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Foreign Coin.

Value in English.
8. d.

d French 5 Francs, Ecu..

about 3 10 3 11 Belgian 1 do.

0 9

0 91 Dutch 24 Guilders.

4 1

13 Do. 1 do.

1 73 German 1 do.

1 7 Do. 20 Kreutzer..

0 7 0 73 Do. C!wn Dollars..

4 2 4 5 Do. Convention Species..

3 10 3 11 Prussian, German Hard Dollars..

2 10 Saxon, do. do. (smaller).

2 6 2 8 Hanover, Russian Roubles of 100 Kopeks...

2 11 3 1 Spanish Pillar Dollars...

4 0 4 2 Mexican and Hard Dollars.

0 -

4 2 South American Š do. (halves).

1 3

0 United States' Dollars...

4 1 Do. do. (halves).

2 0 Do. do. (quarters).

0 Portugal Crusadoes...

2 1

2 2 East India Company's Rupees.

94 1 10 Danish, Species daler.

4 2 4 4 Norway, Rigsbank daler.

1 Swedish, ) Small money 3s. 9d. to 4s. per species... Sicilian,

3 Scudos, 5 Lire, or 120 Gran, do.

9 3 11 Sardinian, Roman and Tuscan Scudos or Crown, do.

4 0 4 4 English Bk. of England Token 5s. piece, do.

4 1
do. do.

2s. 6d.

1 10
do. do. 3s.


2 1 Do. do. do. 1s. 6d. do.


Value in London.

8. d. Irish and Scotch Bank-Notes £1.

about 19 9 French Bank-Notes for 5 francs.

3 10 3 11 Belgian do. do.

3 9 3 10 Dutch do. 1 Guilder..

1 71 Prussian do. 1 Dollar,

2 10 Norway do. 1 Species.

3 6 4 0 Swedish do. 1 Rigsgeld daler.

0 10 0 11 Danish do. 5 Riysbank daler.

0 9 United States (if good) i Dollar....

3 6 4 Russian (export prohibited) Rouble..

9 Brazilian Milreis..

2 0 Buenos Ayres Pesos..


Per Ounce. £ d.

s. He Gold, Standard, in bars...

3 17 9 Do. 18 carats, Hall mark.

0 60 1 63 0 Silver in bars, standard..


4 111 Do. Plate, with Hall mark.

0 4 9 4 11 Do. do. Foreign...

0 3 9 4 9 Copper coins..

..per pound.00 8 0

COUPONS, or Dividends of State Funda, may be calculated at the price of the Paper mmey.

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The State is divided into 60 counties, which are subdivided into 920 towns and 13 cities, containing 118 wards, in January, 1858. Many of the towns contain incorporate villages. These are the municipal divisions, and they are civil corporations, with powers more or less extensive according to their charters, as granted and modified from time to time by the Legislature. School districts are another division, for the management and maintenance of public schools; in January, 1857, they amounted to 11,857.

There are other divisions, more properly termed political. These are the 32 Senate Districts, the 128 Assembly Districts, and the 33 Congressional Districts.

The Senate and Assembly Districts are arranged every ten years by the Legislature, acting under a provision for that purpose in the State Constitution, on the basis of a Census taken under the same authority. The Corte gressional Districts are arranged, in like manner, every ten years, on the taking of the United States census, the latter enumeration occurring every tenth year, commencing in 1790. The former occurring in the intervening period, commencing in 1825.

The 8 Judicial Districts constitute another division, established by an act of the Legislature, passed May 8, 1847.

By the present Constitution of the State, adopted in 1846, Senators holdl their seats for two years; the whole number being elected every second year. The Lieutenant-Governor is, by virtue of his office, their president.

Until 1846, members of Assembly were elected in the several counties by general ticket. Since that date they have been elected by single districts designated by the Board of Supervisors, and consisting of convenient and contiguous territory, of as nearly equal population as practicable.

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS.--The Ilouse of Representatives of the Unitel States is composed of members elected by districts, with a term of two years. The number has varied at each decennial census, as shown by the following Table: CENSUS. When Apportioned. N. York Rep. Whole No. Rep. Ratio, one to By Constitution.


. April 14, 1792.


.33,000 1800. ..Jan. 14, 1802.


.33,000 1810. .Dec. 21, 1811.


.35,000 1820. .March 7, 1822.


.40,000 1830. . May 22, 1832.


.47,700 1810. .June 25, 1812.


.70,680 1850. .July 30, 1852. .33.

..93,423 The Constitution of the United States provides that two Senators shall be chosen by the Legislature of each State, who shall hold their office six years.



First District.-Counties of Suffolk, Queens, and Richmond.

