on m883 MEMOIRS of the Marquis de Feu-13892 MEMOIRS of Prince Eugene of Sur . quieres, being an account of all the Wars Savoy, written by himself, containing all

in Europe from the year 1672 to 1710, those passages which have been supwith a curious relation of the Siegés pressed by order of the French Governundertaken and the Battles fought dur. ment, translated by F. Shoberl, portrait, ing that period, also the Characters, 8vo. hf. bd. neat, 2s.

1811 Enterprises, and Military Conduct of all 3893 MEMOIRS of the Marchioness de the Generals, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf, 3s. 60. Larochejaquelein, translated from the

1737 French, with a map of the Theatre of 3884 MEMOIRS of Robert Carey, Earl | War in La Vendée, 8vo. bds. 3s. (pub.

of Monmouth, written by himself 12s.)
NAUNTON'S (Sir R.) Fragmenta Regalia, 3894 MEMOIRS of an unfortunate Son of
being a History of Queen Elizabeth's Thespis, being a Sketch of the Life of
Favourites, in 1 vol. 8vo., calf gilt, Edward Cape Everard, Comedian, 23
4s. 6d.

1808 years of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 3885 MEMOIRS of a Protestant con and Pupil of David Garrick, 12mo. demned to the Galleys of France for

3s. 6d.

1818 his Religion, interspersed with Anec

3895 MEMOIRS of a Young Greek Lady, dotes, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. calf, 3s. 6d.

or Madame Pauline Adelaide Alexandre

1765 Panam versus His Most Serene Highness 3886 MEMOIRS of the Year Two Thou the Reigning Prince of Saxe-Cobourg,

sand Five Hundred, translated from the portrait, post Svo. hf. calf gilt, 4s. 6d. French by Dr. W. Hooper (a curious

1823 book) 2 vols. 12mo. hf. calf, antique

| 3896 MEMOIRS of Henry the Great, and style, 5s. 60.

1772 of the Court of France during his Reign, 3887 MEMOIRS of Khojeh Abdulkurrum,

portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 8s. 60. a Cashmeerian of Distinction, translated

(pub. £1. 4s.)

1824 from the Original Persian by F. Glad.

3897 MEMOIRS of the Lives and Characwin, 8vo. calf, 3s. Calcutta, 1788

ters of the Right Hon. George Baillie, of

Jerviswood, and of Lady Grisell Baillie, 3888 MEMOIRS of the Hon. Col. Andrew

by their daughter, Lady Murray, of StanNewport, a Shropshire Gentleman, who served as Cavalier in the Army of Gus

hope, sm. 8vo. bds. 3s. 6d.

Privately printed, 1824 tavus Adolphus in Germany, and in that

3898 MEMOIRS of the Margravine of Anof Charles I. of England, containing

spach, written by herself, portrait, 2 vols. Anecdotes and Characters of the prin

8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 7s. 6d. 1826 cipal persons of that time, fine portrait

3899 M E MOIR'S of Lady Fanshawe, of the Earl of Essex, 8vo. LARGE PAPER,

written by herself, with extracts from the calf gilt, 78. 6d.

Correspondence of Sir Richard Fanshawe, 3889 MEMOIRS of Sir Roger de Claren

portrait, post 8vo. cloth, 3s.

1830 don, the natural Son of Edward Prince 3900 MEMOIRS of Signor Paganini, with of Wales, commonly called the Black

Critical Remarks on his performances, Prince, with Anecdotes of many other portrait, 12mo. cloth, 3s. eminent persons of the 14th Century, by

Liverpool, 1832 C. Reeve, 3 vols. 12mo. hf. bd. uncut, 3901 MEMOIRS of Celebrated Naval 5s, 6d.


Commanders, illustrated with a Series of 3890 MEMOIRS of Hyppolite Clairon, the

20 beautifully engraved portraits from the celebrated French Actress, with reflec

Original Pictures in the Naval Gallcry tions upon the Dramatic Art, written by of Greenwich Hospital, INDIA PROOFS, herself, translated from the French, 2|| the Biographies by E. H. Locker, royal vols. 12mo. new hf. calf gilt, 6s. 6d. 1

4to. hf. morocco, gilt edges, £1. 8s. 1832 scarce.

