Bank of Newburgh.—Newburgh.
Incorporated in 1811. Re-organized in 1851. Capital, $300,000.
George W. Kerr, President.

Francis Scott, Cashier.
Bank of Orange County.-Goshen.
Incorporated 1813. Charter expires January 1st, 1862. Capital, $105,660.
A. S. Murray, President.

Charles J. Everett, Cashier. Bank of Port Jervis.-Port Jervis. Organized Feb. 4, 1853. Capital, $130,000. H. H. Farnum, President.

A. P. Thompson, Cashier. Chester Bank.-Chester, Organized May 11, 1856. Capital, $125,500. James Burt, President.

J. T. Johnson, Cashier. Goshen Bank.-Goshen. Organized Sept. 25, 1851. Capital, $110,000. Alexander Wright, President.

Wm. L. Beakes, Cashier. Highland Bank.- Newburgh. Incorporated in 1834. Charter expires January 1st, 1864. Capital, $200.000. George Cornwell, President.

Alfred Post, Cashier. Moddletown Bank.-Middletown. Organized May 17, 1839. Capital, $125,000. J. Davis, President.

Wm. M. Graham, Cashier. Quassaick Bank.—Newburgh. Organized March 19, 1852. Capital, $300,000. E. W. Farrington, President.

J. N. Weed, Cashier. Wallkill Bank.-Middletown. Organized June 9, 1857. Capital, $122,400. E. P. Wheeler, President.

C. T. King, Cashier.

Bank of Albion.--Albion.
Organized in 1839; to continue 200 years. Capital, $100,000.
Roswell S. Burrows, President,

Lorenzo Burrows, Cashier.

Citizens' Bank.-Fulton, Organized August 6, 1850. Capital, $166,100. S. N. Kenyon, President.

A. A. Bradley, Cashier.

City Bank.--Oswego. Organized December 17, 1849. Capital, $276,400. H. Murray, President.

Delos De Wolfe, Cashier. Lake Ontario Bank.-Oswego. Organized March 17, 1857. Capital, $250,000. James Platt, President.

E. B. Judson, Cashier. Luther Wright's Bank.-Oswego. Organized in 1844. Capital, $300,000. Luther Wright, President.

S. H. Lathrop, Cashier.

Marine Bank at Oswego.--Oswego.
Organized June 25, 1856. Capital, $186,000.
Elias Root, President.

J. R. Noyes, Cashier.
Oswego River Bank.-Fulton.
Organized October 3, 1855. Capital, $114,300.
J.J. Wolcott, President.

D. W. Gardner, Cashier. Pulaski Bank.-Pulaski. Organized September 16, 1853. Capital, $100,000. Gilbert A. Wood, President.

R. L. Ingersoll, Cashier. OTSEGO COUNTY.

Bank of Cooperstown.—Cooperstown. Organized February 1, 1853. Capital, $200,000. Theodore Keese, President.

Dorr Russell, Cashier. Central Bank.-Cherry Valley. Organized December 13, 1854. Capital, $200,000. H. J. Olcott, President.

W. H. Baldwin, Cashier. Otsego County Rank, -Cooperstown. Organized in 1830; re-organized 1854. Capital, $200,000. Shares, 25 dollars. E. Phinney, President.'

H. Scott, Cashier. l'nadilla Bank.–Unadilla. Commenced in 1844. Capital, $130,900. A. B. Watson, President.

C T. Hayes, Cashier. Worthington Pank.-Cooperstown. Organized March 9, 1855. Capital, $50,000. J. R. Worthington, President.


Bank of Commerce.-Carmel. Organized May 19, 1854. Capital, $62,820. Ebenezer Kelley, Banker.

Warren Townsend, Cashier. Bank of Kent.—Ludingtonville. Organized March 15, 1856. Capital, $111,940. D. Kent, President.

George Ludington, Cashier. Lake Mabopac Bank.-Mahopac. Organized April 15, 1854. Capital, $56,050. R. D. Baldwin, Banker.

Cashier. RENSSELAER COUNTY. Bank of Troy.-Corner First and State streets. Incorporated in 1811 ; re-organized in 1853. Capital, $400,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Discount day, Tuesday. Joseph M. Warren, President.

Tracy Taylor, Cashier. Central Bank of Troy.-13 First Street. Associated December 30, 1852. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Discount day, Saturday. J. L. Van Schoonhoven, President.

John B. Kellogg, Cashier.

Commercial Bank.--2 Athenæum Building. Associated July, 1839. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends. February and August. Discount day, Saturday. Elias Plum, President.

F. Lake, Cashier. Farmers' Bank of the City of Troy.-16 First Street. Incorporated in 1801; re-organized 1852. Capital, 350,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Discount day, Thursday. John T. McCoun, President.

Charles P. Hartt, Cashier. Manufacturers' Bank.—Corner River and King streets. Associated in 1852. Capital, $250,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Divi. dends, January and July. Discount day, Tuesday. Roger A. Flood, President.

C. M. Wellington, Cashier. Market Bank of Troy.-280 River Street. Associated in 1853. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Monday. Hiram Miller, President.

A. C. Gunnison, Cashier. Merchants' and Mechanics' Bank.-16 First Street. Incorporated in 1829; re-organized in January, 1854. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Wednesday. D. Thomas Vail, President.

Francis Sims, Cashier. Mutual Lank.Corner State and First streets. Associated in 1853 ; to continue 100 years. Capital, $250,000. Shares, each 100 dollars. Discount day, Wednesday. John P. Allutson, President.

George A. Stone, Cashier. State Bank of Troy.-Corner State and First streets. Associated in 1852. Capital, $250,000. Shares, 100 dollars each. Dividend days, 1st January and 1st July. Discount day, Wednesday. Alfred Wotkyns, President.

