Stanzas from Bishop's Odes, 333.

Stroud, the inhabitants of, curled with
Sacheverell (Dr.) account of his trial, cails, for docking St. Thomas à

Becker's horie, 165.
Sailing-barrows, account of, from Van Stuart (Mr.) affidavits in vindication

Braai, 245-reasons for supposing of his public and private character,
it falle, ib.

Saint Guerdun's Well, a poem, extracts Summary of Politics-French defeated
from, 477

by Suwarrow, and expelled the Mi-
Saints, account of two, ordained ac lanese, 107-French expelled the

Lady Huntingdon's chapel, 358. Engadine, by Bellegarde, 107.
Sandwich Itlands, their appearance dela Shameful neutrality of the King of
cribed by Captain Vancouver, 139.

Prussia, ib.-French envoys atlaitin-
Savage life, the cause of its protligacy ated at Rastadt, :08-acts of the
investigated, 141.

Directory and Councils, 109-pro-
Schisins, remarks on the increase of, ceedings in America, ib.--ambas-

451-notice of a new periodical pub sadors appointed to treat for peace
lication, intended to combat irs with the French, 10-surrender of
growth, 452.

Peschiera, and the Castle of Milan,
Sermons, obfervations on their utility, 231-Intrigues of the Aulic Council

of War, 232-defeats of Marlena
Servus, the former meaning of that in Switzerland, ib. state of the in-
word in England, 431.

terior of France, 233-intero al state
Shakespeare's plagiarisms detected by of America, 235-odomestic affairs,
Mr. Chalmers, 390.

236—Libel on Mr. Horne Tooke,
Smith (Charlotte) character of her 237-inportant dettats of the French
Sonnets, 29.

in Italy, 489--Currender of Turin,
Snakes, account of two curious ones Alexandria, and Mantua, 490---fur-
leen in Devonshire, 474.

render of the Castles of Ovo, Niovo,
Society for propagating the Gospel at and St. Elmo, ib.-remarks on the
home, proceedings of, 342-344.,

conduct of the Swiss, 491-Buona-
Socrates, deduced, from reason only, parte defeated before Acre, 492

the necesity of revelation, 283. insurrections in France in favour of
Sommerville (Dr.) bis dcfcription of monarchy, 494-American intelli-
the Battle of Blenheim deficient in

gence, 495.
animation and intereit, 34--not luf. Sunday Schools, the policy and expee
ficiently particular in describing the diency of, doubred, 320.
state of Scotland previous to the Uni Swift (Dean) his opinion of Socrates,
on, 35-his account of Dr. Sache applied in answer to a question con-
Verell not giveu with judgment and cerning the loyalty of Proteftaut
temper, 373•

Diflenters, 90.
Song on Lord Howe's Victory, 488.
Sovereignty of the People, French de-

finition of, discussed and condemned,

Theatres, London, their state at the
Southey (Mr.) strictures on his Joan of end of the fixteenth century, 338.

Are, 120-probably infpired rather Tooke (Mr.) in his diversions of Purley,
by a seditious, than a poetic, fpirit, in boasts his own superiority in know-
the choice of his subject, 121-his ledge of languages to Dr. Johnson, 9
fable as well as fubje&t exceptionable, mafferts Dr. Johnson to be the worst
ib.-quotations from his poem, 122 posible authority on alletymological
his description of a king, 124 subjeets, 10-bis derivations of pre-
deems harshness of verfification er positions and adverbs, ib.-his cri.
Sential in a long poem, 127-infected ticism on Johnton's explanation of
by the black letter mania, ib---See the words down and adown, 13-the
Eclogues,-his character as a poet, Doctor's book (in Mr. Tooke's opi-

nion) a disgrace to the country! 14
Southwark, account of an ancient Mr. Tooke's derivations of down
monaftery there, 429.

