129 ANDERSON'S (C.) Annals of the English Bible, from A.d. 1525 to 1848, with Memoirs of Tyndale and his Contemporaries and Successors, a copious History of the various translations and editions, portrait and facsimiles, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 18s. 6d. (pub. £1. 16s.)

Pickering, 1845

130 ANDREWS' (H. C.) Coloured EnGravings of Heaths, taken from living plants, with the appropriate specific character, full description, nature, place of growth, and time of flowering of each, in Latin and English, containing upwards of 200 beautifully coloured plates, with magnified dissections of the various parts, 3 vols, royal folio, hf. green morocco, edges uncut, £5. 5s. 1802-9

%• An original subscriber's copy, coloured by the author himself, or under his immediate super- . intendence.

131 ANDREWS' Figures of Heaths, with scientific descriptions, second improved edition, 6 vols, royal 8vo. with 300 beautifully coloured plates, finished equal to drawings, extra cloth, £4. 10s. (pub. £15.) 1845

132 ANDREWS' (J. P.) History of Great Britain, connected with the Chronology of Europe, with Anecdotes of the Times, Lives of the Learned, and Specimens of their Works, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. russia gilt, marbled leaves, 10s. 6d. 1794-5

*' The notes to this valuable historical work contain a great variety of curious and amusing particulars."—Loumdet.

133 ANDREWS' (James) Art of Flower Painting, with directions for preparing the tints, and examples of each subject in various stages, drawn and coloured from nature, 24 plates, oblong impl. 8vo. cloth, 8s. 6d. (pub. 16s.) 1857

134 ANDREWS' (A.) History of British Journalism, from the foundation of the Newspaper Press in England to the Repeal of the Stamp Act in 1855, with Sketches of Press Celebrities, 2 vols, post 8vo. newcloth, 7s. 6d. (pub. £1. Is.) 1859

\m The most complete and authentic History of British Journalism yet published.

135 ANDREWS' (Thos.) Cyclopaedia of Domestic Medicine and Surgery, being an Alphabetical Account of the Various Diseases incident to the Human Frame, with directions for their Treatment, plates, royal 8vo. hf. calf neat, 10s. 1856

136 ANDREWS' (W. E.) Review of Fox's Book Op Martyrs, snowing the Inaccuracies, Falsehoods, and Misrepresentations in that Work of Deceptions, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 4s. 6d. 1853

137 ANDREWES' (Bp.) Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine at large, or a Learned and Pious Exposition of the Ten Commandments, folio, calf neat, 8s. 6d. 1675

138 ANECDOTES of Henry IV. King of France, shewing his encouragement to Literature, with Letters never before published, 12mo. hf. calf gilt, 3s. 1787

139 ANECDOTES — The Tell-Tale, or Anecdotes expressive of the Characters of Persons eminent for Rank, Learning-, Wit, Humour, 2 vols. 18mo. calf, 4s. scarce. 1787

141 ANECDOTES of Henry IV. of France, containing Sublime Traits and Lively Sallies of Wit, translated from the French, 2 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 4s. n. d.

142 ANECDOTES —Andrews' (j. P.) Anecdotes, &c, Ancient and Modern, new edition, frontispiece, 8vo. bds. uncut, 3s. 6d. 1790

143 ANECDOTES of the Life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and of the principal events of his times, with his Speeches from the year 1736 to 1778, 3 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, 6s. 6d. 1793

144 ANECDOTES—Historical Anecdotes of Heraldry and Chivalry, tending to show the Origin of many English and Foreign Coats of Arms, Circumstances, and Customs, plates, 4to. old calf gilt, 8s. 6d. Worcester, 1795

145 ANECDOTES—Naval Anecdotes, illustrating the Character of British Seamen, recording the most impressive examples of their Skill, Valour, Fortitude, and Magnanimity, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s. 1806

146 ANECDOTES—The Gentleman's Miscellany, consisting of Essays, Characters, Narratives, Anecdotes, &c. 12mo. bdt. 2s. 6d. 1795

