A Sketch of the History of France During the Revolution and the Reign of Napoleon, Comprising an Eventful Period of Twenty-three Years from the Suspension of the Monarchy in 1792 to Its Re-establishment in 1815: With Illustrative Official Papers

W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1817 - 451 sider

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Side 392 - I ascend the throne, to which the unanimous wishes of the senate, the people, and the army, have called me, with a heart penetrated with the great destinies of that people, whom, from the midst of camps, I first saluted by the name of Great.
Side 448 - ... pieces, und'er cover of which Buonaparte made a general attack from the centre to the right with infantry and cavalry, in such numbers that it required all the skill of his lordship to post his troops, and all the good qualities of the latter to resist the attack. " General Picton, who was with his division on the road from Brussels to Charleroi, advanced with the bayonet to receive them; but was unfortunately killed at the moment when the enemy, appalled by the attitude of this division, fired...
Side 450 - Blucher, who was attacking the enemy's right with his usual impetuosity ; and the moment of decisive attack being come, the Duke put himself at the head of the English Foot-Guards, spoke a few words to them, which were replied to by a general hurrah, and, his Grace himself...
Side 333 - ... catastrophe. Shot flying in all directions dashed many of them to pieces ; others were picked up by the boats of the fleet, or dragged into the lower ports of the nearest ships : the British sailors humanely stretched forth their hands to save a fallen enemy, though the battle at that moment raged with uncontrolled fury. The...
Side 388 - Germinal has never ceased to be present to my thoughts; it has been the object of my constant meditation. You have judged the hereditary power of the supreme magistracy necessary, in order to shelter the French nation completely from the plots of our enemies, and from the agitations arising from rival ambition.
Side 85 - Calvinist parents, was not five feet high : his face was hideous, his character of countenance horrible, and his head monstrous for his size. From nature he derived a daring mind, an ungoverned imagination, a vindictive temper, and a ferocious heart, and the mode of life he pursued till the revolution, added yet more to his natural wildness and cruelty.
Side 131 - ... came across them in that night of confusion ! All order or discipline was lost in the darkness ; and they hacked and fired at each other, or wrestled and fell, man to man, as they chanced to meet, and often without being able to distinguish friend from foe. — An eminent leader of the insurrection was trampled under foot by a party of the republicans, who rushed past him to massacre the whole family where he lodged, who were all zealous republicans. — The town was set on fire in fifty...
Side 111 - Varietts as receiver of the checks, he was dismissed for dishonesty, and retired to the house of a physician whom he robbed. In 1789 he embraced with ardour the popular party, and soon made himself known by a journal entitled ' Father Uuchesne,' which had the greatest success among the people on account of the violence of its principles.
Side 111 - Duchene, which had the greatest success among the people on account of the violence of the principles which the author displayed in it, and especially the true tone of the populace in which he expressed them; in it the flattest and most disgusting abuse of the court and the monarchy was always seasoned with oaths or coarse terms, which enchanted and elevated the multitude. On the 10th of August...
Side 392 - In the field they will be the first soldiers of the army, sacrificing their lives for the defence of their country. As magistrates they will never forget, that contempt of the laws, and the confusion of social order, are only the result of the imbecility and uncertainty of princes.

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