Willard Gay, Cashier. Troy City Bank.-Corner Fourth and Grand Division streets. Incorporated 1833; charter expires 1863. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, February and August. Discount day, Monday. John A. Griswold, President.

J. K. Stow, Cashier. Union Bank.-14 First Street. Associated in January, 1851. Capital, $300,000. Shares, 50 dollars each. Dividends, January and July. Discount day, Tuesday. Ludlow A. Battershall, President.

P. M. Corbin, Cashier. Pank of Lansingburgh.--Lansingburgh. Incorporated in 1813; re-organized in 1855. Capital, $150,000. Shares, 10 dollars. Dividends, April and October. Discount day, Wednesday: F. B. Leonard, President.

A. Walsh, Cashier. Farmers' Bank of Lansing burgh.-Lansingburgh. Organized March 31, 1854. Capital, $171,300. Daniel Fish, President.

Anson Groesbeck, Cashier. Rensselaer County Bank.–Lansingburgh. Organized December 7, 1852. Capital, $200,000. Edward Tracy, President.

H. W. Mosher, Cashier.

Jee, Cashier.


Frontier Bank.-Potsdam. Organized August 31, 1850. Capital, $100,000. Bloomfield Usher, President.

Luke Usher, Cashier. Judson Bank.–Ogdensburgh. Organized August 1, 1854. Capital, 122,000. J. D. Judson, President.

D. Judson, Cashier. Ogdensburgh Bank.--Ogdensburgh. Organized in 1829 ; charter expires in 1859. Capital, $100,000. J. Averill, President.

C. A. Burnham, Cashier. Oswegatchie Bank.-Ogdensburgh. Organized October 3, 1854. Capital, $200,000. A. Chapman, President.

E. N. Merrian, Cashier. SARATOGA COUNTY.

Ballston Spa Bank.–Ballston.
Incorporated in 1839; to continue 100 years. Capital, $125,000. Shares,
50 dollars.
J. W. Thompson, President.

J. J.
Bank of Saratoga Springs.—Saratoga Springs.
Organized July 28, 1847. Capital, $100,000.
Samuel Freeman, President.

J. S. Leake, Cashier.
Bank of old Saratoga.-Schuylerville.
Organized April 2, 1856. Capital, $104,163.
William Wilcox, President.

A. J. F. Watson, Cashier. Commercial Bank of Saratoga prings.-Saratoga Springs. Organized February 18, 1856. Capital, $125,000. John Willard, President.

Isaac Fowler, Cashier. SCHENECTADY COUNTY.

Saratoga County Bank.-Waterford. Incorporated in 1830; re-organized in 1857. Capital, $147,225. John Knickerbocker, President.

W. T. Seymour, Cashier. Mohawk Bank of Schenectady.--Schenectady. Incorporated in 1807; re-organized in 1853. Capital, $200,000. Shares, 5 and 10 dollars. Dividends, May and November. James R. Craig, President.

N. Switz, Cashier. Schenectady Bank.-Schenectady. Incorporated in 1832; charter expires in 1862. Capital, $150,000. Shares, 50 dollars. Dividends, May and November. Jay Cady, President.

William L. Goodrich, Cashier.

Schobarie County Bank.-Schoharie.
Organized July 8, 1852. Capital, $100,000.
C. Goodyear, President.

Charles A. Goodyear, Cashier.

Bank of Havana.Havana. Organized September 16, 1851. Capital, $50,000. Charles Cook, President.

T. L. Minier, Cashier.



Bank of Seneca Falls.-Seneca Falls.
Organized January 9, 1854. Capital $100,000.
E. Partridge, President.

L. C. Partridge, Cashier.
Seneca County Bank.--Waterloo.
Incorporated in 1833 ; charter expires in 1863 Capital, $200,000.
D. S. Skaats, President.

W. V. J. Mercer, Cashier. STEUBEN COUNTY.

Addison Bank.-Addison. Organized October 13, 1856. Capital, $50,000. W. R. Smith, President.

C. H. Henderson, Cashier.

Bank of Bath.--Bath. Organized April 4, 1854. Capital, $80,000. Constant Cook, President.

H. H. Cook, Cashier. Bank of Cayuga Lake.-Painted Post. Organized October 9, 1847. Capital, $10,000. President.

C. F. Platt, Cashier. Bank of Corping.-Corning. Organized in 1839. Capital, $104,500. H. W. Bostwick, President.

L. Mallory, Cashier. George Washington Bank.—Corning. Organized July 7, 1854. Capital, $50,000. J. N. Hungerford, President.

G. W. Paterson, Cashier. Steuben County Bank.-Bath. Incorporated in 1832 ; charter expires in 1862. Capital, $150,000. John Magee, President.

D. Č. Howell, Cashier.

Suffolk County Bank.-Sag Harbor.
Incorporated in 1844. Capital, $200,000.
William Adams, President.

G. S. Adams, Cashier.

Union Bank of Sullivan County.-Monticello.
Organized, March 3, 1851. Capital, $150,000.
N. S. Hammond, President.

George Bennett, Cashier.

Bank of Owego.—Owego.
Incorporated in 1836, to continue 30 years. Capital, $200,000.
Lyman Truman, President.

E. W. Warner, Cashier.
Bank of Tioga.–Owego.
Organized June 20, 1856. Capital, $100,000.
John J. Taylor, President.

Charles Platt, Cashier. Waverly Bank.- Waverly. Organized August 20, 1855. Capital, $104,975. Francis Tayler, President.

G. H. Fairchild, Cashier.

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