147 ANECDOTES—Biographical Anecdotes of the Founders of the French Republic, folding frontispiece, post 8vo. hf. bd. 2s. 6d.' 1797

148 ANECDOTES (hitherto unpublished) of the Private Life of Peter the Great, 12mo. neat, 2s. 6d. 1813

149 ANECDOTES—A Dictionary of Anecdotes, chiefly Historical, and illustrative of Characters and Events Ancient and Modern, 2 vols, post 8vo. calf, 5s. 6d. scarce. 1816

150 ANECDOTES—Historical Anecdotes of the Howard Family, by the Hon. C. Howard, Tenth Duke of Norfolk, post 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 6s. 6d. 1817

151 ANECDOTES of the Court and Family of Napoleon Bonaparte, translated from the French, 8vo. hf. calf, 3s. 6d. 1818

152 ANECDOTES—Religious, Moral, and Entertaining, Alphabetically arranged, and interspersed with a variety of useful observations, selected by the Rev. C. Buck, 3 vols, post 8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. 1821

153 ANECDOTES—Westminster Hall, or Professional Relics and Anecdotes of the Bar, Bench, and Woolsack, portraits and vignettes, 3 vols. 12mo. bds. 6s. 6d. 1825

154 ANECDOTES of Monkeys, a satire on celebrated characters of the period, in an apology to the Travellers' Club, post 8vo. hf. morocco uncut, 3s. scarce.


155 ANECDOTES—Ryan's (R.) Poetry and Poets, being a collection of the Choicest Anecdotes relative to the Poets of every Age and Nation, plates, 3 vols. 12mo. bds. 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 4s.) 1826

156 ANECDOTES of the English Lan guage, chiefly regarding the Local Dialect of London and its environs, whence it will appear that the Natives of the Metropolis and its vicinities have not corrupted the Language of their Ancestors, Dy Samuel Pegge, F.S.A. edited by the Rev. Henry Christmas, 8vo. bds. 6s. 6d. (pub. 12s.) 1844

157 ANECDOTES—Calendrier Recreatif, ou choix Anecdotes curieuses et Bons Mots, 18mo. 2s. Amst. n. d.

158 AN EPISTLE to W m, E—1 of

M f d, the most Unpopular Man

in the Kingdom, except His and

L—d B , 4to. sewed, 2s. 1778

159 AN ESSAY on Laughter, wherein are displayed its Natural and Moral Causes, •with the Arts of exciting it, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 1769

160 AN ESSAY towards the Theory of the Intelligible World intuitively considered, consisting of a Preface, a Postscript, and a little something between, by Gabriel John, sm. 8vo. calf, 10s. 6d. scarce.

Printed in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred &c. \* Dr. Ferrier mentions this whimsical book towards the end of the 2nd chapter of his Illustrations of Sterne, who is supposed to have got from this work the idea of his marbled passes.

161 AN ESSAY towards a collection of Books relating to Proverbs, Emblems, Apophthegms, Epitaphs, and Ana, being a Catalogue of those at Keir, edited by "William Stirling, Esq. illuminated title and plate of the Library at Keir, 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, £1. 4s.

Privately Printed, 1860 •#* Only a very few copies struck off.

162 AN ESSAY On The Art Of InGeniously Tormenting, with proper rules for the exercising of that Amusing Study, frontispiece, 12mo. hf. russia, 2s.


163 A NEW LIGHT OF ALCHYMIE, taken out of the Fountaine of Nature, and Manuall Experience, to which is added a Treatise of Sulphur, by Michell Sandivogius, also nine books of the Nature of Things, by Paracelsus, translated out of the Latin into the English tongue by J. F. M.D. 4to. old binding, 15s. Very Scarce. 1650

164 ANGAS' (G. F.) Ramble in Malta and Sicily in the Autumn of 1841, numerous plates, impl. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. 1842

165 ANGLING, the London Angler's Book, or Waltonian Chronicle, containing amusing Songs and Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing, frontispiece, 12mo. hf. calf, 3s.


