord Lawrence oa, 17

Thoughts on the Mission of the IIoly Introduction to the Vistas y
Ghost, and its Relation to the State Notices," 174, 269

of the Church and the World,” 647 Naples, 176
Vince's “ Lights and Shadows in the Polynesia : Fiji, 1133
Life of King David,” 357

Portugal, 368
Wadsworth's Sermons,” 358

Rome, 176
Wardlaw's “ Leading Christian Evi- West Indies : Jamaica, 27'-Hoa-

dences, and the Principles on wbich duras, 46:

to estimate them,” 260
Watson's Theological lustitutes," 853 Receipts of the principal Firri, fs.
Wesley's (Revs. John and Coarles)

sionary Societies for 1870-1.1.3
“ Poetical Works," Vol. X., 252-

Vol. XI, 641-Vol. XII., 1127 Modern scepticism, 1097
Where dwellest Thou? or, The Inner
Home, 741

Napoleon III. See The fall of the goerd
Milliams's “Life of the R-v. Joseph French Empire, and upder GIANLE AT

Wood, with Extracts from his Diary.” Public O. CURRINC S.
453—“Exposition of the Epistle to New Testament rerision, 715
the Hebrews," 1031

Notes on language and ethnology, 217.
Wylie's “Inpending Crisis of the 305
Church and the World,” 1126

Olivers, Rev. Thomas, referred to, 319
Luther, Dr. Martin, his relation to the
German Reformation, 903-908

Pilmoor, Rev. Joseph, botice of, 419
Manchester and its Conferences, 636 POETRY
Marsh, Rev. Joseph, notie of, 693

Have faith in God," by John Caspar
Darwoll, Lady Darcy, a letter of, to Mrs. Lava er, 7 + 3
Pawson, 696

"Jesus rept," by William Leihton, 463

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POETRY, continuerl.
Let us now go even uito Bethle-

hem," 268
Lost friends : a memory at a ferry,

by J. L. Uhland, 1.40
One thing have I desired of the
Lord,by Catherine F. B. Macready,

The angels, by Philip Melancthon, 932
The desire of heaven, 1132
The holy innocents, 651
The upper and nether springs, by Rev.

Charles Wesley, 364
This same Jesus,by Newman Hall,

Till He come,” 552
To Jesus, the Fountain of love,269

Popery. See under GLANCE AT PUBLIC


Preaching and prrachers : I. Preaching

a Divine institution, 117–11. The
requisites of preaching, 211, 3:0—111.
Modes of preaching, 403-IV. The
objects of preaching, 586 –V. Dero-

tional and pastoral action, 784
Protestant Episcopal Church of Ireland,

reconstruction of the, 135, 237, 3314

the first general synod of the, 596
Punshon, Rev. W. M., visit of, as repre.

sentative of the Canadian Conference,
referred to, 832


RAL, continued.
Döllinger, Dr., and Papal infallibility,

Address, Annual, of the Conference to

the Methodisi Societies, 833
Wesleyan Conferences of 1870: Irish,

827; British, 830-Stations of the
ministers and preachers on trial in
Great Britain, 813; in Ireland, 933;
on the Irish Missions, 935 ; on the
Foreign Missions, 936-obituary of
Wesleyan ministers in Great Britain,
837, 940 : in Ireland, 945 ; in the
Foreign Missions, 948


America, the late Popish riots in, 862
Bararia: government rebuke of the

Ultramontane episcopate, 1046
Bohemia, progress of evan, clical effort


473-address of sympathy to, from
the professors of the University of

Rome, 571-position of, 857
Germany, Southern, religious instruc-

tion among the Jews of, ):49–
manifesto of the old Catholics,”

Indiu, progress of Christianity in, 1748
Ireland, Irish Roman Catholics and the

system of varional education in, 376
- the right of a Protestant father

in, 469
Italy : the government, the Jesuits, and

education, 88-the clerical party and
the elective franchise : abstention of
electors, 1. 45
Rome, the Jews in, 88– French

Canadians leaving the Church
of, 183-A Waldeusian pastor
preaching in, 184-circulation

of the Scriptures in, 18+
Jesuits, statistics of the, 571
Lord s-Day Rest Association, annual

m-eting of the, 953
Madagascar, the abandonment of the

proposed bishopric of, 373
Metropolis, theatre-services in the, 378
Merico, progress of the Gospel in. 182
Missionary societies and their" fields,"

O.rford, scepticism at, 666
Popery, State pay to, in New York, 571
Proceedings against an Ultramontane

bishop, 1048
Ritualism, the growth of, 86
Romanism, statistics of, in Great Britain,