and adhwn, 15-adverbs continued,
Stavorinus's Voyages to the East-Indies, 377—his triumph over Junius, Skin-

account of the history, object, and ner, and Johnson, in treating of the
plau of that work, 268.

words much, more, and moji, 379-


his explanations of age and ra, 381 of England waii ro be courted, ist
-proposes a new trantation of the stead of pioully declaring tbeirierder
word aliis, 383--ile Reviewer's attections; and things it a name
application of the word fortunam in father wonderful, that marriage Coa-
the same quotation, 383.

tinues to be reputable. 325 -- the
Tooke (Mr.) what is the utmost of his work highly prailed by the Monthly
ambition, 291-extract from his let.

Review, 331–333.
ter to Junius, ib.-his display of re War with France, the absolute neceflity
publican honesty in the return of his of the, proved by Mr. Marth from
income, 290.

incontestable authorities, 5i3-513.
Turks, curious anecdotes of their fae Wells, Helena, authorets of usefulle.
crifices, 568.

structions for young females, 319-

the fiyle occationally ungrammatical,

318--her novel called the Step-Mo-

iher praised, 421.
Union of Scotland with England, def- Weney and Whitfield, their printed

cribed by Dr. Somerville, 35--ad Sermons different from what they
vantages of it, 36.

preached, 359
Union with Ireland, possible and ad Whale-Fishery, Captain Colneti's del.
vantageous, 49-aims at no facrifice

cription of its centre, 410.
of liith independence, 305--re- What is She? a new comedy, praikd,
marks on the competence of Parlia. 151--scenes from, ib.–153.

ment to etfeet that mealure, 365. William the Conqueror, misrepresented
Unitarianıım protetted againtt, 180- by every British historian, 432.

described by Mr. Wilberforce, and Williams, Miis, sketch of her charac-
the author of the Inspector, 407. ter, 30-out-belened by Mary Hays

in republican ardour and high-toned

philosophy, 55.

Wollaiton, Rev. Mr. protefis again
Van Broam's Embassy to China, cone the expedicncy of Sunday ich vols,

tradictions in the narrative exposed, 319-322.
243--from the internal evidence of Wolifonecroft, Mary, was a fworn
the wosk, fuppofed to be a compila enemy to blushes, 28--poetical apoi."
tion from other writers, 244..

trophe on her alicmpting to drowa
Virgin of the Sun, analytis of, and hertelf, 34-kech of her character,
tienes from, 439-446.

32-was the governels of the daug...
Vulney's ftatement of the origin of ter of Lord Kinglborough, ib.

fanaticism and falsehood, reproba- Women, Egyptian, their mode of
ted, 46—his prediction of a general blacking their eye-brows, 569.
revolwion, and the destruction of Wrangham, Mr.Ses Monthly Reviewers.
Christianity, 580.

Wyvill's Secellion Vindicated, account
Votary of Wealih, scenes from, 302, of, 359-lays the seceton of oppo.'

fition is defenfible on constitutional
Voltaire's efforts to promote the Anti principles,ib.--attempts to make the

Christian conspiracy, deferibed, 504 people dissatisfied with the war, and
--aliitted by Frederick II. king of prophecies the final success of the
Prufiia, D'Alembert, Diderot, &c. French, 360-complains of age and

infirmity, but fays nothing about

Betty Codlin, 360.

Wakefield's, Gilbert, ignorance of the

Greek language, and inis-tranilations

of the New Testament, exposed, 60. Yearlley, Mrs. her character, 30-ier
Walker's, Johor, Elements of Geogra ingratitude to Mifs Hannah More, ib.

play, Review of, reviewed, 323--the
author, a Quaker, thinks the ladies

ought to make love, ib.--avows his
acquaintance with Miss Woliitone Zimmerman, anecdote of, 553.
croft, 326-regrets that the women

Printed, at the Anti-Jacobin Odice, Peterborough Court, Fleet Street, by

T. CROWDER, Gur Street, Spital Fieldi.

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