1800 3902 MEMOIRS of the Duchess of Marl3891 MÉMOIRES de Madame Manson, borough, and of the Court of Queen

explicatifs de sa Conduite dans le Procès Anne, by Mrs. Thomson, 2 vols.-Private de l'Assassinat de M. Fualdès, avec por Correspondence of the Duchess of Marltrait, vignette et facsimile, Paris, 1818 borough, illustrative of the Court and Questions sur la Législation actuelle de Times of Queen Anne, portrait, 2 vols. la Presse en France, par M. Benj. de together 4 vols. 8vo. newly and uniformly Constant, Paris, 1817, and others, in 1 hf. bd. calf gilt, 18s. 68. (pub. £2. 168. vol. 8vo. hf. calf, 3s. 6d. . .v. y. - unbd.)



3903 MEMOIRS of the PRINCESS DASCH-13914 MERIVALE'S(J.H.) Poems, original

KAW, Lady of Honour to Catherine II. of and translated, 2 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, Russia, comprising letters of the Empress 5s. 6d. or morocco extra, gilt leaves, 14s. and other correspondence, edited by Mrs.

Pickering, 1844 Bradford, portraits and faasimilies, 2 Contains translations from Dante, Pulci, Forte

vols. 8vo. cloth, 14s. (pub. £1. 8s.) 1840 guerra, Petrarch, &c. 3904 MEMOIRS of the Marquis of Pombal,

3915 MERLIN COCCAIE [Th. Folengo?

Histoire Maccaronique de, Prototype de with Extracts from his Writings, and

Rabelais, avec l'horrible Bataille des from Despatches never before published, by J, Smith, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. new hf.

Mouches et des Formis, 2 vols. 12mo. calf gilt, 7s.6d.

calf neat, 10s. 6d. scarce. Paris, 1606

1843 These Memoirs embrace a period of thirty- | 3816 MERIMEE'S (M. J. F. L.) Art of three years, and contain a lucid summary of the

Painting in Oil and Fresco, with original state of Portugal previous to the death of John V.

observations by W. B. S. TAYLOR, -Full particulars of the earthquake of 1755.- The Jesuits, and the means Pombal took to-suppress coloured frontispiece, post 8vo. cloth, 3s. that society, &c. &c.

1839 3905 MEMOIRS of Sophia Dorothea, Con-13917 MESTON'S (W. Professor of Philosort of George I. including a Diary of the

sophy in the Marshall College, Aberdeen) Conversations of Illustrious Personages,

Poetical Works, 12mo. old calf, 4s. with Letters and other Documents, por- |

1767 trait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. 3918 METAMORPHOSIS Anglorum, or £1. ls.)


Reflections, Historical and Political, 3906 MEMOIRS of Joseph Shepherd Mun

upon the late changes of Government in den, Comedian, by his Son, portrait, post England, from the death of Oliver, Lord 8vo. cloth, 3s.


Protector, to the last dissolution of the 3907 MEMOIRS and Adventures of Sir

present Parliament, 18mo. calf, 6s. 6d. William Kirkaldy, of Grange, post 8vo.


1660 cloth, 4s.


** Hon. Frederick North’s Copy, with his “ It is seldom, indeed, that we find history so bookplate, it has also the Autograph of Sir Henry written, in a style at once vigorous, perspicuous, Blount on the title. and picturesque. The author's heart is thoroughly 3919 METCALFE'S Oxonian in Norway, with his subject.”- Blackwood's Magazine. 3908 MEMORIALS of Charles John, King

or Notes of Excursions in that Country of Sweden and Norway, illustrative of his

in 1854-55, frontispieces, 2 vols. post sro. Character, of his relations with the Empe

cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. £1. ls.)


“Mr. Metcalfe's book is a truly valuable work ror Napoleon, &c. &c. by W. G. Mere- full of information on the statistics, politics, and dith, 8vo. cloth, 3s.

1829 religion of the countries visited, and interlarded 3909 MEMORANDA, Illustrative of the with racy anecdotes.”- Blackwood's Magazine.