166 ANGLING—Salter's Angler's Guide, a Practical Treatise on the Art of Angling for Sea, River, and Pond Fish, also a Treatise on Trolling, woodcuts, 12mo. boards, 3s. (pub. 7s.) 1823

167 ANGLER in Ireland (The) or an Englishman's Ramble through Connaught and Minister, during the Summer of 1833, map and plates, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. (pub. £1. Is.) 1834

168 ANGLER (The) in Wales, or Days and Nights of Sportsmen, by Thomas Medwin, engravings, 2 vols. 8vo. bds 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. 8s.) 1834

169 ANGLO-SAXON—Boswokth's (Dr.) Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, with the Large Preface on the Origin and Connexion of the Germanic Tongues, map of languages, thick royal 8vo. half calf £2.5s. Scarce. 1838

170 ANGLO-SAXON — Analecta AngloSaxonica, a Selection in Prose and Verse, from Anglo-Saxon Authors of various Ages, with a Glossary, by Benjamin Thorpe, post 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. 1846

171 ANGLO-SAXON-lNQRAM's(Rev.J.) Saxon Chronicle, with an English Translation and Notes, Critical and Explanatory, with Chronological, Topographical, and Glossarial Indices, a short Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language, map of England during the Heptarchy, plates of coins, S;c. 4to. calf extra, marbled leaves, fine copy, £3. 3s. Scarce. 1823

172 ANGLO-SAXON — Rask's Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, with a praxis, translated from the Danish by Thorpe, 8vo. bds. 8s. 6d. Copenhagen, 1830

173 ANGLO-SAXON — King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Version of Bccihius de Consolatione Philosophiee, with an English Translation, and Notes by J. S. Carsdale, 8vo. cloth, 18s. scarce. Pickering, 1829

174 ANGLO-SAXON — Somneri (Gul.) Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum Lexico, 8vo. old calf neat, 8s. 6d. Oxoniat, 1701

175 ANGLO-SAXON—The Gospel of St. Matthew in Anglo-Saxon, and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged, with collations of the best Manuscripts, edited for the Sydics of the University Press, 4to. cloth, 6s. 6d. Cambridge, 1858

176 ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Holy Gospels, edited from the Original MS.S. by Benjamin Thorpe, post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. 1842

177 ANTONINUS (Emperor Marcus Aurelius) The Meditations of, translated from the Greek, with Notes, and an Account of his Life, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, 3s. (id.

Foulis, 1749

178 AN IMPARTIAL History of the Plots and Conspiracies, against the Life of His Sacred Majesty King William III. with curious Remarks on God's wonderful Providence in defeating their wicked Designs, 12mo. old binding, 3s. 1696

179 ANTIQUITIES Inedites de l'Attique, contenant les Restes d'Architecture d'Eleusis de Rhamnus, de Sunium et de Thoricus, par la Sociiste des Dilletanti, traduit de l'Anglais, augmente de Notes et de plusieurs Dessins par J. J. Hittorf, numerous plates, folio, bds. £1. 8s.

Paris, 1832

180 ANTROBUS (B.) Buds and Blossoms of Piety, with some Fruit of the Spirit of Love, and Directions to the Divine Wisdom, In Verse, sm. 8vo. old binding, 6s. 6d. Scarce. 1691

181 A PAIRE OF SPECTACLES for the Citie, sm. 4to. calf neat, 7s. 6d. Scarce.

Printed in the year 1648

182 A PARALLEL of the Doctrine of the Pagans with the Doctrine of the Jesuits, and that of the constitution Unigenitus issued by Pope Clement XI. translated from the French by S. Whatley, 8vo. calf, 6s. Scarce. 1726

The Author was the Abb6 de la Berthier, who in consequence became a prisoner in the Bastile. The original was suppressed in France.

