Doct. Jonathan Havens, Stephen Howell, and others, refugees from Long Island, (then residing in this State) shewed to the Assembly, that at the time the British troops took Long Island, they came into this State, with their families for protection ; that they left much of their effects in the hands of their friends to be secreted and sold as they could, and the avails sent to them for the support of their families; that by permission they went to said Island to bring to Connecticut, some part of what their friends had saved from the enemy, or the avails thereof, if sold, of their stock and grain, which they received in small parcels of tea, linen, and woolen cloth, &c., for the use of their families, which was their all, which they brought to Saybrook, in a small boat, to the house of one Harris ; when and where one White, a lieutenant in the continental frigate, called the Trumbull, and one Combs, a commander of a whale boat, and other associates, seized said effects, and by force carried them off, and refused to deliver the same to the petitioners; for which relief was asked of the Assem. bly. The Assembly appointed William Noyes, Samuel Field, and Ezra Selden, Esq'rs., with full powers, as speedily as might be, to notify all parties concerned, enquire into the case, and report to the Assembly, or in their recess to the Governor and Committoe of Safety; said committee were also directed to take into their custody all said effects, taken from the petitioners, by Combs, White, and others.

The Assembly adjourned sine die.

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