Rome. See under Italy
Russia, the persecution of Protestants

in, 377– religious persecution in the

Baltic provinces, 839
Russian persecution of Lutherans, 277
Schulte, Dr., work on “ The Power of

the Roman Popes,” 571
Strossmayer, Bishop, and the dogma of

infallibility, 856
Sunday schools on the Continent, 281
The Christian Evidence Society, first

pubic meeting of, 662
The English" Catholics " and the Pope,

The Munich school and the future,

The Pope's new encyclical : repudiation

of the proposed Papal guarantees,

The Religions Tract Society, annual

meeting of the, 569
The week of prayer" for January

7-i41h, 1872...1140

in, 185
Brahmoism and Christian Missions, 279
British and Foreign Bible Society,

annual meeting of the, 566
China, effects of the trade in opinm in,

470- Christianity in, 571-she re-
cent anti-missionary circular of the

government in, 954
Convents and monasteries, 861


Reminiscences of Methodism in Ereter, | The Prayers of St. Paul: Prayers for
229, 317, 418, 521, 602, 698

entire sanctification, 18; the abonnding
Reriers. See Augustine, Dorner, French of cherity, 19; entire sanctification,

medianal romances, India, Modern 199; the good pleasure of goodness,
scepticism, Sarage life and customs, 397 ; everlasting consolation, 487; Jove
Schmid, The secularist erangel, Spur. and patience, 583 ; peare from the Lord
geon, The Descent of Man,THE of peace, 683; restoration to corporate

PULPIT, “ The Problem of perseetness, 969
Eril,The spurious gospels, The unity | The primeral name of God: The name

of truth, Wesley, and Williimson, 11.7not derived, but primitive, 796;
Rutualism. See under GLANCE AT PUB- from the creation to the delnge, 797;

LIC OCCURRENCES, and RELIGIOUS from Noah to Abraham, 800; from

Abraham to Jacob, 804; from Jacob to
Roman civilians and military officers, 729 Moses, 888; the nane was not to be

profaned, 890; use of the name by
Saunderson, Hngh, notice of, 418-420 the Hebrews, 892 ; modern innovation,
Sarage life and customs, 607

Schmid'sBiblical Theology of the Nero

The Problem of Eril,493
Testament,'' 433

The progress of Science: meeting of the
Spurgpon (rev. C. H.) on Calvinism, British Association, 1871: Sir John
Arminianism, and Wesleyanism, 703

Herschel and De Morgan, 807; the

observatory at Kex, 808 ; physical

laboratories, 8/8; terrestrial magnet.

ism, 809; Newton's discovery, 810;
Hore Biblicæ, New Testament reri-
sion, The Prayers of St. Paul, and The

spectrum analysis, 811; applications of
primeral name of God.

spectrum analysis to chemistry and
Genesis ii. 1


astronomy, 812 ; heat, light, and

motions of the universe, 895 ; how did
Judges i. 15


life originate ? 896; the origin of
Psalm xxvii. 4

Isaiah xxiv. 11-13

species, 897

Isaiah liii, 2

The religion of the poets: Henry Kirke

Matthew xv. 14-30...

White, 147

Luke xxiii, 34

The secularist erangel, 245

John si, 35

The spurious gospels, 34

John xiv. 17

The sustentation of the ministry, 872

The unity of truth: Professor Huxley's
Acts xxi, 16

Acts xxv. 23

"Lay Sermons," 222

The voice from hearen: believers,
1 Corinthians xi. 26

2 Corinthiars ii. 16

doub'ers, and disbelievers. I. Re-

lievers, 5(6-11. Doubters, 630-]II.
Philippians iv. 8


Disbelievers, 737
Hebrews i. 1-3...

Hebrews i, 8

The Wesleyan Hymn-Book illustrated,

Hebrews v. 12

912, 1015, 1086

Tholuck, Dr., professorial jubilee of,
Hebrews vi. 4-6


at Halle, 414
Hebrews xi. 1


Thomas, Mr., of St. Sidwell's, notices of,
Hebrews xi. 13


524, 701
James i. J2..
James i. 27

Thomas, Rev. Elias, short account of, 607

James jü. 17

Thoughts for the new year, 3

The burial of early Roman Christians, Cardinals and Popes, 267

Music and morals, 263
The Descent of Man,” 534

The English conquest of Britain, 74
The fall of the second French Empire, The venerable Bede, 264

248, 350
Tre Modern Pulpit : III. Dr. Caird's Walmsley, Rev. John, referred to, 523,

sermon before the University of Glas- 526
gow, 311-1V. Dale's “ Jewish Temple l'esley, Rev. Charles, his personal appoppe
and the Christian Church," 441

anre and menner described, 233-
The Paris " Commune :” I. Origin, 9/8 referred to, 230, 232, 317, 1010-Sre

- 11. History, 1011-11I. The strug- The W'Pslryan Hymn. Book illustrated,
gle, 1103



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