183 A PROPHECY OF PERILLOUS TIMES—WiLLES (T.) A Word in Season for a Warning to England, or a Prophecy of Perillous Times opened and apply'd, frontispiece, 8vo. calf neat, 7s. 6d. Scarce. 1659

184 APULEIUS' Metamorphoses translated from the Latin by Sir G. Head, post 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. (pub. 12s.) 1851

185 ARABIAN NIGHTS' Entertainment, or the Thousand and One Nights, accurately describing the Manners, Customs, Laws, and Religion of the Eastern Nations, translated from the French of M. Galland, by G. S. Beaumont,plates, 4 vols. post 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £1. Is. 1811

186 ARABIAN NIGHTS' Entertainments (The) consisting of a Thousand and One Stories, told by the Sultaness of the Indies, 2 vols. 8vo. calf neat, 3s. 1813

187 ARABIAN NIGHTS' EntertainMents, a new Translation, with copious Notes by Lane, illustrated with upwards of 1000 beautiful engravings on wood, from original designs by Harvey, 3 vols, impl. 8vo. hf morocco, marbled edges, £3. 3s. Knight, 1841

188 ARAGO'S Narrative of a Voyage round the World in the "Uranie" and "Physicienne" Corvettes during the years 1817, 18, 19, and 1820, with 26 engravings, 4to. calf gilt, 9s. 6d. 1823

189 ARBITRARY Government Displayed to the Life, in the Tyrannic Usurpation of a Junto of Men called the Rump Parliament, curious plates, 12mo. hf calf, 3s.. (a few leaves damaged). 1682

190 ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL, complete from the commencement in 1845 to 1858, illustrated' with many hundred engravings, some coloured, 15 vols. 8vo. in the original cloth, £6. 6s. Another copy, 15 vols. hf. green morocco, uncut, gilt tops, £7.17s. 6d.


191 ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION —Proceedings at the General Meeting held at Canterbury, Sept. 1844, edited by A. J. Dunkin, 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. 1845

192 ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE— Proceedings at the Annual Meeting at Winchester in 1845, with numerous woodcuts illustrative of the city and neighbourhood, 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. 1846

193 ARCHERY — Hastings' (Thomas) British Archer, or Tracts on Archeiy (extracted from rare and expensive publications) with a Glossary of Terms used in Archery, numerous plates, sm. 4to. hf. calf gilt, 8s. 6d. Isle of Wight, 1831

194 ARCHITECTURAL Notices of the Churches of the Archdeaconry of Northampton, illustrated with numerous beautifully executed engravings on steel and wood, impl. 8vo. cloth, 18s. 6d. (pub. £1. 15s.). 1849

195 ARCHITECTURE—A Series of Executed Examples of Ecclesiastical and Domestic Structures from the designs of modern artists, with 26 plates, royal 4to. cloth, 12s. 1868

196 ARCHITECTURE—Plans and Elevations of Cottages for Agricultural Labourers, designed and executed on the Duke of Bedford's Bedfordshire Estate, with Bills of Quantities of materials required in their construction, folding plates, sm. 4to. cloth, 9s. Second edition, 1860

197 ANNESLEY'S Sketches of the most prevalent Diseases of India, Statistical and Topographical Reports of the Diseases in the different Divisions of the Army under the Madras Presidency, &c. &c. coloured plates, 8vo. bds. 10s. 6d. Scarce. 1825

198 ANNIVERSARY Calendar (The) Natal Book and Universal Mirror, embracing Anniversaries of Persons, Events, Institutions, and Festivals, of all Denominations, &c. from the Creation to the present age, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d,


199 ANNUAL REGISTER (dodsley's), or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature of England, from its commencement in 1758 to 1836, 80 vols. 8vo. Boards Uncut, £6. 6s. 1758-1836

'200 AN ORDINANCE and Declaration of the Lords and Commons for the Assessing of all such as have not contributed, upon the propositions of both Houses, for the raising of Money, Plate, Horse, Horsemen, and Armes, for the Defence of the King, sm. 4to. hf. calf, 4s. 6d. 1642

201 ANSON'S (Adml. Lord George) Life by Sir Jno. Barrow, portrait, 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 14s.) 1839

.202 ANSTEY'S (J.) Poetical "Works, with some account of the Life and Writings of the Author, portrait, 4to. hf. calf, 14s.


