Ptomaïnes, Leucomaïnes, Toxins and Antitoxins: Or, The Chemical Factors in the Causation of Disease


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Side 2 - A CONSPECTUS OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Comprising Manuals of Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Materia Medica, Practice of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics. Second edition. In one royal 12mo. volume of 1028 pages, with 477 illustrations.
Side 604 - MD In one 12mo. volume of 581 pages. Cloth, $2.50. FIELD (GEORGE P.). A MANUAL OF DISEASES OF THE EAR. Fourth edition. In one octavo volume of 391 pages, with 73 engravings and 21 colored plates. Cloth, $3.75. FLINT (AUSTIN).
Side 2 - HODGE (HUGH L.). ON DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMEN, INCLUDING DISPLACEMENTS OF THE UTERUS. Second and revised edition. In one 8vo. volume of 519 pages, with illustrations.
Side 7 - SIMON (W.). MANUAL OF CHEMISTRY. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory Work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Side 604 - FOSTER (MICHAEL). A TEXT-BOOK OF PHYSIOLOGY. New (6th) and revised American from the sixth English edition. In one large octavo volume of 923 pages, with 257 illustrations. Cloth, $4.50; leather, $5.50. FOTHERGILL (J.
Side 2 - A MANUAL OF CHEMICAL ANALYSIS, as Applied to the Examination of Medicinal Chemicals and their Preparations. Third edition, entirely rewritten and much enlarged. In one handsome octavo volume of 621 pages, with 179 engravings.
Side 603 - D., late Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. Edited by RICHARD J. DUNGLISON, AM, MD Twenty-first edition, thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged and improved, with the Pronunciation, Accentuation and Derivation of the Terms.
Side 604 - DEMONSTRATIONS IN ANATOMY. Being a Guide to the Knowledge of the Human Body by Dissection.
Side 4 - A SYSTEM OF MIDWIFERY. Including the Diseases of Pregnancy and the Puerperal State.
Side 1 - Series of Manuals, page 14. GRAY (HENRY). ANATOMY, DESCRIPTIVE AND SURGICAL. New American edition of 1897, thoroughly revised. In one imperial octavo volume of 1239 pages, with 772 large and elaborate engravings. Price with illustrations in colors, cloth, $7 ; leather, $8. Price, with illustrations in black, cloth, $6 ; leather, $7. GRAY (LANDON CARTER). A TREATISE ON NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASES. For Students and Practitioners of Medicine.

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