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The Roycroft Inn


Conducted by The Roycrofters in Connec-
tion with the Work of the Roycroft Shop
Out-of-Door Sleeping Rooms with
In-Door Dressing-rooms attached,
Electric Lights, Steam Heat, Turkish
Baths, Running Water, Art Gallery,
Chapel, Camp-in-woods, Library,
Music Room, Ballroom, Garden
and Wood Pile.

There are Classes and Lectures covering the following subjects: Art, Music, Literature, Physiology, Nature-Study, History and RightLiving, Daily walks and talks a-field-trips to the woods, lake, Roycroft camp, etc., etc. A Catalog on application.



East Aurora, Erie Co., New York

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Speaking of food a railroad man says:


'My work puts me out in all kinds of weather, subject to irregular hours for meals and compelled to eat all kinds of food.

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For 7 years I was constantly troubled with indigestion, caused by eating heavy, fatty, starchy, greasy, poorly cooked food, such as are most accessible to men in my business. Generally each meal or lunch was followed by distressing pains and burning sensations in my stomach, which destroyed my sleep and almost unfitted me for work. My brain was so muddy and foggy that it was hard for me to discharge my duties properly.

"This lasted till about a year ago, when my attention was called to Grape-Nuts food by a newspaper ad. and I concluded to try it. Since then I have used Grape-Nuts at nearly every meal and sometimes between meals. We railroad men have little chance to prepare our food in our cabooses and I find Grape-Nuts mighty handy for it is ready cooked.

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"To make a long story short, Grape-Nuts has made a new man of me. I have no more burning distress in my stomach, nor any other symptom of indigestion. I can digest anything so long as I eat Grape-Nuts, and, my brain works as clearly and accurately as an engineer's watch, and my old nervous troubles have disappeared entirely." Name given by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

There's a reason. Read the little book, "The Road

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