The Securities Law of Public Finance, Volumer 1-2

Practising Law Institute, 1993 - 1870 sider
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A clear, complete, and systematic guide which enables you to avoid problematic terms and structural problems. Draft the most effective claims for any kind of invention. Landis spotlights preferred claim drafting practices and techniques and stylized words and definitions that have gained validity over the years through case law, custom, and PTO rules and memoranda. Equally useful to seasoned patent attorneys and newcomers to the field, Landis offers: Start-to-finish directions for each type of claim apparatus or machine, method or process, composition of matter, article of manufacture, and biotechnology Model claims for computer inventions, biotechnology inventions, machines, processes, plants, design, and much more Advice on reviewing your claims so that you catch errors and weed out superfluous language Real-world examples of dependent claims, Jepson claims, generic and species claims, subcombination claims, and more Technical dos and donts that help you steer clear of typical claims traps and pitfalls Quotations from claims on appeal and in litigation that illustrate limitations and phrases which have been approved or rejected

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