The Eleventh Hour: A Connor Hawthorne Mystery

Alyson Books, 2004 - 308 sider

Connor Hawthorne and her lover, Laura Nez, are enjoying a quiet weekend at a women's resort in Palm Springs, but a poolside conversation soon has them neck-deep in a mystery with global ramifications. Soon, they are in England investigating a healer named Sister Sonia, who is toying with forces about which she has little understanding, which could have disastrous consequences. Then Connor's daughter, Katy, against her mother's wishes, goes undercover to investigate Sister Sonia and disappears.

Lauren Maddison is the author of four previous Connor Hawthorne mysteries: "Deceptions," "Witchfire," "Death by Prophecy," and "Epitaph for an Angel." She makes her home in Southern California.

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