England & Wales delineated, by T. Dugdale, assisted by W. Burnett. (Curiosities of Great Britain).


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Side 673 - You shall swear by Custom of Confession, That you ne'er made nuptial transgression ; Nor since you were married man and wife By household brawls or contentious strife, Or otherwise at bed or at board Offended each other in deed or word : Or since the parish clerk said Amen...
Side 678 - The priory church was originally in the form of a cross, with a tower in the centre, supported by four lofty arches...
Side 673 - A whole Gammon of Bacon you shall receive, And bear it hence with love and good leave : For this is our custom at Dunmow well known, —
Side 642 - The distribution is such, that not only the male prisoners are separated from the female, and the felons from the debtors, fines, &c. but those of each description are subdivided into classes ; and for each class, by means of distinct stair-cases, separate subdivisions are appropriated, with courts, work-rooms, &c. to each. The female fines, and female debtors, have each a commodious room, with every possible convenience, over the male debtors...
Side 673 - Wished yourselves unmarried again ; Or in a twelvemonth and a day, Repented not in thought any way ; But continued true in thought and desire, As when you joined hands in holy quire. If to these conditions without all fear, Of your own accord you will freely swear, A whole gammon of bacon you shall receive, And bear it hence with love and good leave ; For this is our custom at Dunmow well known ; Tho' the pleasure be ours, the bacon's your own.
Side 740 - ... awaken more painful apprehensions, and increase the terror of the survivors. At length, after three hours, which seemed as many ages, the break of day showed their wretched situation in all its horrors. The only prospect of saving themselves was to creep along the side of the cavern to its outward extremity, and on a ledge scarcely as broad as a man's hand, to turn the corner, and endeavour to scramble up a precipice almost perpendicular, and nearly two hundred feet from the bottom.
Side 602 - A discourse of the lawfulness of Combats to be performed in the presence of the king, or the constable and marshal of England," which was printed in 1651 and in 1672.
Side 744 - Hear this, O man, whom I hold by the hand, who callest thyself John by the name of baptism, that I, who call myself Thomas by the name of baptism, did not feloniously murder thy father, William by name, nor am any way guilty of the said felony. So help me God and the saints; and this I will defend against thee by my body, as this court shall award.
Side 772 - The lamentable and true tragedy of Master Arden of Feversham in Kent, who was most wickedly murdered by the means of his disloyal and wanton wife, who for the love she bare to one Mosbie, hired two desperate ruffians, Black Will and Shagbag, to kill him.
Side 588 - The remains are of brick, and consist of a large embattled gateway, with some adjoining buildings on the south, now used as a farm-house ; the garden and stock-yard occupy the remaining part of the site of the priory, which was of great extent.

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