National Conservation of Resources

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1939 - 116 sider

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Side 42 - It shall be the duty of the General Assembly to pass such laws as may be necessary for the protection of operative miners, by providing for ventilation, when the same may be required, and the construction of...
Side 13 - That city will, in the course of time become the granary of the world, the emporium of commerce, the seat of manufactures, the focus of great moneyed operations, and the concentrating point of vast, disposable, and accumulating capitals, which will stimulate, enliven, extend, and reward the exertions of human labor and ingenuity, in all their processes and exhibitions. And before the revolution of a century, the whole island of Manhattan, covered with habitations and replenished with a dense population,...
Side 14 - The lands of the State, now owned or hereafter acquired, constituting the forest preserve as now fixed by law, shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. Tlioy shall not be leased, sold or exchanged, or be taken by any corporation, public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed.
Side 72 - SEC. 3. That the Board of Health with the assistance of the Academy of Science, which is hereby requested and directed to cooperate with them for that purpose, shall report to Congress at its next session a full statement of its transactions, together with a plan for a national public health organization, which plan shall be prepared after consultation with the principal sanitary organizations and the sanitarians of the several States of the United States, special attention being given to the subject...
Side 69 - to collect information of the actual condition and efficiency of the Common Schools, and other means of Popular Education, and to diffuse, as widely as possible, throughout every part of the Commonwealth, information of the most approved and successful methods of arranging the studies and conducting the education of the young...
Side 7 - The ownership being in the people of the state, the repository of the sovereign authority, and no individual having any property rights to be affected, it necessarily results that the Legislature, as the representative of the people of the state, may withhold or grant to individuals the right to hunt and kill game or qualify or restrict, as, in the opinions of its members, will best subserve the public welfare.
Side 92 - We agree that this cooperation should find expression in suitable action by the Congress within the limits of and coextensive with the national jurisdiction of the subject, and, complementary thereto, by the legislatures of the several states within the limits of and coextensive with their jurisdiction.
Side 86 - I appoint a commission to prepare and report a comprehensive plan for the improvement and control of the river systems of the United States.
Side 90 - We agree that further action is advisable to ascertain the present condition of our natural resources and to promote the conservation of the same; and to that end we recommend the appointment by each state of a commission on the conservation of natural resources to cooperate with each other and with any similar commission of the federal government.
Side 8 - We are of opinion, further, that the constitutional power of the State to insist that its natural advantages shall remain unimpaired by its citizens is not dependent upon any nice estimate of the extent of present use or speculation as to future needs. The legal conception of the necessary is apt to be confined to somewhat rudimentary wants, and there are benefits from a great river that might escape a lawyer's view.

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