Second.- First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Eleventh, Thirteenth, and Nineteenth wards of the city of Brooklyn.

Third.—Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth wards of the city of Brooklyn, and of the towns of Flatbush, Flatlands, Gravesend, New Lots, and New Utrecht, of the county of Kings.

Fourth.First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Fourteenth wards of New York city.

Fifth.- Tenth, Eleventh, Thirteenth, and Seventeenth wards of New York city.

Sixth.-Ninth, Fourteenth, Sixteenth, and Eighteenth wards of New York city.

Seventh.- Twelfth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-first, and Twentysecond wards of New York city.

Eighth.-Counties of Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland.
Ninth.Counties of Orange and Sullivan.
Tenth.-Counties of Ulster and Greene.
Eleventh.--Counties of Dutchess and Columbia.
Twelfth.--Counties of Rensselaer and Washington.
Thirteenth.--County of Albany.
Fourteenth.Counties of Delaware, Schoharie, and Schenectady.
Fifteenth.--Counties of Montgomery, Fulton, Saratoga, and Hamilton.
Sixteenth.--Counties of Warren, Essex, and Clinton.
Seventeenth.--Counties of St. Lawrence and Franklin.
Eighteenth.-Counties of Jefferson and Lewis.
Nineteenth.--County of Oneida.
Twentieth.-Counties of Herkimer and Otsego.
Twenty-first.—County of Oswego.
Twenty-second.—County of Onondaga.
Twenty-third.Counties of Madison, Chenango, and Cortland.
Twenty-fourth.--Counties of Tompkins, Tioga, and Broome.
Twenty-fifth.-Counties of Wayne and Cayuga.
Twenty-sixth.-Counties of Ontario, Yates, and Seneca.
Twenty-seventh.—Counties of Chemang, Schuyler, and Steuben.
Twenty-eighth.-County of Monroe.
Twenty-ninth.-Counties of Niagara, Orleans, and Genesee.
Thirtieth.-Counties of Wyoming, Livingston, and Allegany.
Thirty-first.--County of Erie.
Thirty-second.—Counties of Chautauque and Cattaraugus.

ASSEMBLY DISTRICTS. ALBANY COUNTY.-First District. First ward of the city of Albany, towns of Rensselaerville, Westerlo, Coeymans, New Scotland, and Bethlehem.

Second, Ninth and Tenth wards of the city of Albany, and towns of Bern, Knox, and Guilderland.

Third. Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth wards of the city of Albany.

Fourth. Seventh ward of the city of Albany, and town of Watervliet.

ALLEGANY COUNTY.-First. Towns of Almond, West Almond, Allen, Angelica, Burns, Birdsall, Belfast, Centreville, Caneadea, Granger, Grove, Hume, New Hudson, and Rushford.

Second. Towns of Alfred, Andover, Amity, Alma, Bolivar, ('uba, Clarksville, Friendship, Genesee, Independence, Scio, Wirt, Willing, Wellsville, and Ward.

BROOME COUNTY.-One District.

CATTARAUGUS County.First. Towns of Allegany, Ashford, Carrolton, Farmersville, Franklinville, Freedom, Hinsdale, Humphrey, Ischua, Machius, Elgin, Olean, Postville, and Yorkshire.

Second. Towns of Bucktooth, Coldspring, Connewango, Dayton, Ellicottville, East Otto, Great Valley, Little Valley, Leon, Mansfield, Napoli, New Albion, Otto, Perrysburgh, Persia, Randolph, and South Valley.

CAYUGA COUNTY.- First. Towns of Sterling, Victory, Ira, Conquest, Cato, Mentz, Brutus, Sennett, and the First and Fourth wards of the city of Auburn.

Second. Towns of Aurelius, Owasco, Fleming, Ledyard, Springport, Scipio, Niles, Venice, Moravia, Sempronius, Genoa, Locke, Summer Hill, and the Second and Third wards of the city of Auburn.

CHAUTAUQUE COUNTY.-First. Busti, Chautauque. Clymer. Ellery, French Creek, Harmony, Mina, Portland, Ripley, Sherman, Stockton, and Westfield.

Second. Towns of Arkwright, Carroll, Charlotte, Cherry Creek, Ellicott, Ellington, Gerry, Hanover, Kiantone, Poland, Pomfret, Sheridan, and Villenova.

CHEMUNG COUNTY.- One District.

CHENANGO COUNTY.-First. Towns of Columbus, Lincklaen, New Berlin, North Norwich, Norwich, Otselic, Pharsalia, Pitcher, Plymouth, Sherburne, and Smyrna.

Second. Towns of Bainbridge, Coventry, German, Guilford, Greene, McDonough, Oxford, Preston, and Smithville.