203 ANSTEY'S (C.) Familiar Epistle to C. W. Bamfylde, Esq. translated and addressed to the Ladies, 4to. sewed, 2s. 6d. 1777

204 ANSTICE'S (S.) Selections from the Choric Poetry of the Greek Dramatic Writers, translated into English Verse, post 8vo. calf gilt, 5s. " 1832

'205 ANTAR, a Bedoueen Romance, translated from the Arabic by Terrick Hamilton, Esq. 4 vols. 8vo. bds. 10s. 6d. (pub. £1. 16s.) 1820

"The curious romance of Antar, the most

vivid and authentic picture of Arabian manners."


206 ANTHEMS—A Collection of Anthems by eminent English Composers, edited by the Rev.W.H. Cope, 4to. bds. 5s. 6d. 1849

207 ANTHOLOGIA She Florilegium Epigrammatum Graecorum eorumque Latino Versu a variis reditorum (cura T. Farnabii) plate of the sphere perfect (with MS. Index, by Archdeacon Nares) 12mo. calf, 5s. scarce. F. Kyngstonus, 1629

208 ANTI-GALLICAN (The) or the History and Adventures of Henry Cobham, Esq. inscribed to Louis XV. by the Author, 12mo. old calf, 3s. 1757

209 ANTIGUA and the Antiguans, a full account of the Colony and its inhabitants, from the time of the Caribs to the present day, interspersed with Anecdotes and Legends, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. 1844

210 ANTIQUE GEMS, their Origin, Uses, and Value as Interpreters. of Ancient History, and as illustrative of Ancient Art, with Hints to Gem Collectors, by the Rev. C. W. King, profusely illustrated with plates and woodcuts, thick volume royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 10s. (pub. £2. 2s. Murray, 1860

211 ANTIQUARIAN REPERTORY, by Geose, Astle, and other eminent Antiquaries, illustrated with upwards o_^200 fine and scarce portraits and engravings, 4 vols, royal 4to. bds. £2. 10s. Best Edition. 1807

212 ANTIQUARIAN and Topographical Cabinet, a series of elegant Views of the most interesting Objects of Curiosity in Great Britain,500 beautiful engravings by Storer and Grcig, Pine Impressions, 10 vols. l2mo. calf, very neat,£ 1.8s. 1807-11

213 ANTIQUARIAN and Topographical Cabinet (The) containing a series of elegant Views of the most interesting objects of Curiosity in Great Britain, 600 beautiful engravings by Storer, Greig, S^c. 6 vols, royal 8vo. hf. morocco, uncut, £1. 10s. *' 1817

214 ANTIQUARIAN ITINERARY, Specimens of Architecture, Monastic, Castellated, and Domestic, in Great Britain, nearly 350 beautiful engravings by Storer, Early Impressions, 7 vols. 12mo. calf, very neat, £1. Is. 1815-18

215 ARCHITECTURE— Vulliamy'* Examples of Ornamental Sculpture in Architecture, drawn from the originals of Bronze, Marble, and Terra Cotta in Greece, Asia Minor, and Italy, 40 plates engraved by IT. Moses, royal folio, new hf. morocco, uncut, £1. 15s. (pub. £3. in bds.) 1823

216 ARCTIC DISCOVERIES — Back's (Capt.) Narrative of Arctic Land Expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean in the years 1833, 34, 35, 1 vol. 1836—Narrative of an Expedition in H.M.S. Terror, with a view to Geographical Discovery on the Arctic Shores, 1836-37, 1 vol. 1838, together 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated with maps and numerous plates, beautifully engraved by Finden, new hf. calf gilt, 18s. 6d. (pub. £2. lis.)


217 ARCTIC EXPEDITION—The Search for Sir John Franklin, a Lecture by C. R. Weld, map, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 1851

218 A RELATION of the Defeating Cardinal Mazarine and Oliver Cromwell's Design to have taken Ostend by Treachery in the year 1658,12mo. neat, 4s. 6d. scarce.

In the Year of the Great Fire, 1666

219 ARIOSTO Orlando Furioso, Well Printed Library Edition, 5 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 18s. 6d. Milano, 1812

220 ARISTJENETUS' Love Epistles, translated by R. B. Sheridan and N. B. Halhead, 1771—Amhurst's (N.) Terra> Filius, or the Secret History of the UniTersity of Oxford, third edition, 1754, in 1 vol. 12mo. hf. calf, 4s. 6d. 1754-71

221 ARISTOPHANIS COMfEDLE, recensuit el annotatione Siglesque Metricis in Margine, Scriptus instruxit Fr. Hen. Bothe, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 10s. 6d.

