Bank of Newburgh.—Newburgh.

Incorporated in 1811. Re-organized in 1851. Capital, $300,000.
George W. Kerr, President.
Francis Scott, Cashier.

Bank of Orange County.-Goshen.

Incorporated 1813. Charter expires January 1st, 1862. Capital, $105,660.
A. S. Murray, President.
Charles J. Everett, Cashier.

Bank of Port Jervis.-Port Jervis.

Organized Feb. 4, 1853. Capital, $130,000.
H. H. Farnum, President.

Organized May 11, 1856. Capital, $125,500.
James Burt, President.

A. P. Thompson, Cashier.

Chester Bank.-Chester.

J. T. Johnson, Cashier.

Wm. L. Beakes, Cashier.

Goshen Bank.-Goshen.

Organized Sept. 25, 1851. Capital, $110,000.
Alexander Wright, President.

Highland Bank.-Newburgh.

Incorporated in 1834. Charter expires January 1st, 1864. Capital, $200.000.

George Cornwell, President.

Alfred Post, Cashier.

Middletown Bank.-Middletown.

Wm. M. Graham, Cashier.

Organized May 17, 1839. Capital, $125,000.
J. Davis, President.

Quassaick Bank.—Newburgh.
Organized March 19, 1852. Capital, $300,000.
E. W. Farrington, President.

J. N. Weed, Cashier.

Wallkill Bank.-Middletown.
Organized June 9, 1857. Capital, $122,400.
E. P. Wheeler, President.

C. T. King, Cashier.


Bank of Albion.-Albion.

Organized in 1839; to continue 200 years. Capital, $100,000.
Roswell S. Burrows, President.

Lorenzo Burrows, Cashier.


Citizens' Bank.-Fulton.

Organized August 6, 1850. Capital, $166,100.

S. N. Kenyon, President.

City Bank.-Oswego.

Organized December 17, 1849. Capital, $276,400.

H. Murray, President.

Lake Ontario Bank.-Oswego. Organized March 17, 1857. Capital, $250,000. James Platt, President.

Luther Wright's Bank.-Oswego.

Organized in 1844. Capital, $300,000.
Luther Wright, President.

A. A. Bradley, Cashier.

Delos De Wolfe, Cashier.

E. B. Judson, Cashier.

S. H. Lathrop, Cashier.

Marine Bank at Oswego.-Oswego.

Organized June 25, 1856. Capital, $186,000.

Oswego River Bank.-Fulton.

Elias Root, President.

Organized October 3, 1855.

J. J. Wolcott, President.

J. R. Noyes, Cashier.

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Pulaski Bank.-Pulaski.

Organized September 16, 1853. Capital, $100,000.
Gilbert A. Wood, President.


Bank of Cooperstown.-Cooperstown. Organized February 1, 1853. Capital, $200,000. Theodore Keese, President.

Dorr Russell, Cashier.

Central Bank.-Cherry Valley. Organized December 13, 1854. Capital, $200,000. H. J. Olcott, President.

W. H. Baldwin, Cashier.

Otsego County Bank,-Cooperstown.

Organized in 1830; re-organized 1854. Capital, $200,000. Shares,

25 dollars.

E. Phinney, President.

H. Scott, Cashier.

Unadilla Bank.-Unadilla.

C T. Hayes, Cashier.

Commenced in 1844. Capital, $130,900.

A. B. Watson, President.

Worthington Bank.-Cooperstown.

Organized March 9, 1855. Capital, $50,000.
J. R. Worthington, President.


Bank of Commerce.-Carmel.

Organized May 19, 1854. Capital, $62,820.
Ebenezer Kelley, Banker.

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Bank of Kent.—Ludingtonville.

Organized March 15, 1856. Capital, $111,940.
D. Kent, President.

George Ludington, Cashier.

Lake Mahopac Bank.-Mahopac.

Organized April 15, 1854. Capital, $56,050.
R. D. Baldwin, Banker.


Bank of Troy.-Corner First and State streets.

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Incorporated in 1811; re-organized in 1853. Capital, $400,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Joseph M. Warren, President.

Discount day, Tuesday.
Tracy Taylor, Cashier.

Central Bank of Troy.-13 First Street.

Associated December 30, 1852. each. Dividends, January and July. J. L. Van Schoonhoven, President.

Capital, $300,000. Shares, 100 dollars
Discount day, Saturday.

John B. Kellogg, Cashier.

Commercial Bank.-2 Athenæum Building.

Associated July, 1839. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Saturday.

Elias Plum, President.

F. Lake, Cashier.

Farmers' Bank of the City of Troy.-16 First Street.
Incorporated in 1801; re-organized 1852.
dollars each. Dividends, January and July.
John T. McCoun, President.

Capital, 350,000. Shares, 50
Discount day, Thursday.
Charles P. Hartt, Cashier.

Manufacturers' Bank.-Corner River and King streets.

Associated in 1852. Capital, $250.000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Discount day, Tuesday.

Roger A. Flood, President.

C. M. Wellington, Cashier. Market Bank of Troy.-280 River Street. Associated in 1853. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Monday. Hiram Miller, President.

