Abstracts of Massachusetts School Returns


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Side 222 - For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.
Side 2 - There is one other consideration to which the committee ask the serious attention of the board. It is this: By the regulations of the school committee it is provided that in all the public schools the day shall open with becoming exercises of devotion. How naturally and how beautifully vocal music would mingle with these exercises; and what unity, harmony and meaning might thus be given to that which, at present, it is feared, is too often found to be a lifeless or an unfruitful service, need only...
Side 2 - This reflection, in its application to the purposes of instruction, contains deep wisdom. An alternation is needed in our schools, which without being idleness shall yet give rest. Vocal music seems exactly fitted to afford that alternation. A recreation, yet not a dissipation of the mind — a respite, yet not a relaxation — - its office would thus be to restore the jaded energies, and send back the scholars with invigorated powers to other more laborious duties. There is one other consideration...
Side 255 - It shall be the duty of the resident ministers of the gospel, the selectmen, and the school committees, in the several towns, to exert their influence, and use their best endeavors, that the youth of their towns shall regularly attend the schools established for their instruction.
Side 2 - And in regarding the effect of vocal music, as a branch of popular instruction in our schools, there are some practical considerations which in the opinion of your committee are deserving of particular attention. Good reading, we all know, is an important object in the present system of instruction in our schools. And on what does it depend? Apart from emphasis, on two things mainly, modulation and articulation. Now modulation comes from the vowel sounds, and articulation from the consonant sounds...
Side 131 - In the contemplation of the law, the school committee are sentinels stationed at the door of every schoolhouse in the State to see that no teacher ever crosses its threshold who is not clothed, from the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, in garments of virtue...
Side vi - Schools in their respective towns, designating particular improvements and defects in the methods or means of education, and stating such facts and suggestions in relation thereto, as in their opinion will best promote the interests and increase the usefulness of said schools...
Side 18 - Napoleon said one day to Madame Campan : ' The old systems of instruction are worth nothing. What is wanting, in order that the youth of France be well educated?
Side 303 - Amount of money raised by taxes for the support of Schools, including only the wages of Teachers, board and i'uel, Amount of board and fuel contributed for Public Schools, No.
Side 193 - LOCATION. 1st District 2d District 3d District 4th District 5th District 6th District 7th District 8th District 9th District 10th District...

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