Committee on Censorship.
Erastus C. Benedict.

John L. Wendell.
Chas. F. Southmayd.

Edmund Terry.
John McKeon.

Anthony R. Dyett.
Benjamin V. Abbott.

Benjamin T. Kisgam.
Henry D. Sedgwick.

NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. Galleries in Tenth Street, between Broadway and fourth Avenue. Instituted in 1826, by artists professing the four arts of design, viz., Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and Engraving.

The Annual Exhibition occurs in April, and consists of works by living artists only, not before exhibited. The members of the Academy are distributed into Academicians, Associates, and Honorary Members; the last are either professional artists or amateurs.

Officers for 1858.

A. B. Durand, President.
Thos. S. Cummings, Vice-President. F. W. Edmonds, Treasurer.
T. Addison Richards, Cor. Secretary. Henry P. Gray,

Councilors. J. B. Stearns, Recording Secretary. James H. Cafferty,

The Committee of Arrangements for the Exhibition of 1858 is composed of the officers, two Academicians, Messrs. Ingham and Darley, and two Associates, Messrs. Tait and Hart.

LAW UNIVERSITY OF ALBANY. Rooms in Albany Medical College Building, Eagle Street. This Law School commenced in December, 1851. It has been gradually increasing in the number of its pupils until it numbered, during the two last terms, 108 and 109 respectively. The mode of teaching adopted in it is entirely by lecture, examination, and practice in the Moot Courts.

There are three terms a year. The first commences on the first Tuesday of September, the second on the last Tuesday of November, and the third on the first Tuesday of March, each continuing twelve weeks. The entire course consists of three terms, which may entitle to a degree of Bachelor of The following are the professors, terms, and the leading topics upon

which they lecture:

Hon. Ira Harris, LL.D., Practice, Pleading, and Evidence.
Hon. Amasa J Parker, LL.D., Real Estate, Wills, Criminal Law, Personal
Rights, and Domestic Relations.

Amos Dean, LL.D., Personal Property, Contract, and Commercial Law.
Hon. Reuben H. Walworth, LL.D., President of the Faculty.
Orlando Mead, Esq., Secretary.



John V. L. Pruyn, President. Frederic S. Pease, Treasurer.

David Murray, Secretary.


1st Department.-Physical Science and the Arts. Richard V. Dewitt, President. John E. Gavit, Recording Secretary. John Patterson, Cor. Secretary. John H. Ilickcox, Librarian.

2d Department.--Natural History.

Stephen Van Rensselaer, President.
Peter Gansevoort, Vice-President. Joel Munsell, Cor. Secretary.
S. 0. Vanderpoel, Rec. Secretary. C. H. Anthony, Treasurer.
J. H. Armsby,
James Hall,
Howard Townsend, Curators of the Museum.
C. H. Anthony,
David Murray,

3d Department.--History and General Literature. A. S. Johnson, President.

F. B. Hough, Cor. Secretary. R. H. Pruyn, Vice-President. G. W. Taylor, Recording Secretary.

Henry A. Homes, Treasurer. The Institute was founded in 1824. The library contains about 3,500 volumes, constituting about 6,700 distinct titles; the museum about 16,000 specimens. The objects of the Institute are literary and scientific. The meetings are held every two weeks. The exercises are the reading of prepared papers and oral discussions. The Society has published three volumes of Transactions.


Incorporated Feb. 11, 1852. It has a Board of Trustees, fifteen in number, who control its property and appoint all its officers. The building was erected in 1854, from plans furnished by Professor 0. M. Mitchell, of Cincinnati, and has cost, with its equipments, $75,000. The donations in land, instruments, and money amount to $140,000, of which Mrs. Dudley has contributed $75,000, T. W. Olcott $10,000, J. F. Rathbone $5,000, and others large amounts. The Olcott comet was discovered on the 25th of July, 1857, by Dr. C. H. F. Peters, who was in charge of the Observatory from July 23d, 1856, to Jan 23d, 1858, and rendered valuable service to the institution. No Director or Superintendent has been appointed, but the Trustees have placed the Observatory under the supervision of a Scientific Council, and in charge of Dr. B. A. Gould and his assistants, in the employ and in the pay of the United States Coast Survey.

