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WELVE MONTHS have passed away since, in hope and fear, we first discussed the prospects of our Magazine. During the year, which has swiftly left us, we have more than once stated our position and aim; devoted ourselves to the labor of love with increased industry and care, and hourly looked forward to the gratification of being enabled to procure more valuable recreation for the dear friends who were joining to cheer us on our way. Conscious that in our inexperience and narrow resources our

pages would certainly include some things which those friends might perhaps censure, and many which we would ourselves dislike further on; we determined to, at least, repay gratuitous patronage with evidence of our anxiety to please; and to keep alive kindly interest in our fortunes, with proof of gradual improvement. For this end we taxed every source within our reach either through regard for ourselves, or through friendship for our cause; brought forward our hopes wherever there seemed to us a chance of favorable notice; and cheerfully devoted many hours of exceeding value to ourselves, and much anxious care. We resolved that whatever might be the decree in our case, we should at least be, if possible, free from self-blame; and consequently closed no month's number without a sincere determination to work harder for the next.


But it may be perhaps fairly asked-we know that it is superciliously enquired— What can be the purpose for all this trouble, and where is the necessity for any such undertaking in this town? Why should we be requested to tolerate mediocrity for a time, merely

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