A Companion to the Early Middle Ages: Britain and Ireland c.500-1100

Pauline Stafford
Wiley, 30. mar. 2009 - 576 sider
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Drawing on 28 original essays, A Companion to the Early Middle Ages takes an inclusive approach to the history of Britain and Ireland from c.500 to c.1100 to overcome artificial distinctions of modern national boundaries.
  •  A collaborative history from leading scholars, covering the key debates and issues
  • Surveys the building blocks of political society, and considers whether there were fundamental differences across Britain and Ireland
  • Considers potential factors for change, including the economy, Christianisation, and the Vikings

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Om forfatteren (2009)

Pauline Stafford is Professor Emerita at Liverpool University, previously Professor of Medieval History. She is a specialist in the history of Anglo-Saxon England and of women and gender in England and Europe from the eighth to twelfth centuries. Her previous publications include Queens, Concubines and Dowagers, the King’s Wife in the Early Middle Ages (1983, 1998), Unification and Conquest, a Political and Social History of England in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries (1989), Queen Emma and Queen Edith (1997, 2001), Law, Laity and Solidarities (2001), Gender, Family and the Legitimation of Power: England from the Ninth to Early Twelfth Century (2006), and the jointly edited Gendering the Middle Ages (2000).

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