"You Ask!--I'll Tell!": A Condensed Encyclopedia of All Things of Every Day Life ...

Edwin Chesterman
Chesterman & Webster, 1873 - 442 sider

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Side 247 - Boil one pound of good flour, a quarter of a pound of brown sugar, and a little salt, in two gallons of water, for one hour. When milk-warm, bottle it, and cork it close. It will be fit for use in twenty-four hours.- One pint of this yeast will make eighteen pounds of bread.
Side 395 - ... styled Pam; the ace of trumps is next in value, and the rest in succession, as at Whist. Each player has the liberty of changing for others from the pack all or any of the five cards dealt, or of throwing up the hand in order to escape being looed. Those who play their cards either with or without changing, and do not gain a trick, are looed; as is likewise the case with all who have stood the game, when a flush or flushes occur, and each, except any player holding Pam...
Side 9 - If you want to ruin your sons, let them think that all mirth and social enjoyment must be left on the threshold without, when they come home at night. When once a home is regarded as only a place to eat, drink, and sleep in, the work is begun that ends in gambling-houses and reckless degradation.
Side 15 - Give yourself, your children, your servants — give all that are under you, the fullest amount of sleep they will take, by compelling them to go to bed at some regular, early hour, and to rise in the morning the moment they awake...
Side 257 - Sweeping stroke downwards, always commencing each successive course a little higher than the upper stroke had extended, till the bottom be finished. This operation, if carefully performed, will frequently make very old paper look almost equal to new.
Side 207 - When the vegetables sink, they are generally done enough, if the water has been kept constantly boiling. Take them up immediately, or they will lose their colour and goodness.
Side 247 - Before using, shake the bottle up well. It will keep in a cool place for two months, and is best at the latter part of the time. The beauty of this yeast is that it ferments spontaneously, not requiring the aid of other yeast; and if care be taken to let it fer-.
Side 295 - AVOID FALSEHOOD. — There can be found no higher virtue than the love of truth. The man who deceives others must himself become the victim of morbid distrust. Knowing the deceit of his own heart, and the falsehood of his own tongue, his eyes must be always tilled with suspicion, and ho must lose the greatest of all happiness — confidence in those who surround him. THE FOLLOWING ELEMENTS of manly character are worthy of frequent meditation : To be wise in his disputes.
Side 265 - To save your linen and your labour, pour on half a pound of soda two quarts of boiling water, in an earthenware pan ; take half a pound of soap, shred fine ; put it into a saucepan with two quarts of cold water ; stand it on a fire till it boils ; and when perfectly dissolved and boiling, add it to the former. Mix it well, and let it stand till cold, when it has the appearance of a strong jelly.
Side 272 - HEAVENLY BODIES. — A haziness in the air, which fades the sun's light, and makes the orb appear whitish, or ill-defined — or at night, if the moon and stars grow dim, and a ring encircles the former, rain will follow. If the sun's rays appear like Moses...

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