A. C. Gunnison, Cashier.

Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank.-16 First Street. Incorporated in 1829; re-organized in January, 1854. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Wednesday.

D. Thomas Vail, President.

Francis Sims, Cashier.

Mutual Bank.-Corner State and First streets.

Associated in 1853; to continue 100 years. each 100 dollars. Discount day, Wednesday. John P. Albutson, President.

Capital, $250,000. Shares,

George A. Stone, Cashier.

State Bank of Troy.-Corner State and First streets. Associated in 1852. Capital, $250,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividend days, 1st January and 1st July. Discount day, Wednesday. Alfred Wotkyns, President.

Willard Gay, Cashier.

Troy City Bank.-Corner Fourth and Grand Division streets. Incorporated 1833; charter expires 1863. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Monday. John A. Griswold, President. J. K. Stow, Cashier.

Union Bank.-14 First Street.

Associated in January, 1851. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Discount day, Tuesday. Ludlow A. Battershall, President.

P. M. Corbin, Cashier.

Fank of Lansingburgh.--Lansingburgh.

Incorporated in 1813; re-organized in 1855. Capital, $150,000. Shares, 10 dollars. Dividends, April and October. Discount day, Wednesday. F. B. Leonard, President.

A. Walsh, Cashier.

Farmers' Bank of Lansingburgh.-Lansingburgh.

Organized March 31, 1854. Capital, $171,300.
Daniel Fish, President.

Anson Groesbeck, Cashier.

Rensselaer County Bank.-Lansingburgh.

Organized December 7, 1852. Capital, $200,000.
Edward Tracy, President.

H. W. Mosher, Cashier.


Frontier Bank.-Potsdam.

Organized August 31, 1850. Capital, $100,000.

Bloomfield Usher, President.

Luke Usher, Cashier.

Judson Bank.-Ogdensburgh.
Organized August 1, 1854. Capital, 122,000.
J. D. Judson, President.

D. Judson, Cashier.

Ogdensburgh Bank.-Ogdensburgh.
Organized in 1829; charter expires in 1859. Capital, $100,000.
J. Averill, President.
C. A. Burnham, Cashier.

Oswegatchie Bank.-Ogdensburgh.
Organized October 3, 1854. Capital, $200,000.
A. Chapman, President.


E. N. Merrian, Cashier.

Ballston Spa Bank.-Ballston.

Incorporated in 1839; to continue 100 years. Capital, $125,000. Shares,

50 dollars.

J. W. Thompson, President.

J. J. Lee, Cashier.

Bank of Saratoga Springs.—Saratoga Springs.
Organized July 28, 1847. Capital, $100,000.
Samuel Freeman, President.

J. S. Leake, Cashier.

Bank of Old Saratoga.-Schuylerville.

Organized April 2, 1856. Capital, $104,163.
William Wilcox, President.

A. J. F. Watson, Cashier.

Isaac Fowler, Cashier.

Commercial Bank of Saratoga prings. Saratoga Springs. Organized February 18, 1856. Capital, $125,000.

John Willard, President.


Saratoga County Bank.-Waterford.

Incorporated in 1830; re-organized in 1857. Capital, $147,225.

John Knickerbocker, President.

W. T. Seymour, Cashier.

Mohawk Bank of Schenectady.-Schenectady.

Incorporated in 1807; re-organized in 1853. Capital, $200,000. Shares, 5 and 10 dollars. Dividends, May and November.

James R. Craig, President.

Schenectady Bank.-Schenectady.

N. Switz, Cashier.

Incorporated in 1832; charter expires in 1862. Capital, $150,000. Shares, 50 dollars. Dividends, May and November.

Jay Cady, President.

William L. Goodrich, Cashier.

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Bank of Seneca Falls.-Seneca Falls.

Organized January 9, 1854. Capital $100,000.
E. Partridge, President.

L. C. Partridge, Cashier.

Seneca County Bank.-Waterloo.

Incorporated in 1833; charter expires in 1863 Capital, $200,000.

D. S. Skaats, President.

W. V. J. Mercer, Cashier.

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Bank of Cayuga Lake.-Painted Post. Organized October 9, 1847. Capital, $10,000.


Bank of Corning.-Corning.

C. F. Platt, Cashier.

[blocks in formation]

Incorporated in 1832; charter expires in 1862. Capital, $150,000. John Magee, President.


Suffolk County Bank.-Sag Harbor.

D. C. Howell, Cashier.

Incorporated in 1844. Capital, $200,000.

William Adams, President.

G. S. Adams, Cashier.


Union Bank of Sullivan County.-Monticello.

Organized, March 3, 1851. Capital, $150,000.

N. S. Hammond, President.

George Bennett, Cashier.


Bank of Owego.-Owego.

Incorporated in 1836, to continue 30 years. Capital, $200,000.
Lyman Truman, President.

Bank of Tioga.-Owego.

Organized June 20, 1856. Capital, $100,000.
John J. Taylor, President.

E. W. Warner, Cashier.

Charles Platt, Cashier.

G. H. Fairchild, Cashier.

Waverly Bank.—Waverly.

Organized August 20, 1855. Capital, $104,975.
Francis Tayler, President.

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