Beneath the cloister's hallow'd floor
Burrow to fap their cellar door,
And broach their casks of mellow'd juices,
Long set apart for pious uses.
Philosophy of Gallic climes,
Parent of unexampled crimes !
Philofophy who, while the clouds
Bright revelation’s day, unshrouds
That will-o'-wisp of the Great Natios,
Whose glimmering sparkles emanate
From rotten pediment o' the state,
Just as ftale fish and carrion trash is
Known to emit electric flashes.
But if Perception's door be shut,
And density of occiput
Chance to make inadmissible
Philosophy shall crack the pate
To let it in at any rate ;
And all who dare to shut their eyes
'Gainit its dim gleam feptemberize,
Or guillotine the dogs by shoals
Only for being blind as moles ;
Or, if they venture to beseech
Her pity, drown 'em all and each ;
Or cut the varlet's throats, or gibbet 'em
On Tree of Liberty ad libitum,
Where influence blest of Gallic sky
Their dark aristocratic dye

May bleach to pure democracy." The Radical Reform of our modern state empirics, is aptly described as general ruin; and the justice of the description is proved by a letter from the well-known J. H. Scone, to John Horne Tooke, that was produced on the trial of the Rev. Ms. Jackson, at Dublin, in which the writer anticipates, with rape. ture, the joyous period, “ when the various parties of MinisTÉRIALISTS, and OPPOSITIONISTS, DISSENTERS and CHURCHMEN, NOBLES, Priests, and Kings, shall link into one UNDISTINGUISHED MAss of Ruins; and nothing shall be seen or ac. knowledged but THE PEOPLE, the SACRED VOICE OF THE

Head,mas appcars from the subsequent stanza of an old Christmas carol, printed by Wynkya de Worde, A. D. 1521.

“ Caput Apri defero,

* Reddens laudcs Domnino.
“ The Bore's Heed in hande bring. I
" With Garlands gay and Rosemary,
I pray you all ling merely

" Qui eitis in convivio." XO. X111. VOL. IIl.



Peorie.” Due pre-eminence is given, among the herd of reformex, to the great patriot to whom this curious epistle was addreffed ; to the man who after he had taken orders, reviled, with blasphemous ribal. dry, the ceremonies of episcopal ordination; who early displayed the benevolence of his disposition, by threatening to “ dye his black coat red, with the blood of his enemies ;" who exposed the true caft of his mind, by his confesion, that, had he lived in the unhappy days of our firit Charles, he would have been a Regicide by choice ; who has since exhibited a fair specimen of republican honeity, by seeking a situation which he could not hold withoat a yearly income of Three Hundred Pounds, and soon after fubfcribing a declaration that his income did not exceed Sixty !

“ Patrons of Courier, Poft, and Chronicle !
Whig fectaries, and whigs canonical;
Chairmen of opposition revels,
Whig printers leagued with all your devils ;
Quidnuncs, who climb debating roftrums,
What are your alterative noftrums
That sweeps an empire to its doom!

Doctors of med'cine grow renown'd
By dint of making fick men found;
With trite harangues make found men fick,*
And though they oft get nothing by 't,
Prescribe and give advice for spite :
Patent pretend from mob-authority
To purge a plethoric majority,
And cure the sturdy wights who thwart 'em
Of loyalty,--secundum artem.
Yet ev'ry doctor's but a dunce

To him who kills and cures at once,
The constitution in a breath
Recruits by bleeding it to death.-
Resolve H**ne T**KE, this paradox!
(For, proof against Old Bailey shocks,

" This was literally exemplified by the ECOTISING BARRISTER, whose tide of cloquence, however it may inundate Westminster Hall, does not always ascend to higii watcz mark in Saint Stephen's Chapel, where an abrupt DISCONTINUANCE has, repeatedly damın'd its flow. This rhetorical en-dam-agement was sensibly felt when the correspondence with Lord Grenville respecting the negociation for peace at Paris was submitted to the House : at which jun&ture the barrister's elocution, encountering a qualın of conscience or a twist of the colon, be dropped as sud. denly as the linged itick of a sky-rocket, upon the green baize bench, having with difficulty articulated, like Lear's unnatural daughter, “Sick, sick, Ow Sick! This excited such a fickening sympathy among the members near him, that our orator might have, not unteatonably, implicated them in his disorder with a “Sic Vos!"clpecially as H-R", the nearest of them, immediately replied: "Sıçk! Never mind that! Goong-I HAVE BEEN SICK EVER SINCE YOU BEGIN."


What nobler triumph couldst thou boast,
Unless to fill th’important poft
of meanest private in the bands
Of maudlin cits whom F*x commands*
A bankrupt cause and cheft to aid) —
Thou who, by such a general led,
Wouldit dye thy caft-off black coat red,
Shoulder thy firelock and take aim
At monarchy, the nobleft game,
And neither conscience-ftruck nor forry,
Search through the ranks thy royal quarry.
Oh deign to itate with just precision
(Reveal’d to thy prophetic vision
And current in anticipation)
The fum, exceeding calculation,
Of public happiness accruing
Shew how the wreck of ranks and orders
Shall give us peace in all our borders-
And blest equality repay us
If we convert the realm to chaos
Shew how, in cutting off a crown'd head
The rights of citizens are founded !
Shew us how freedom fanctions slaughter,
And changes blood to holy water!
As Spain's Jack Ketch of ancient date,
When Carlos quarrell’d with his fate,
Admonish'd him ;-" Pray, Sir, be steady ;

« 'TIS FOR YOUR GOOD THAT I BEHEAD YE." After correcting two typographical errors of fome consequence, the first of which occurs in P. 9. the fourth line from the bottom, where G*rr*w should be G**et*n; and the second in the note to P. 30, where L**dsd***e, should, we conceive, be Länsd**e, we shall proceed (again recommending this poetical treat to all lovers of humour, originating in a pure source, and directed to a laudable end,) to serve up the second course.