COLUMBIA COUNTY.-First. Towns of Ancram, Claverack, Clermont, Copake, Gallatin, Germantown, Greenport, Livingston, and Tagikanick.

Second. Towns of Austerlitz, Canaan, Chatham, Glient, Hillsdale, Kin derhook, New Lebanon, Stockport, and Stuyvesant

CORTLAND COUNTY.-- One District.

DELAWARE COUNTY.- First. Towns of Colchester, Delhi, Franklin Hamden, Hancock, Masonville, Sidney, Tompkins, and Walton.

Second. Towns of Andes, Bovina, Davenport, Ilarpersfield, Kortright, Meredith, Middleton, Roxbury, and Stamford.

DUTCHESS COUNTY.-First. Towns of Amenia, Beekman, Dover, East Fishkill, Fishkill, La Grange, Northeast, Pawling, Pine Plains, Stanford, Union Vale, and Washington.

Second. Towns of Clinton, Hyde Park, Milan, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsie, city of Poughkeepsie, Red Hook, and Rhinebeck.

ERIE COUNTY.-First. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Thirteenth wards of the city of Buffalo.

Second. Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth wards of the city of Buffalo.

Third. Towns of Grand Islan'l, Tenawanda, Amherst, Clarence, New. stead, Alden, Lancaster, Eima, Chicktowaga, West Soneca, Marilla, and Hamburgh.

Fourth. Towns of Evans, Brandt, Collins, North Collins, Concord, Sar. dinia, Ilolland, Boston, Eden, Aurora, Colden, Wales, and East llamburgii

. Essex COUNTY.-One District

GENESEE COUNTY.- One District.
GREENE COUNTY.-One District.

HERKIMER COUNTY.--First. Towns of Fairfield, Herkimer, Little Falls, Manheim, Norway, Newport, Ohio, Russia, Salisbury, and Wilmurt.

Second. Towns of Columbia, Danube, Frankfort, German Flats, Litchfield, Schuyler, Stark, Warren, and Winfield.

Jefferson County.– First. Towns of Adams, Brownville, Ellisburgh, Henderson, Hounsfield, Lorraine, Rodman, and Worth.

Second. Towns of Antwerp, Champion, Le Ray, Philadelphia, Rutland, Watertown, and Wilna.

Third. Towns of Alexandria, Cape Vincent, Clayton, Lyme, Orleans, Pamelia, and Theresa.

Kings County.First. Towns of New Utrecht, Gravesend, Flatlands, Flatbush, New Lots, and the Eighth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth wards of the city of Brooklyn.

Second. First, Sixth, and Twelfth wards of the city of Brooklyn.
Third. Fourth and Tenth wards of the city of Brooklyn.
Fourth. Second, Third, and Fifth wards of the city of Brooklyn.
Fifth. Ninth and Eleventh wards of the city of Brooklyn.
Sixth. Thirteenth and Fourteenth wards of the city of Brooklyn.

Seventh. Seventh, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Nineteenth wards of the city of Brooklyn.

LEWIS COUNTY.- One District,

Livingston COUNTY.-First. Towns of Avon, Caledonia, Conesus, Geneseo, Groveland, Leicester, Lima, Livonia, and York.

Second. Towns of Mount Morris, North Dansville, Nunda, Ossian, Portage, Sparta, Springwater, and West Sparta.

Madison COUNTY.-First. Towns of De Ruyter, Nelson, Eaton, Georgetown, Lebanon, Madison, Hamilton, and Brookfield.

Second. Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, Lenox, Smithfield, Stockbridge, and Sullivan.

Monroe County.— First. Towns of Brighton, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Mendon, Penfield, Perrinton, Pittsford, Rush, and Webster.

Second. The city of Rochester.

Third. Towns of Chili, Clarkson, Gates, Greece, Ogden, Parma, Riga, Sweden, Union, and Wheatland. MONTGOMERY COUNTY.- One District.

NEW YORK CITY AND COUNTY : First. 1 st Aldermanic District. Tenth. 10th Aldermanic District. Second. 2d Aldermanic District. Eleventh, 11th Aldermanic District. Third. 3d Aldermanic District. Twelfth, 12th Aldermanic District. Fourth. 4th Aldermanic District. Thirteenth. 13th Aldermanic Dis't. Fifth, 5th Aldermanic District. Fourteenth. 14th Aldermanic Dis't. Sixth. 6th Aldermanic District. Fifteenth. 15th Aldermanic District Seventh. 7th Aldermanic District. Sixteenth. 16th Aldermanic District Eighth. 8th Aldermanic District. Seventeenth. 17th Aldermanic Dis't. Ninth, 9th Aldermanic District.

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