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Hilary Term,

In the Foriy-fifih Year of the Reign of Georqe HI.


In the course of this Term, Sir Beaumont Hotham, Kut. one of the Barons of the Court of Exchequer, resigned hi3 office; and was succeeded by

Sir Thomas Manners Sutton, Knt. his Majesty's Solicitor General, who was thereupon called Serjeant; and gave rings with this motto, Hie ames did pater atque Princeps.

Vicary Gibes, Esq. one of the King's Counsel, and who was also Chief Justice of Chester, and Attorney General to his Royal Highness the Prince o( /Vales, resigned his two last - mentioned offices, and was appointed Solicitor General to his Majesty, and was knighted.

Robert Dallas, Esq. one of the King's Counsel, was appointed Chief Justice of Chester.

William Adam, Esq. who Mas before Solicitor Ge- r o 1 neral to the Prince of Wales, succeeded Mr. Gibbs, as his Royal Highncsb's Attorney General; and

Joseph Jf.kyll, Esq. was appointed Solicitor General to the Prince; and afterwards, one of his Majesty's Counsel, learned in the Law.

Vol. VI. B REG UU,

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out upon such in t|le King'* Bench Prison should thereafter state, by affi

ny person

e, by affi

nw»"X davit, any special cause, to the satisfaction of this court,

fore 9 oViock foV havin<r an additional day-rule or day rules be/Ond those in theeveauig. , . .... , , ■

allowed by the aforesaid rule, such additional rule or rules

should be granted accordingly for any da/or days ensuing

such application." It is hereby Ordered, That so much of

• the said first-mentioned rule as is above recited, and that the whole of the said last-mentioned rule, be repealed and discharged; but that nothing herein contained shall extend

. to repeal or discharge so much of the said first-mcntiotwjd rule as requires That every piisoner, bavins; a day-rule, shall return within the walls or rules of the said prison at or before nine o'clock in Xhe evening of the day for which such rule shall be granted.

By the Court.


D A it B i.s ii Ike and Another against Parker.

ThurtAay, Jan. 24.

Where notice rpHE plaintiffs declared upon a special agreement by the

ne»TheofdJbm'of l defendant, to guarantee the payment of certain goods,

exchange by ,v|,jtjh on the faith of such guarantee, they sold and dehtlic acceptor in ,'

LTttv'.hrpost to the holder in Manchester, when- the letter wa, delivered out between gaad .1 11 *llni'i« and the i...«i we.'.toHt Tor Liverpool, where Ihe drawer lived, he

? °et,\al noon aud f'and th. h^dvr tot .end no.lce ..- -he drawer by the po,.. either

twi-cni-atnoooan 1, piivate per*.n on the latter day,

,hodIcT0,dclWe' ,o"hed":,/rn.i.. two hour, af/er -he post ifc.ivery, and only ,b..ut .T„, hour before the -«st left L.verpool for Lnndon, -heieby the drawer was so aK, aicd, hat ^Ji!d not wri.etn 1 me Vur that &»,*• post to l.o»do»,-he!,l, that at all event, the holder ^1 ,rb »oby Ms; for w he- her reasonable notice be a question olUw or

'tM *' "* rule of law require no.ue of the dishonour of a bill to be sent

u,l„lmIM 'a Inothe place by the ■,*» poatanw it I. received (by which must be unr , ruaMooil/in point of tiae and di,ta..ce)i and whether four hours

?„;!I,V, e to receive the notice ami to prepare a teller of advice to the drawer. At all n«... . e h. Idw Jujht 0 have writ.en b, the po.tof the next day after notice receded by h!,n a,ui ri'ghtnot to have delayed .he receipt of notice by the drawer unUl after lhc arrival of the next p..u, by sendius the loter by a pnvate hand. ^

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