Cold and Heat, the Cause of its Difference in Winter and Summer

Page 93 Comets, Places of Punishment

55, 236 -their Influences

54 -Expectations of one -the Time when the next will appear so -their Orbs

70, 236 the Adjustment of their Motion

162 -that in 1680

237 Computations of the Magnitude of the Universe both Ancient and Modern

8 Copernican System

Prelim. Difc. p.vii its Reasonableness Objections from Scripture answered ibid.

xxi -Objections from Sense answered ibid.

xxxi -Objections from Philosophy answer'd

ibid. xxxii Crabtrie's (Mr.) Dispute with Mr. Gascoigne 78

ibid. x

AY, its Benefit

Death depending on the Moon
Diamonds, why made angular
Division of the Work

D 41, its Benefit

88 185 129



ARTH's Magnitude and Measures

10 -not the Center of the Universe

39 its Diurnal Motion

85,148 its Annual Motion

go -the Benefit of these two Motions lying in different Paths

GI Earth's

Earth's Sphericity

Page 114 -the Convenience of that Figure 138 -its Hills and Valleys

117 its Parts are well laid

133 its Diameter

10,117, 148 -its Centrifugal Force and Gravity 149

rits due Distance from, and Position to the Sun

172 -it is a Moon to the Moon

189 Earthquakes

145 Eclipses

186 F. . VIgure of the heavenly Bodies

III --the Cause thereof

126, 142 -it is wisely ordered

126, 128, 137 Firmament

15, 21 Fixt Stars are Suns

22, 34, 167 their Magnitude

14 their Distance

21,52 -are innumerable

23, 30 -the Author's Observation of them

24 they have Planets

35, and Prelim.

Disc. xliii the Author's Observations of those Pla

ibid. xliii are duly and orderly placed

57 Force Centrifugal and Centripetal 147, ISI

the nice Adjustment of these

Alaxy, vid. Milky Way

Galilæo's Experiment which answers the
Objections against Copernicus Prelim. Difc.

xxxiii Gascoigne's


among the


Gascoigne’s (Mr.) Controversy with Mr. Crabtrie

Page 78 Glases, which are made use of by the Author

Prelim. Difc. ii God's Existence collected from the Heavens by the Heathens

219 his Perfection and Attributes

227 his Relation to us, and our Duty 230 Gravity, its great Use

141, 153 -how to find its Proportion to the Cen

152 H.

trifugal Force


EAT and Cold in Summer and Winter whence

93 Heavens are Demonstrations of God to all Nations

2 -their Immensity

IS Heavenly Bodies are not Gods

235 their Number

30 -their Situation

they do not interfere
-their proportionate Distances

37. their Motion

63 -their Figure

III Heavenly State

245 I.

SI 53

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Eweller's Artifice

129 Jupiter's Magnitude his Orbit

20 his Motion round his Axis 78,198 -his Spots

82, 130 his period

91,195, and Prelim. Difc.x -What his Belts are

30 Jupiter's

Jupiter's Ambit, Centrifugal Force and Gravity

Page 150 his Light

191 -his Satellites, Days and Seasons

197 by whom and when discovered

195 -their Magnitudes, Distance from Jupiter, Periods and Latitudes -the Author's Observation of the Third

99 -their Uses

100 his Distance from the Sun




Actantius's Argument against the Divinity of the heathen Gods

235 Light, its Neceflity



Magnitude of the Earth

10 II I 2

of the other Planets an Error in computing it

of the Universe Magnus Orbis, a Point

-its Magnitude Mars his Magnitude

his Orbit
-his Diurnal Motion
-his Spots
his Phares

whether he hath Satellites
St. Martha's Mountains
Mercury hath no Satellites

[blocks in formation]




Mercury's Phases

Page 112 -his Magnitude

II -his Orbit

-his Period 91, and Prelim. Difc. ix Micrometer was invented by Mr. Gascoigne

78 Milky Way

32 One Cause of its Whiteness according to the Author

Prelim. Disc. xliv Molineux (Mr.) Reflexion Moon's Magnitude -the Magnitude of her Orb

17 -her Distance

18 her Ure -her Influence

184 her Light, Eclipses, Revolution and Latitude

185 -her Phases

II2 her Mountains and Vallies 115,128,190 -how to measure them -hath Seas 128, 189, and Prelim. Disc.

xlviii. -her Appearance soon after the Full ibid.

lii -her Atmosphere 129, 180, 189, and Pre

lim. Disc. xlviii -is habitable

Prelim. Difc. liii Moons about the Planets

97 Motions of the heavenly Bodies Causes thereof

66 -accommodated to every Globe

72 -Diurnal of the Sun round his Axis

77 of Jupiter

81 -Uses of the Diurnal Motion

86 Motions,

I 20



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