The Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Volum 1

Beethoven Association, 1921 - 371 sider
This is the first volume of The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven by Alexander Wheelock Thayer, one of the definitive biographies of Beethoven. Thayer, an American librarian and journalist born only 10 years before Beethoven's death, discovered considerable gaps and errors in the 1840 biography of Beethoven written by Anton Schindler. So, he made it his life's mission to write a reliable and comprehensive biography of Beethoven based solely on the truth rather than on theory or conjecture. Thayer traveled to Europe and supported himself through his journalism, meanwhile learning German and researching his subject as thoroughly as possible. Today, Anton Schindler's biography is considered almost entirely unreliable, while Thayer's is still revered as a brilliant work of biographical writing.

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