Tombs and Sepulchral Decorations of the 3920 METRICAL ROMANCES of the

Egyptians, with Remarks on Mummies,| 13th, 14th, and 15th Centuries, published • &c. frontispiece, post 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. 1 from Ancient MSS. with an Introduction,

1822 Notes, and Glossary, by Weber, 3 vols. 3910 MENDELSSOHN'S (Moses) Jeru sm. 8vo. hf. russia, 16s. 6d. 1810 salem, a Treatise on Ecclesiastical Autho

3921 METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE rity and Judaism, translated from the

(The) from its commencement in 1831 to German by M. Samuels, 2 vols. 8vo. hf.

the end of 1846, 47 vols. 8vo. calf, very calf gilt, 8s. 6d. Longmans, 1838

neat, £3. 3s. (pub. £32. 18s. unbd.) 3911 MENG'S (A. Raphael, First painter

1831-46 to his Catholic Majesty Charles III.) Contains original papers by T. Campbell, Cape Discourses on Painting, with Life and tains Marryat, Chamier, &c., &c. List of his Works, translated from the 3922 MEYEN (F. J. F.) NEUES System

Italian, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. hf. bd. 3s. 1796 des Pflanzen-Physiologie, plates, 3 ro's. 3912 MERCIER (M.) Mon Bonnet del 8vo. calf gilt, red edges, by Clarke an Nuit, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 3s. 6d.

Bedford, 12s.6d.

Berlin, 1803 à Neuchatel, 1784 3923 MEYER'S (H. L.) BRITISH BIRDS 3913 MERCHANT Taylor's School, The and their Eggs, represented in 313 specie

History of, from its foundation to the mens drawn from Nature, with copious present time, by the Rey. H. B. Wilson, descriptions to each, 7 vols. 8vo. elegantir portraits, 2 vols. 4to. hf. calf neat, 10s. bd. morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. ds. 1814 (pub. £18. 18s.)

1851 1831

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3924 MEYRICK'S (Sir S.) ANCIENT AR-3934 MIDDLETON'S (Bishop) Life and

MOUR, a Critical Enquiry into and His Times, by the Rev. C. W. Le Bas, portory of, from the Norman Conquest, with trait, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. a Glossary of Terms, illustrated with 80 £1. 6s.) plates splendidly illuminated, mostly in 3935 MIGNAN’S (Capt.) Winter Journey gold and silver, exhibiting some of the through Russia, the Caucasian Alps, and finest specimens existing in England, 3 Georgia, thence across Mount Zagros, vols. folio, hf. morocco, uncut, £8. 8s. by the Pass of Xenophon and the 10,000 (pub. £21.)

1824 | Greeks, into Koordistaun, plates, 2 vols. Sir WALTER SCOTT justly describes this col post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. (pub. £1. 1s.) lection as “THE INCOMPARABLE ARMOURY."

1839 3925 MEYRICK'S (F.) Practical Working 3936 MIGNET (F. A.) Histoire de la Ré.

of the Church of Spain, fcap. 8vo. cloth, volution Française depuis 1789, jusqu'en 3s.

1851 1814, 2 vols, 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 3926 MIALL'S (J. G.) Memorials of 6s. 6d.

Paris, 1827 Early Christianity, numerous illustrations, 3937 MIGNET'S (A. F.) History of the 12mo, cloth, 3s.


French Revolution from 1789 to 1814, 3927 MICHAELIS (J. D.)- Introduction

2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 60. (pub. £1. 5s.) to the New Testament, translated from

1826 the German, with Notes and a Disserta - ) 3938 MIGNET'S (F. A.) History of Mary tion on the Origin and Composition of

Queen of Scots, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. the Three First Gospels, by Bp. Marsh,

cloth, 5s. 6d.

1851 6 vols. 8vo. cloth, £l. 8s.

1823 « On the canonical authority, the criticisms, 1 3939 MILFORD'S (J.) Norway and her the ancient versions, and the interpretations of Laplanders in 1841, with a few Hints to the New Testament, no book supplies so much the Salmon Fisher, plates, 8vo. hf. calf instruction." -Orme. 3928 MICHAUD'S History of the Cru

neat, 3s. sades, translated from the French by W.13940 MILL'S (James) HISTORY of BRITISH Rocson, 3 vois. 12mo. cloth, 8s. 6d. (pub. INDIA, with a Continuation to 1835, 15s.)

