Log Export Legislation: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on International Finance and Monetary Policy of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred First Congress, First Session on S. 754 ... S. 755 ... November 7, 1989

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1990 - 269 sider
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Side 104 - Agreement shall be construed to prevent the adoption or enforcement by any contracting party of measures: [....] (b) necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health; [....] (g) relating to the conservation of exhaustible natural resources if such measures are made effective in conjunction with restrictions on domestic production or consumption.
Side 104 - Subject to the requirement that such measures are not applied in a manner which would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination between countries where the same conditions prevail...
Side 98 - For the purpose of preserving the living and growing timber and promoting the younger growth on national forests, the Secretary of Agriculture, under such rules and regulations as he shall prescribe, may cause to be designated and appraised so much of the dead, matured, or large growth of trees found upon such national forests as may be compatible with the utilization of the forests thereon...
Side 105 - Agreement relating to nondiscrimination; " ( j ) essential to the acquisition or distribution of products in general or local short supply; Provided that any such measures shall be consistent with the principle that all contracting parties are entitled to an equitable share of the international supply of such products, and that any such measures, which are inconsistent with the other provisions of this Agreement shall be discontinued as soon as the conditions giving rise to them have ceased to exist.
Side 103 - ... prohibitions or restrictions other than duties, taxes or other charges, whether made effective through quotas, import or export licences or other measures, shall be instituted or maintained by any contracting party on the importation of any product of the territory of any other contracting party...
Side 103 - Article shall not extend to the following : (a) export prohibitions or restrictions temporarily applied to prevent or relieve critical shortages of foodstuffs or other products essential to the exporting contracting party; (b) import and export prohibitions or restrictions necessary to the application of standards or regulations for the classification, grading or marketing of commodities in international trade...
Side 99 - An Act Providing for the Transfer of Forest Reserves from the Department of the Interior to the Department of Agriculture.
Side 98 - ... as may be compatible with the utilization of the forests thereon, a-nd may sell the same for not less than the appraised value in such quantities to each purchaser as he shall prescribe...
Side 207 - ... for the establishment and maintenance of a system of public schools which shall be open to all children of the State of North Dakota and free from sectarian control.
Side 101 - Joint Resolution making further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 1988, and for other purposes", approved December 22, 1987 (101 Stat.

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