This Book, containing the Bodmin Register, Vol. 1, with the
Exeter Register, No. 1, and the Table of Cornish Parishes and
Population for 1821, the whole consisting of 440 pages, may
he had of the Printers, at the price of 8s. 6d. sewed, or 9s. 6d.
bound. The Editor derives no profit from the Publication,
having prepared the work chiefly for his own use and informa-
tion, and given it to the Printers, who, from the limited number
of copies, will hardly be remunerated. They will readily
allow the full price for any of the Numbers already purchased.

Bonmin, September 29, 1838.

N. B. p. 406. for 230 and 250 fathoms, read 240 and 290.


Family Register, 351.

Cholera, 211.

Charitable Donations, 7, 329.

Vicarage, Vicars, 16, 305, 309, 339, 402.

Berry Tower, 6, 51, 152, 211, 290.

Stealing body from the Shrine of St. Petrock, 11, 356.

Recent discovery of MS. Gospels of Ninth Century, formerly

belonging to the Monastery of Bodmin, with translation of

Saxon and Latin entries thereon, and observations, 375 to


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