Thirty-eight Years in India: From Juganath to the Himalaya Mountains, Volum 1

W. H. Allen, 1881

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Side 206 - it:— • Branching so broad along, that in the ground The bending twigs take root, and daughters grow, About the mother tree, a pillared shade, High over-arched, with echoing walks between. There oft the Indian herdsman, shunning heat, Shelters in cool, and tends his pasturing herds At loop-holes cut
Side 36 - Service. Cr. 8vo. 7i. 42 WH ALLEN & Co., BENGALI. Haughton's Bengali, Sanscrit, and English Dictionary, adapted for Students in either language ; to which is added an Index, serving as a reversed dictionary. 4to. 30s. Forbes's Bengali Grammar, with Phrases and dialogues. Royal 8vo. 12s. 6d. Forbes's Bengali Header, with a Translation and Vocabulary Royal
Side 53 - The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagles shall eat it.
Side 514 - Rock Temples of Elephanta," &c , Ac., and Editor of " The Indian Antiquary." Half-bound, Quarto. 58 Plates and Woodcuts. £-2 2s. Archaeological Survey of Western India. Vol. II. Report on the Antiquities of Kathiawad and Kachh, being the result of the Second Season's Operations of the Archaeological Survey of Western India. 1874-75. By JAMES BDROESS,
Side 146 - His Lordship in Council directs that all the funds which these reforms will leave at the disposal of the Committee, be henceforth employed in imparting to the native population a knowledge of English literature and science, through the medium of the English language.
Side 516 - Illustrations on Wood by Vizetelly, Loudon, Nicholls, and Hart ; with Map. 8vo. 16s. " This is a really valuable work. A book which will long remain the standard authority on the subject. No one who has been to the Channel Islands, or who purposes going there will be insensible of its value."— Saturday
Side 11 - with Explanatory Text and Examples. By Lowis D'A. JACKSON. AMICE, author of " Hydraulic Manual and Statistics." &c. Roy. 8vo. 28s. Jackson (L. D'A.) Pocket Logarithms and other Tables for Ordinary Calculations of Quantity, Cost, Interest, Annuities, Assurance, nnd Angular Functions, obtaining Results correct in the Fourth figure. By Lowis D'A. JACKSON.
Side 20 - the use of Captains and Subalterns of Infantry, Militia, and Rifle Volunteers, and for Serjeants of Volunteers. By Capt. GH GBEAVES. 2nd edit. 2s. The Military Encyclopedia ; referring exclusively to the Military Sciences, Memoirs of distinguished Soldiers, and the Narratives of Remarkable Battles. By JH STOCQUELER. 8vo. 12s. The Operations of War Explained and Illustrated. By Col.
Side 23 - Oxenham, MA, late Scholar of Buliol College, "Oxford. Third Edition. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 18s Ozanam's (AF) Civilisation in the Fifth Century. From the French. By The Hon. AC GLYN. 2 Vols., post 8vo. 21s Pebody (Charles) Authors at Work. Francis Jeffrey—Sir Walter Scott—Robert Burns—Charles Lamb—RB Sheridan—Sydney Smith—Macaulay—Byron Wordsworth—Tom Moore—Sir James Mackintosh. Post 8vo.
Side 37 - By Prof. EH PALMER, MA, &c., Author of " A Grammar of the Arabic Language." Fcap. 7s. 6d. TELOOGOO. Brown's Dictionary, reversed ; with a Dictionary of the Mixed Dialects used in Teloogoo. 3 vols. in 2, royal 8vo. £5. Campbell's Dictionary. Royal 8vo. 80s. Bromn's Reader. 8vo. 2 vols. 14s. Brown's Dialogues, Teloogoo and English. 8vo.

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