1852 Notes, Illustrations, &c. by Professor 3929 MICROSCOSM (The) a Periodical

H. H. WILSON, 9 vols. 8vo. cloth, £4. 8s. Work, edited by Gregory Griffin, cun

1848 taining some articles written by Canning

13941 MILL'S (Dr. W. H.) Analysis of at the age of 15, whilst at Eton, portraits,

PEARSON'S EXPOSITION of the CREED, 2 vols. in 1, hf. calf gilt, 2s.

8vo. bds. 3s,

1847 Windsor, 1809 3942 MILL'S (Dr. W.H.) Five Sermons on 3930 MIDDLETON'S (J.) Practical Astro- the Nature of Christianity, preached in

logy, containing the Horary Questions Advent and Christmastide, before the which concern the Life of Man, his University of Cambridge, 8vo. cloth, 4s. Estate, Bretheren, or Short Journeys, (pub. 7s.)

1848 &c. 8vo. calf, 4s. 6d. title damaged. 1679 3943 MILL'S (Dr. W. H.) Lectures on the 3931 MIDDLETON'S (Thomas) Dramatic

Catechism, delivered in the Parish Church Works, now first collected, with some

of Brasted, Edited by Rev. B. Webb, Account of the Author, and Notes by

fcap. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. (pub. 6s. 6d.) the Rev. A. Dyce, portrait, 5 vols. 8vo.

1856 bds. £1. 15s.

1840 3944 MILLS (Charles) Works - History 3932 MIDDLETON'S (Erasmus) Biogra

of Chivalry, 2 vols.—History of the Cruphia Evangelica, or the Lives and Deaths of the most Eminent and Evangelical ism, i vol.- Travels of Theodore Ducas, Authors or Preachers, British and Foreign,

2 vols. together 7 vols. 8vo. bds. £2. 2s. in the several Denominations of Protes

or, new hf. calf gilt, £2. 18s. 1817-28 tants from the beginning of the Reforma

13945 MILLS' (C.) History of the Crusades tion to the present time, portraits, 4 vols. calf neat, 18s. 6d.


| for the recovery and possession of the 3933 MIDDLETON'S (Dr.) LETTER from

Holy Land, frontispiece and map, 2 vols. ROME, showing an exact Conformity

8vo. bds. 128. SCARCE.

1822 between Popery and Paganism, or the 3946 MILLS' (Charles) Travels of TheoReligion of the present Romans derived | dore Ducas in Various Countries in Eufrom that of their Heathen Ancestors, rope at the revival of Letters and Art, 8yo, bds. 4s. 1812 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5s, 6d.


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3947 MILLE et Une Nuits, Contes Arabes, 13960 MILLER'S (Thos.) Gideon Giles, the

traduits en François, 6 vols. 12mo. french Roper, a Tale of English Country Life, calf gilt, 8s. 6d.'

Paris, 1774) with 36 etched illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 3948 MILLER (General) Memoirs of, by 6s. 6d. (pub. 13s.) scarce.

1841 John Miller, coloured map and portrait 3961 MILLER'S (Thos.) Godfrey Malvern, of the South American Liberator, 2 vols. or the Life of an Author, 24 clever illusSvo. hf. calf gilt, 7s. 6d.

1829 trations by Phiz, 8vo. cloth, 5s. 6d. (pub. 3949 MILLER'S (J. S.) Natural History

1843 of the Crinoidea or Lily-shaped Animals,

“ Few living writers can present us with more

truth and talent than these pages indicate.”with Observations on the Genera, Come

Literary Gazette. tula and Euryale, &c. illustrated with 50 3962 MILLER'S (Thos.) Pictures of Councoloured plates, 4to. hf. calf, £1. 18s.

try Life, and Summer Rambles in Green 1821

and Shady Places, 30 beautiful illustra3950 MILLER'S (Rev. Dr.) History Phi

tions on wood by Williams, post 8vo. gilt losophically illustrated from the Fall of

cloth, 4s. (pub. 10s. 6d.)

1847 the Roman Empire to the French Revo

Those who wish to know what rural life is, lution, portrait, 4 vols. post 8vo. cloth, and those who can relish artistic description natu8s. 6d.