Lipsice, 1845

222 ARISTOPHANES' Clouds, Gr. with English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, by T. Mitchell, 8vo. bds. 4s. 6d. (pub. 10s.)


223 ARISTOTELIS OPERA OMNIA, Gr. et Lat. edidit Buhle, 5 vols. Biponti, 1791—Aristotelis Politica et OSconomica ex editione, Fr. Sylburghe cum Versione Lat. Dion. Lambini et Synopii analytica, Gul. Du Vallii, 1 vol. Oxonii, 1810—Aristotelis Ethicorum Dibri Decern, codicum M.S.S. Collatione recogniti et notes illustravit, A. Gul. Wilkinson, 1 vol. Oxonii, 1809, together 7 vols, calf, neat marbled leaves, 15s. Biponti et Oxonii 1791-1810

224 ARISTOTLE'S Organon or Logical Treatises, with the introduction of Porphyry, literally Translated with Notes by Owen, 2 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d.


225 ARISTOTLE on the Vital Principle, Translated from the Original Text, with Notes, by C. Collier, M.D. post 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 8s. 6d.) 1855

226 ARMES (Les) et Blasons des Chevaliers de l'Ordre du Saint Esprit, creez par Loys XIII. Roy de France et Navarre, par Jaques Morin, Sieur dc la Masserie, engraved title and 78 shields, neatly finished, folio, handsomely bd. calf extra, antique style, dead gold leaves, by Riviere, £1. Is. Paris, 1623

227 ARMSTRONG'S (J. R. E.) History of the Island of Minorca, map and plates, 8vo. old calf, 2s. 1752

228 ARMSTRONG (Bishop) Memoir of,, by the Rev. T. T. Carter, with Introduction by Samuel Wilberforce, portrait, 12mo. hf. calf gilt, 4s. 6d. Oxford, 1858

229 ARNO MISCELLANY (The) a Collection of fugitive pieces by a Society called the Oziosi, 8vo. hf. calf, 5s. scarce.

Privately printed, Florence, 1784

230 ARNOLD'S (Dr. Thomas) Histort Op Rome, from the early History to the end of the Second Punic War, 3 vols.— History of the later Roman Commonwealth from the end of the Second PunicWar to the Death of Julius Cscsar, 2 vols, together 5 vols.8vo. very clean copy in cloth, £2.10s. (pub. £3. 16s.) 1848-49"

231 ARNOLD'S (Dr. T.) Life and Correspondence, by Stanley, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 14s. (pub. £1. 4s.) 1845

232 ARNOLD'S (Dr. Thos.) Life and Correspondence, by Stanley, portrait, 8vo. cloth, 12s. 1846

233 ARNOTT'S (Dr.) Elements of Physics, or Natural Philosophy, General and Medical, Best Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 18s. Scarce. 1833

234 ARROWSMITH'S Geographical Dictionary of the Holy Scriptures, with Notices of the Chief Places and People mentioned in the Apocrypha, 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 10s. 6d.)" 1855

235 ART UNION JOURNAL, from its commmencement in 1839 to 1859 inclusive, containing the whole of the Vernon Gallery, 21 vols, in 17, royal 4to. hf. morocco gilt, gilt edges, Fine Set, £18. 18s. (pub. £33. unbd.) 1839-59

\* 8et» of this most beautifully illustrated work are difficult to be procured, as the early volumes are Very Scarce.

The "Art-Union " has obtained the confidence of the artists generally, secured a considerable portion of public patronage, and been recommended universally by the press as "ably and impartially conducted," as •' admirably calculated to advance the objects of artists, and increase the growing taste for works of art," and as "at once establishing, by the excellence of its arrangements, the variety and interest of its intelligence, and the tone of Its opinions, the highest claims upon the support of all lovers of art.

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