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· If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and

follow Me.
mp TAKE up thy cross," the Saviour said,

If thou wouldst My disciple be;
Deny thyself, the world forsake,

And humbly follow after Me.'
2 Take up thy cross ; let not its weight

Fill thy weak spirit with alarm ;
His strength shall bear thy spirit up,

And brace thy heart, and nerve thine arm.
mp 3 Take up thy cross, nor heed the shame,

Nor let thy foolish pride rebel ;
Thy Lord for thee the cross endured,

To save thy soul from death and hell.
m 4 Take up thy cross, then, in His strength,

And calmly every danger brave; 'T will guide thee to a better home,

And lead to victory o'er the grave.
mp 5 Take up thy cross, and follow Christ,

Nor think till death to lay it down ;
For only he who bears the cross

May hope to wear the glorious crown.


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Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.'

"WEET was the hour, O Lord, to Thee,

At Sychar's lonely well,
When a poor outcast heard Thee there

Thy great salvation tell.
2 There Jacob's erring daughter found

Those streams unknown before,
The water-brooks of life that make

The weary thirst no more.
3 And, Lord, to us, though vile as she,

Thy gracious lips have told
That mystery of love, revealed

At Jacob's well of old.

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* He laid His hands on every one of them, and healed them.'
THINE arm, O Lord, in days of old,

Was strong to heal and save;
It triumphed o'er disease and death,

O'er darkness and the grave.
To Thee they went—the blind, the dumb,

The palsied, and the lame,
The leper with his tainted life,

The sick with fevered frame;


mf 2 And, lo! Thy touch brought life and health,

Gave speech, and strength, and sight;
And youth renewed and frenzy calmed

Owned Thee, the Lord of light.
mp And now, O Lord, be near to bless,

Almighty as of yore,
In crowded street, by restless couch,

As by Gennesaret's shore.
mf 3 Be Thou our great Deliverer still,

Thou Lord of life and death;
Restore and quicken, soothe and bless,

With Thine almighty breath;
To hands that work and eyes that see

Give wisdom's heavenly lore,
That whole and sick, and weak and strong,

May praise Thee evermore.

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He rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased,

and there was a great calm.' VIERCE raged the tempest o'er the The wild winds hushed, the angry ,

[keep, deep
Watch did Thine anxious servants d Sank like a little child to sleep,
But Thou wast wrapt in guileless sleep,

The sullen billows ceased to leap,
Calm and still.

At Thy will.
mf 2 'Save, Lord, we perish,' was their cry, m 4 So, when our life is clouded o'er,
“O save us in our agony!'

And storm-winds drift us from the shore, Thy word above the storm rose high, Say, lest we sink to rise no more, *Peace, be still.'

P Peace, be still.'



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W And the look in vain for aid,

They see Jesus walking on the sea and they were afraid. But He saith unto

them, It is I; he not afraid. HEN the dark waves round


And we look in vain for aid,
Speak, Lord, to the trembling soul,

It is I; be not afraid.'
mp 2 When we dimly trace Thy form

In mysterious clouds arrayed,

Be the echo of the storm,

It is I; be not afraid.'
mp 3 When our brightest hopes depart,

When our fairest visions fade,

Whisper to the fainting heart,

It is I; be not afraid.'
p 4 When we weep beside the bier

Where some well-loved form is laid,

then the mourner hear,
PP 'It is I; be not afraid.'
P 5 When with wearing, hopeless pain

Sinks the spirit, sore dismayed,

Breathe Thou then the comfort strain,

It is I; be not afraid.'
p 6 When we feel the end is near,

Passing into death's dark shade,
May the voice be strong and clear,
It is I; be not afraid.'




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