1848 rally yet beautifully composed, will thank us for

bringing this pleasant volume to their notice. No 3951 MILLER’S (J.) Bampton Lectures

one paints better the rural life of England. The on the Divine Authority of the Holy book is beautifully illustrated. . Scriptures, 8vo. bds. 3s. 6d. (pub 7s. 6d.) | 3963 MILLER'S (Thos.) Country Year

Oxford, 1838

Book, descriptive of the Seasons, Rural 3952 MILLER’S (Hugh) The Bass Rock, its

Scenes, and Rustic Amusements, Birds, Civil and Ecclesiastical History, Geology,

Insects, and Quadrupeds, with 140 illusMartyrology, Zoology, and Botany, co

trations on wood, and several coloured loured frontispiece and other illustrations,

plates, fcap. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 5s. thick post 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. 1848

(pub. 9s.) 3953 MILLER’S (Hugh) Footprints of the i 3964 MILLER'S (Thos.) Picturesque

Creator, or the Asterolepis of Stromness, Sketches of London, Past and Present, numerous illustrations, post 8vo. cloth, with numerous woodcuts, post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. 1851 2s.

1851 3954 MILLER'S (Hugh) Testimony of the 3965 MILLER’S (Thos.) Poetical Lan

Rocks, or Geology in its bearings on the guage of Flowers, 8 beautifully coloured two Theologies, Natural and Revealed,

1 groups of flowers, 18mo. cloth, gilt edges, numerous woodcuts, post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 4s.

1857 | 3966 MILLER'S ('Thos.) Birds, Bees, and 3955 MILLER’S (Hugh) Scenes and Le- Blossoms, a collection of Original Poems, gends of the North of Scotland, or the

illustrated by Birket Foster, 12mo. cloth, Traditional History of Cromarty, post


1856 8vo. cloth, 6s.

1857 3956 MILLER'S (Hugh) Cruise of the

| 3967 MILLER’S (Thos.) History of the “ Betsy,” or a Summer Ramble among

Ang-Sax ,new edition, with General the fossiliferous deposits of the Hebrides,

Index, map, portrait of Alfred, and 12 with Rambles of a Geologist, or 10,000

engravings on steel, post 8vo. hf. calf gilt,

5s. 6d. or calf gilt, marbled leaves, 75. miles over the fossiliferous deposits of Scotland, post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 1858

1859 3957 MILLER'S (Thomas) A Day in the

3968 MILLER'S (Thos.) Common Wayside Woods, a connected Series of Tales and

Flowers, illustrated by 22 engravings by Poems, post 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, 4s. 6d. |

Birket Foster, coloured after nature, sm. 1836

4to. fancy cloth, with enamelled corners 3958 MILLER'S (Thos.) Beauties of the

on side, representing flowers, gilt edges, Country, or Descriptions of Rural Cus- |

1860 toms, Objects, Scenery, and the Seasons, 3969 MILLIN, Histoire Métallique de la with 26 beautiful woodcuts, post 8vo. Révolution Française ou recueil des Mé cloth, 6s. 6d.

Van Voorst, 1837 dailles et des Monnaies qui ont été frap3959 MILLER'S (Thos.) Rural Sketches, pées depuis la Convocation des Etats

illustrated with 23 beautiful woodcuts, Généraux jusqu'aux premières Campost 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d. (pub. 12s.)

ragnes de l'armée d'Italie, with 26 Van Voorst, 1839 plates, 4to. bds, 8s. 6d. Paris, 1806


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3970 MILLIN, Dictionaire des Beaux Arts, 13981 MILTON'S Poetical Works, with the 3 thick vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1. ls.

Notes of the various Authors, by Bp.

Paris, 1806 Newton, 3 fine portraits by Vertue, and This excellent work includes all branches of numerous fine plates by Grignion, from architecture, painting, engraving, sculpture, nu-l designs by Hayman, 3 vols. 4to. FINE mismatics, &c. 3971 MILMAN'S (H. H.) Dramatical and

COPY, old calf gilt, £1. 11s. 6d. 1775-77 Poetical Works, THE LARGE TYPE LI- / rendered our immortal bard greater justice than

"But of all the editors of Milton, none have BRARY EDITIONS, viz. Samor, Lord of the celebrated Bishop Newton

the celebrated Bishop Newton, a scholar and a the Bright City, 1 vol.—The Fall of Jeru- | divine."-Dibdin. salem, 1 vol.-Belshazzar, 1 vol.—The

3982 MILTON'S Poetical Works, with the Martyr of Antioch, 1 vol.-Anne Boleyn,

Principal Notes of various Commenta1 vol. together 5 vols. 8vo. clean in bds. tors, also Illustrations, Life of the Author, 10s. 6d. (pub. £2. 6s.)


