NEW YORK-Continued.

Mead, E. N., 649 N. Division St., Buffalo.

Meredith, Eugene, Cazenovia.

Mills, W. S., Principal Public School
75, Brooklyn.

Mills, D. O., Mills Building, New
York City.

McCreedy, C. O., Ballston Spa.
Nash, Francis Philip, Jr., Geneva.
*Palmer, Genl. W. J., 32 Nassau St.,
New York City.

Pinchot, Gifford, United Charities
Building, 22d St. & 4th Ave., New
York City.

Pittinger, Jas. H., Carroll St. (on
Gowanus Canal), Brooklyn.
Prentiss, Prof. Albert N., Ithaca.
Preston, George R., Cazenovia.
Raymond, Rossiter W., 13 Burling
Slip, New York City.
Rose, A. D., Geneva.

Schofield, Peter F., P. O. Box 2951,
New York City.

Sisson, Rufus L., W. Sherman Lumber Co., Potsdam.

See, Mrs. Horace, 48 W. 20th St.,
New York City.

Starr, Walter D., corner 14th & 10th
Ave., New York City.
*Stephens, W. Hudson, Lowville.
Stiles, W. A., Garden & Forest Co.,
Tribune Building, New York City.
Stimson, Henry L., 18 E. 32d St.,
New York City.

Tratman, E. E. Russell, 144 Remsen
St., Brooklyn.

*Thayer, W. A., M. D., Cooperstown. *Thomson, Lemon, Albany.

*Vanderbilt, George W., 640 5th Ave.,
New York City.
Weed, W. R., Potsdam.
Weed, Frederick A., Potsdam.

Wilson, Gen. James Grant, 98 Bible
House, New York City.

[blocks in formation]


*Lazenby, Prof. W. R., Columbus.
Poindexter, Rev. J., Columbus.
*Read, M. C., Hudson.

Roelker, F. G., Allen Building, Cincinnati.

Schmidlapp, J. G., Cincinnati.
Springer, Dr. Alfred, Cincinnati.
*Steele, Robert W., Dayton.
Stein, Arthur, Cincinnati.

*Townshend, N. S., Ohio State University, Agricultural Department, Columbus.

*Warder, Reuben H., North Bend.


Applegate, O. C., Olene, Klamath Co. Applegate, Elmer I., Klamath Falls. Hammond, E. W., Wimer, Jackson County.

Lloyd, Francis G., Forest Grove. Scheydecker, M., 515 Hancock St., Portland.


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Adams, Hon. Robert H., Philadelphia. Anders, Dr. J. M., 1673 N. Broad St., Philadelphia.

Beale, Edw. F., Jr., 231 S. Front St., Philadelphia.

Beaver, Hon. James A., Bellefonte. Cadwalader, John, 505 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Coates, George M., 1817 De Lancey Place, Philadelphia.

Converse, John H., 500 N. Broad St., Philadelphia.

Cope, Francis R., No. 1 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Coxe, Mrs. Brinton, 1519 Spruce St., Philadelphia.

Coxe, Mrs.

Eckley B., Drifton, Luzerne County.

Elwyn, Rev. A. L., 1422 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Esté, Charles, 20th St. above York, Philadelphia.

Fisher, Dr. Henry M., 317 S. 12th St., Philadelphia.

Fisher, George H., 308 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Fisher, Mrs. George H., 308 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Fisher, Miss Anna, 308 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Haines, Francis C., Haines and Chew

Sts., Germantown, Philadelphia. * Haydon, James C., Jeanesville. Haseltine, Frank, 1825 Walnut St., Philadelphia.


Heston. Mrs. George T., Newtown, Bucks County.

Hutchinson, Pemberton S., 112 Chest

nut St., Philadelphia.

James, H. F., Franklin.
Landreth, Burnet, Bristol.

Lea, H. C., 2000 Walnut St., Phila-

Lundy, Mrs. Mary L., 245 S. 18th St., Philadelphia.

Montgomery, Dr. E. E., 1818 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Morris, Elliston P., 4782 Main St., Germantown, Philadelphia.

Paul, J. Rodman, 505 Chestnut St.,


*Peabody, Chas. B., 1415 Spruce St., Philadelphia.

Rothrock. Dr. J. T., 1012 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Sellers, Wm., 1600 Hamilton St., Philadelphia.

Stewardson, Thomas, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia.

Vaux, J. Waln, 505 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Walker, Wm., 45 Third St., Allegheny.

Welsh. Herbert, 1305 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Wilmsen, Bernhard, 413 Commerce St., Philadelphia.

Wolfe, Dr. Samuel, 1624 Diamond St.. Philadelphia.

Wood, Stuart, 400 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.


Emmons, Arthur, Newport.

Mason, Miss Ida M., R. I. Avenue, Newport.

Russell, H. S., E. Greenwich.


Green, Prof. H. A., Chester.
Hemphill, James, Chester.
Love, Col. R. A., Chester.
McKie, Dr. Thos. J., Woodlawn.

Keffer, Prof. Chas. A., Brookings. Williams, Prof. Thomas A., Brookings.


Callender, Dr. J. H., Central Hospital for Insane, near Nashville.


Goulding, B. L., Chamber of Commerce, Chattanooga.

Roberts, Hon. Albert, Nashville. Wright, Col. Thomas T., Nashville. TEXAS.

Jones, W. Goodrich, Temple National Bank, Temple.

Moore, J. E., Temple. Nunnelly, J. B., Temple. VERMONT.

Battell, Joseph, Middlebury. Edmunds, Hon. G. F., Burlington. Fuller, Gov. Levi K., Brattleboro. Grout, Hon. William W., St. Johnsbury East.

Proctor, Hon. Redfield, Proctor. WEST VIRGINIA.