*“Such are the doctrines of Mr. Horne Took E, and he is the man who declares that from Mr. Fox he has nothing more to ask, nothing more to expell; and that it will be the ulmost of his ambition to be the MEANEST Private in those ranks which Mr. Fox shall command."

“ The country cannot be too often reminded of this Union and of the principles upon which it is founded."--Anti-Jacobin, April 9, 1798.

+ " It was thought a daring expression of Oliver Cromwell in the time of Charles the First, that if he found himself placed opposite to the King in battle, he would discharge his piece into his bosom as soon as into any other man’s. I go farther ; had I lived in those days, I wowd not have waited for chance to give me an opportunity of doing my duty; I would have fought him through the ranks, and, without the least personal enmity, have discharged my piece into his bolom, rather than into any other man's." - J. H. Tooke's Letter to Junius


U 2

Art. X. Crambe Repetita ; a Second Course of Bubble and Squeak,

or Britif Beef Galli-maufry'd; with a Devil'd Bifcuit of True to help Digestion and close ike Orifice of the stomach.By the Author of Topsy-turvy, &c. 8vo. Pp. 83. Price 2s. 6d. Wright. London. 1799. WHIGS and Reformers, French and English, oonftitute the princi. pal dishes of this second course, which will

afford to the poetical epicure as rich a treat as the first, as a few specimens will fuffice to demon. strate. After tracing some of the consequences of the reforming prin. ciple, when reduced to practice, as it has been in France, the bard thus proceeds ;

Adepts in alchemy renown'd
Boast they've the wond'rous secret found
Base coin of Birmingham to mould
And metamorphose into gold ;
And royal Midas with a touch,
Old fablers say, could do as much.*
Play'd he at commerce or all-fours ?
His counters chang'd to luidores :
He strokes his chin and all adınire
His briftly beard become gold wire :
And, fed with choice rappee, his nose
A living mine of gold dust glows :
He walk'd his field and faw the fod
'Teem with a crop of golden rodit
He seiz'd his oaken staff; behold
In 's hand the Sybil's branch of gold!
Of hock and water on his table he
Brew'd at each gulp aurum potabile :
Converted codlins bought for farthings
To apples of Hesperian gardens :| ;
Pilchards and herrings in his dish
Transform'd themselves into gold-fith :
Sausage envelop'd in a thin gut
He chang'd into a golden ingot:
Of mustard pot he next laid hold,
But grasp’d, in lieu, a pot of gold.
Your Vauxhall nice of ham or beef
He masticated to gold leaf;

Aurca fingens

t" Aurea mollis erat-
« Ilice detraxit virgam, virga aurea facta eft."
“ Miscuerat puris autorem muneris undis,

Fulile per ridtus aurum sluitare videres,"

-demptuin tenet arbore pomum, Hesperidas donasie putes.

Ovid Mct. Lib. XI.



And bade black-puddings tranfmigrate
Into rouleaus upon his plate.-

Usurps the name of Revolution,
And petrifoggers and sow gelders
Senates and councils form of elders,
Since legiflative confifcation
Answers all end of tranfmutation,
Gold-making 's deem'd a sorryer trade
Than 'tis to fteal it ready made:
And, fince they 're well convinc'd to boot
That wealth of evil is the root,
They wisely wage inveterate quarrels
With ore that would corrupt their morals ;
Which that they may preserve intact
They Midas' talent counteract,
And by their grand financial mystery
(Unparallel'd in modern history
In whole gazettes they bounce and vapour)
REFORM their luidores to paper ;
Make specie at their touch reducible

To nought in requifition.crucible;
Enfepulchre men's gold and plate
In grand Crusophagus of ftate,
From whence regenerated cash is
Hatch'd like a Phænix from its afhes,
And, freed in purgatory Gallic,
From its corporeal part metallic,
Again to circulation springs
On metaphyfic paper wings :
Till, by the plund'rers who devis'd
Its fabrication exorciz'd,
And of all tenure difpoffefs'd, *
Evaporates the swINDLING PEST :
While familh'd dupes behold dismay'd

CREDIT'S PALE GHOST FOR“ EVER LAID." The treatment of the Dutch by their French allies, is explained with equal humour and accuracy; and the long speeches of Mr. Fox,

* Le croirait-on ? C'était le simjere de finances luimere, qui, pour anéantis les mandats, les avoit effcctivement avilis en faisaat jouer Accrètement à la baisse." D'Ivernois, Tableau Historique. P. 30,

" RAMEL (le ministre d:s finances) a complètement réuni a piirger la circulation d'affignats et de mandats; et certes il faut convenis que leur Exit a été vraiment digne de ieur début sur la théâtre de la révolution. Ils s' étaient introduits par un VOL PUBLIC Commis fur les vrais propriétaires ; ils ont disparu à l'aide d'uur foula de vols, tantot publies, tamat fecrcts, commis fur les faux propriétaires

+ See these robberies fexcrally specified in any comineration of decrees and acts of the Directory --Tableau. P. 40. Notes

---P. 39.


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