To Provide for the More Effective Prevention, Detection and Punishment of Crime in the District of Columbia: Hearings...Eighty-second Congress, First Session on H.R. 3586, a Bill to Provide for the More Effective Prevention, Detection, and Punishment of Crime in the District of Columbia. April 9, 12, 16, 18, 24, May 2, 15-16, 1951


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Side 6 - An Act to establish a code of law for the District of Columbia", approved March 3, 1901, as amended (DC Code, sec.
Side 126 - It shall not be necessary for the court to find the property involved was being unlawfully used as aforesaid at the time of the hearing...
Side 126 - ... cause a warrant to issue, under which the defendant shall be arrested. The trial may be had upon affidavits, or either party may demand the production and oral examination of the witnesses.
Side 6 - Whoever forcibly assaults, resists, opposes, impedes, intimidates, or interferes with any person designated in section 1114 of this title while engaged in or on account of the performance of his official duties, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
Side 4 - Whoever, by means of any instrument, medicine, drug or other means whatever, procures or produces, or attempts to procure or produce an abortion or miscarriage on any woman, unless the same were done as necessary for the preservation of the mother's life or health and under the direction of a competent licensed practitioner of medicine...
Side 186 - In all cases where the accused would not by force of the Constitution of the United States be entitled to a trial by jury, the trial shall be by the court without a jury, unless in such of said...
Side 33 - ... vessel, or other watercraft, or railroad car or any yard where any lumber, coal, or other goods or chattels are deposited and kept for the purpose of trade...
Side 11 - Act : or in any place to which the public Is invited for which a license has not been issued hereunder permitting the sale and consumption of such alcoholic beverage upon such premises except premises licensed under...
Side 9 - An Act to establish a Board of Indeterminate Sentence and Parole for the District of Columbia and to determine its functions, and for other purposes", approved July 15, 1932 (DC Code, sec.
Side 4 - ... unless the same were done as necessary for the preservation of the mother's life, shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary not less than one year or not more than ten years or if the death of the mother results therefrom, the person procuring or producing, or attempting to procure or produce the abortion or miscarriage shall be guilty of second degree murder.

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