Hopkins, A. D., W. Va. Agricultural Experimental Station, Morgantown. WASHINGTON.

Meany, Edmund S., Seattle.

Putnam, H. C.. Chippewa Valley
Bank, Eau Claire.

Swift, Elijah, Eau Claire.
Upham, W. H., Marshfield.
Weyerhauser, Frederick, Mississippi
Logging Co., Chippewa Falls.


Allan, Hon. G. W., Toronto, Ontario.
Boyd, M. M., Bobcageon, Ontario.
Campbell, Archibald, Quebec.
Craig, John, Dominion Experiment
Farm, Ottawa, Ontario.

Crown Lands Department, Quebec.
Crown Lands Department, Treasury
Department, Toronto, Ontario.
*Denton, Jno. M., London, Ontario.
*Drummond, A. T., Montreal.

*Joly, Hon. H. G., Le Clercville, Quebec.

Little, Wm., Montreal.

Perley, George H., Ottawa, Ontario.

Price, Herbert N., Quebec.

Robitaille, Hon. L. A., Box 542, Quebec.

Ross, Hon. David A., Quebec. *Russell, A. J., Ottawa.

Saunders, Wm., Central Experimental

Farm, Ottawa.

*Shanley, Walter, Montreal. Turner, Richard, Quebec.




ARTICLE 1. This association shall be known as the American Forestry Association.

ARTICLE 2. The objects of this association shall be the discussion of subjects relating to tree-planting, the conservation, management, and renewal of forests, and the climatic and other influences that affect their welfare; the collection of forest statistics; and the advancement of educational, legislative, or other measures tending to the promotion of these objects. It shall especially endeavor to centralize the work done, and diffuse the knowledge gained.

ARTICLE 3. Any person may become a member of this association, subject to approval by the executive committee, by the payment of the annual dues. The annual dues shall be two dollars. Any member may become, by the payment of fifty dollars at one time, a life member, and shall not be liable thereafter to annual dues. Any person contributing one hundred dollars to the permanent fund of the association shall be a Patron.

ARTICLE 4. The officers of this association, to be elected at the annual meeting, shall be a president, one vice-president for each state, territory, and province represented in the association, a treasurer, a recording secretary, a corresponding secretary, and six other persons to serve on the executive committee. The executive committee shall consist of the president, the vicepresident for the District of Columbia, the treasurer, the two secretaries together with the six persons above designated. Three of this committee shall constitute a quorum. This committee shall choose its own chairman.

ARTICLE 5. The president shall preside at all meetings of the association in general session, and in his absence a vice-president shall preside.

ARTICLE 6. The recording secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the association, and shall be custodian of all documents, books, and collections ordered to be preserved.

ARTICLE 7. The corresponding secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the association.

ARTICLE 8. The treasurer shall have charge of all funds, and pay out the same on the direction of the executive committee.

ARTICLE 9. The association at any regular meeting, or its executive committee in the intervals between its meetings, may appoint such local or special committees as may be deemed proper, and shall define their duties.

ARTICLE 10. The annual meeting of the association shall be in the months of August, September, or October, or at such times and places as shall be determined by a vote in general session or by the executive committee. Special meetings may be called by the executive committee.

ARTICLE 11. At each annual meeting there shall be an election of officers for the ensuing year, and they shall remain in office until others are chosen. In cases of vacancies occurring in the intervals between the annual meetings, they may be filled by the executive committee until others are selected. In case of absence of an officer at a regular meeting his place may be deemed vacant. ARTICLE 12. The officers of states, territories, provinces, or local forestry associations, or their delegates, or the delegates of any Government, may participate in the proceedings of the association as honorary members.

ARTICLE 13. This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any annual meeting.


1. Papers or abstracts of papers to be read must be sent two weeks before any meeting, for classification, to the corresponding secretary.

2. The following classification of subjects is adopted for the reading of papers:

Section A. Forest planting, forest management, forestry proper, preservation of forests.

Section B. Forest economy, technology and statistics.

Section C. Applied science and climatology, general topics.

3. Contributors who are present shall have the preference in reading their papers.

4. Any member shall be entitled to the privilege of using any books or documents, not of record, at the discretion of the recording secretary.

Tenth Annual Meeting.


The tenth annual meeting of the association was held at Washington, D. C., December 29, 1891. In the absence of President Alvord, Hon. Edwin Willits, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture and one of the vice-presidents, took the chair as presiding officer and called the association to order.

After the reading of the minutes of the last meeting by the recording secretary, the corresponding secretary read his report. From this it appeared that three members of the association had died during the last year and that 43 new members had been added to the roll of membership. The report also announced a very marked and encouraging degree of interest in forestry, in several of the Western States.

The report of the treasurer showed the receipt of $589.53 during the year, applicable to current expenses, and a payment of $409.69, leaving a balance in the treasury of $179.84 for current expenses. The permanent fund was also increased by $250, making the fund now $812.87.

The report of the committee on Arbor Day showed evidence of a growing interest in the observance of this day all over the country. It is established now in distant Oregon and North Dakota. New York, which has been tardy in establishing Arbor Day, it has been adopted with great enthusiasm, and important results are already manifest in connection with the public schools. It has become an important co-efficient in village improvement. The observance of the day has become a patriotic feature, especially in those Southern States which have fixed its date on Washington's birthday. The custom of planting memorial trees in honor of Washington, Lincoln, Grant, and other patriots has become general.

The results of Arbor-Day tree-planting in an economic point of view are even marvellous. In the twenty years since the origin of the day in Nebraska it is reported on good authority that more than 35,000,000,000 trees have been planted in that State.

The executive committee reported that its attention had been principally directed during the year to securing a liberal applica

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