and Verbal Index, by Todd, portrait, 7 3972 MILÑAN'S (H, H.) Samor, Lord of

vols. 1801-Prose Works, with Life of the Bright City, an Heroic Poem, 8vo.

the Author, interspersed with Translabds. 3s. (pub. 12s.)


tions and Critical Remarks by Symmons, 3973 MILMAN'S (H. H.) Martyr of An

7 vols. 1806, together 14 vols. 8vo. newly tioch, a Dramatic Poem, 8vo. bds. 2s. hf. bd. calf gilt, uniform, a handsome set, (pub. 8s. 6d.)

£3. 183.

1801-6 3974 MILMAN'S (H. H.) History of the 3983 MILTON'S Poetical Works—ParaJews, from the earliest data, maps, 3 vols.

dise Lost, 2 vols.—Paradise Regained 18mo. cloth, 6s. 6d.

1829 Minor Poems, numerous beautiful engrav3975 MILNE'S Retrospect of the First Ten

ings after designs by Westall, 4 vols. Years of the Protestant Mission to China,

12mo. hf. calf gilt, marbled leaves, 10s.6d. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 4s. 6d. Malacca, 1820

Sharpe, 1816 3976 MILNER'S (Dr. John,) History Civil | 3984 MI

Ý Civil 3984 MILTON'S Poetical Works, Paraand Ecclesiastical and Survey of the Anti

dise Lost and Regained, Comus, Samson quities of Winchester, plates, first and Agonistes, L'Allegro, &c. with an Essay best edition, 2 vols. 4to. bds. £1. 1s.

on Milton's Life and Writings, by James

Montgomery, illustrated with 120 en*A performance which will always keep its gravings by Thompson, Williams, Orrin place among the few standard works in English Smith, &c. from drawings by Harvey, 2 topography. This first edition must claim the

vols. crown 8vo. hf, morocco gilt, marbled preference both in the paper and the superior impressions of the plates."- Lowndes.

edges, 16s. or handsomely bd. morocco 3977 MILNER’S (Rev. J.) History of the extra, gilt edges, £1. 8s.

1843 Church of Christ, with additions and 3985 MILTON'S Poetical Works, with corrections by the Rev. T. Milner, 5 vols. Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explana-Stebbing's (Dr.) History of the Church tory Notes, by George Gilfillan, 2 vols. designed as a Continuation of Milner, 3 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.

1853 vols. together 8 vols. newly hf. bd. 3986 MILTON'S Poetical Works, with divinity calf neat, £1. 18s. 1824-42

Life of the author, plates after Turner, “ Milner's Ecclesiastical History contains, particularly in the life of Luther, the best account

fcap. 8vo. handsomely bd. calf gilt, Í know of the more intellectual part of the history of the Reformation; in other words, it contains marbled edges, 6s. 6d.

1858 the progress of the Reformation in Luther's own mind: a very curious subject.”_- Professor Smyth. 3987 MILTON'S Paradise Regained, and 3978 MILNER’S (T.) Gallery of Nature,

his Miscellaneous Poems, English and Illustrative of the Wonders of Astronomy,

Latin, with Notes, plates by Fittler, sm. Physical Geography, and Geology, several

8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, 4s. 1817 hundred fine engravings on steel and 3988 MILTON'S L'Allegro and Il Pensewood, royal 8vo. or morocco super extra, roso, beautifully illustrated with etchings gilt edges, £1. ls.

1855 on steel by Birket Foster, printed on 3979 MILTON'S Poetical Works (Editio thick drawing paper, impl. 8vo. orna

Immaculata) portraits, 2 vols. 18mo. calf mental cloth, gilt edges, 9s. 6d. (pub. neat, 6s. 6d. Tonson, 1711-13 £1. 1s.)

1855 3980 MILTON'S Poetical Works, BASKER- | 3989 MILTON'S Comus, a Mask, illus

VILLE'S BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED EDITION, trated with 30 highly finished engravings 2 vols. royal 8vo. fine clean copy in the after designs by Pickersgill, Birket Fos original old calf binding, £1. 11s. 6d. ter, &c. 8vo. fancy gilt cloth, gilt edge Birmingham, 1760 6s. 6d.


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