Thomas W. Olcott, President. Isaac W. Vosburgh, Treasurer.
Wm. H. De Witt, Vice-President. James H. Armsby, Secretary.

Scientific Council.
Professor Joseph Henry, of Smithsonian Institution.
Professor A. D. Bache, Coast Survey.
Professor Benj. Pierce, of Cambridge, Mass.
Dr. B. A. Gould, Jr., of Albany.


Nos. 32 and 34 Crosby Street, and 472 Broadway.
Founded A. D. 1785.
Ira Hutchinson, President. John A. Bunting, 2d Vice President.
Geo. W. Farnham, 1st Vice-Pres. Richard E. Mount, Treasurer.

William Van Norden, Secretary. The APPRENTICES' LIBRARY, established in 1820, by this Society, contains about twenty thousand volumes, kept for the gratuitous use of the apprentices of the city. William Van Norden, Librarian.

The School, founded by this Society in 1820, contained in December, 1857, 274 scholars. The course of instruction embraces all that is requisite preparatory to collegiate, mercantile, or mechanical pursuits.

Thomas Jeremiah, Chairman School Committee.
Charles Conway, Principal of Boys' School, with four Assistants.
Mary Y. Bean,

of Girls' School, with five Assistants.


Rooms, 351 Broadway. Organized January, 1828. Incorporated May 2, 1829, for the purpose of encouraging and promoting domestic industry in this State and in the United States, in agriculture, commerce, manufactures, and the arts, and any im. provements made therein, by bestowing rewards and other benefits on those who shall make any such improvements, or excel in any of the said branches.

Annual election, second Thursday in February. Stated meetings, first Thursday in each month. The Mechanics' Club meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 7} P. M. Farmers' Club, first and third Monday in each month, at 12 o'clock M.

This Institute has held 29 consecutive annual Fairs, at which have been exhibited great varieties of domestic manufactures, agricultural and horticultural productions and implements, improved breeds of animals, models of machinery, etc. During the Fair of October, 1857, it was estimated that upward of 250,000 persons visited the exhibition.

The library contains about eight thousand volumes, mostly works of reference for the mechanic, the manufacturer, the farmer, and the statesman; it is open, free of expense, to all strangers, and is conducted on more liberal principles than any other library in our country.

Officers for 1858 Robert L. Pell, President.

Wm. B. Leonard, Cor. Secretary. Wm. Hall,

E. T. Backhouse, Treasurer. Edwin Smith, Vice-Presidents John W. Chambers, Clerk, and SecBenj. Aycrigg,

retary of Trustees. Henry Meigs, Rec. Secretary. E. A. Harris, Librarian,


Rooms No. 20 4th Avenue. Founded in 1830, and incorporated in 1833. Open every day except Sunday, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Meetings are held every fortnight for scientific purposes, and during winter lectures are given every week. The officers and members of this society are in general practical mechanics.


William Miles, President.
Prof. Jas. J. Mapes, 1st Vice-Pres. George W. Glaze, Treasurer.
Jackson S. Spultz, 2d

Charles H. Delavan, Cor. Secretary. John B. Whitman, 3d

James McDonald, Rec. Secretary. Annual meeting second Tuesday in May.

The library contains about 5,000 volumes, principally scientific, mechanical, and historical publications.



Rooms, Bible House, Astor Place, N. Y. This institution was formed in 1816, for the sole object of increasing the circulation of the Holy Scriptures, without note or comment. It is under the direction of a board of managers, comprising Baptists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Reformed Dutch, Congregationalists, and Society of Friends.

Annual meetings of the Society held in New York or Philadelphia on the second Thursday of May.

Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, of New Jersey, President.
Hon. Heman Lincoln, of Massachusetts, Hon. Luther Bradish, and others,

Rev. John C. Brigham, D.D.,
Rev. Joseph Holdich, D.D., Secretaries.

Rev. James H. McNeill,
William Whitlock, Jr., Treasurer. Caleb T. Rowe, General Agent.
Auxiliary Bible Societies are connected with this institution, situated
different parts of the United States, now (1858) numbering about 3,000.


Rooms, Bible House, Astor Place, N. Y. Formed by persons of the Presbyterian, Congregational, Associate Reformed, and Reformed Dutch Churches, in May, 1826. The object is “ to assist congregations that are unable to support the gospel ministry, and to send the gospel to the destitute within the United States." President.

Rev. Milton Badger, D.D., Christopher R. Robert, Treasurer. Rev. David B. Coe, D.D., Cor. Secs. Wm. C. Gilman, Rec. Secretary. Rev. Daniel P. Noyes,

Caleb 0. Halsted, Auditor.


Rooms, Bible House, Astor Place. The object of the Board is to propagate the gospel among unevangelized nations and communities, by means of preachers, catechists, schoolmasters, and the press. Principal seat of operations at Boston, Mass.

Rev. Mark Hopkins, D.D., LL.D., President.
William Jessup, LL.D., Vice-President.
Rev. George W. Wood, Corresponding Secretary.
James M. Gordon, Treasurer.
Almon Merwin, Receiving Agent, New York.


Rooms, Bible House, 115 and 117 Nassau St. This institution was founded upon the principle, that the originals in Hebrew and Greek are the only authentic standards of the Sacred Scriptures; and that aid for translating, printing, or distributing them in foreign languages should be afforded to such versions only as are conformed as nearly as possible to the original text.

Rev. B. T. Welch, D.D., President. Nathan C. Platt, Treasurer.

Cor. Secretary. U. D. Ward, Depository Agent. Warren Carter, Rec.

Rev. H. Seaver, General Agent.



Office, 115 Nassau Street.
Hon. Albert Day, Hartford, Conn., President.
D. C. Whitman, New York, Treasurer.
Rev. Benj. M. Hill, D.D., New York, Corresponding Secretary.


Office, 115 Nassau Street. Organized in May, 1843. This Society is entirely disconnected with slavery, and aims at spreading a free gospel throughout the world.

Rev. Hiram Hutchins, of Charlestown, Mass., President.
Rev. A. L. Post, Montrose, Pa., Corresponding Secretary.
Rev. Nathan Brown, D.D., Associate Cor. Sec. and Treasurer, New York.


Office, 350 Broome Street. Organized on the 10th day of June, 1850. Its object was declared to be “ to procure and circulate the most faithful versions of the Sacred Scriptures in all languages throughout the world.”

Rev. Thomas Armitage, D.D., President.
Thirty-one Vice-Presidents, residing in the different States.
Wm. H. Wyckoff, Corresponding Secretary.
C. A. Buckbee, Recording Secretary.
Eleazer Parmley, Treasurer.


150 Nassau Street. Instituted 1825. It publishes only such truth as is calculated to secure the approbation of all evangelical Christians; has issued 2,300 such works, 450 of which are volumes ; has circulated, from the beginning, 200,000,000 copies of tracts and books, or more than 4.500 million pages, of which more than a fifth part have been gratuitously distributed. $475,000 have been granted in cash for tracts published in foreign lands. Receipts during the last year $422,895. The Society has now in the field 600 colporteurs.

Hon. Thomas S. Williams, LL.D., President.
Rev. Wm. A. Hallock, D.D.,
Rev. 0. Eastman,

Corresponding Secretaries.
Rev. J. M. Stevenson, D.D.,
Rev. Charles G. Sommers, Recording Secretary.
0. R. Kingsbury, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.
Samuel E. Warner, Assistant Secretary for Colportage.
Moses Allen, Esq., Treasurer.


Rooms, 48 Beekman Street, N. Y. Organized in October, 1855. The object is the immediate abolition of

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